Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vaccine form for your doctor

For the past few years I have read about vaccinations and the dangers of them and feel the public should be informed about them as well considering all of the hoopla and the fear that the government is instilling in its people to prep them to accept this new roound of vaccines.

As I recall the government tried to make a big deal out of the flu outbreak earlier this year and almost appeared disappointed that it didn't turn out with the results they had expected, that is why this time, they will advertise and work much harder to get the public to believe that this next strain will be more problematic that the one before even preparing for civil unrest and the aid of the military?

I recommend educating yourselves on vacinations, the good and the bad about them to help you decide if this is what you would prefer ( if you are not forced to) or not.
In either case, my wife found this link that will allow you to print out a vaccination waibver for your doctor to fill out to make him aware that you have done your homework and that you are holding him accountable for what he thinks is in your best interest.
Is it?

Click the link and print this out for yourself and share with everyone you know.

A vaccination form to give to your doctor:

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