Thursday, August 6, 2009

New York Times...fueling ignorance?

Today I decided to cross party lines and visit the NY Times paper to see what stories were hot. There on the front page was an article "Clunker class war".The article written on opinion rather than posting the complete facts of the devastation that this government program will help to confirm for this country. Sure it looks like a great program government gives away cars,but keep in mind those rebates or incentives come from somewhere.

Do the democrats, the give me generation, this "entitlement generation" even understand where the money that was given to this program comes from? One post stated it as "the first gift the government has given us in eight years...Are you serious?A gift?

Government 101: The government gets it's money from it's taxpayers!!!! They invent programs, sell them to the ignorant citizens as a christmas present and the ignorant citizens believe them? The gift you recieve from the government comes out of the pocket of the working taxpayers...YOU AND ME!!!!!! This money or "so called " gifts do not fall from the sky!

Another post read "I hate the rich!" or "ME too"..... There is a saying..." Don't bite the hand that feeds you!" For those of you who hate the rich, have you thought about where Obama is getting the money for this healthcare bill? Remember according to Obama it is only the wealthiest 5% of Americans! So you hate the rich because they will afford you healthcare at no cost to you? (Actually, the cost will be unreal for even those who complain but are still unable to see through the lies of this administration.

Did it ever occur to any liberal that those who oppose this healthcare bill may be not only looking out for their best interest but the interests of fellow Americans, INCLUDING THE LIBERALS?

Chronic Budget Deficits Forecast (
Chronic Budget Deficits Forecast. CBO Bases Estimate on Cost of President's Budget Plan ... But the CBO's newest forecast indicates that current and proposed ... - 73k - Cached

Do facts no longer matter? Do we no longer care about future generations?

Post can be seen here: entry # 162 or read here below:

From reading I can see that this is a leftist paper with apparently many ignorant readers. Do you really still think, after all of the marxist moves this administration makes that we are poised for recovery? It’s all a lie!

Our economy is falsly supported and will fall into collapse within 6 months to a year!!! How can a country continue to print money and continue it’s debt and recover? That is like me spending into oblivion and becoming financially secure? Hogwash!

If you are Marxists, fascists, communists or at least, most probably humanists can you not see that your dreams of a classless society are coming true?

The only problem is that our leadership swore to uphold the Constitution stating that very state has the right to enjoy a Republican form of government, if the government interferes in the freedom of the people IT IS A VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES WHICH MAKES OBAMA AND HIS PREDICESORS LIARS.

Are you all really that ignorant or self serving enough to think that those in opposition oppose because something works? If you do you are all idiots. We are not opposed if something works but it must stay within thje confines of our laws or why follow them?

There is clearly a battle of cultures. The only way for peace in this nation is for one to rule over the other. The left knows this and the right has no clue. I however see it quite clearly.

If these government programs continue to be allowed I would like to thank all of those who prefer this system of government for the destruction of this country for it will no longer be a beacon on a hill, the envy of the world but a classless, third world country like all of the others and you will after a time wonder what happened to all of the freedoms you once had, for the bible says that " there will be those who are willingly ignorant"

One question though…if the 5% of the rich are going to foot the bill for everyone elses heslthcare, what happens when that 5% no longer have money? Will we print more? What about inflation?

Wake up America, this agenda is going forward and the last thing our government cares about is it’s people. It is all slight of hand to kep your eyes off of the real issues.
Read the communist manifesto and you will see that this present administration is using it as a laundry list as for the other usupations from previous administrations, no one is denying them either but why continue on focusing on them when we cant do anything about what was done as tragic as it was.

Admittedly, I was one who voted for the Bushes’, both of em, till I realized they sold us down the road as well which is a burden I must bare.

Will you whom supported Obama be left holding the same burden or worse?

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