Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DNC declares war?

As I was minding my own business this afternoon being a good citizen, paying my bills while I still can, I received an email and heard on the radio that the Democratic party decided to launch an ad against those who oppose Obama's agenda of Socialism. They say that we are angry mobs and apparently need to be stopped. Stopped? ( freedom of speech violation= Constitution violation?)

As a conservative I have several questions that need to be asked:

Are we a "Constitutional Republic", a nation of laws or have we become a democracy in which the majority rule or perhaps more to be...a socialized,fascist or communist nation?

If we are a democracy then our countries leadership has been unconstitutional from the moment they attempt to push issues regading "majority rule" or the oppression of government control upon it's people.

If we are a totalitarian government of either fascism,Humanism, communism, Marxism or socialism then the government has imposed itself on it's citizens to different degrees depending on the totalitarian reich that has been established.

As a citizen of this country and my knowledge of history, I find it fair and accurate to say that by accepting this healthcare bill, among the long list of other usurpations, is a violation of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence because it states that:

"Every state is guaranteed the right to enjoy a Republican form of government" ( limited government intervention) anything else no matter what they make it sound like is an outright lie! Socialism is no longer a republican form of government because it imposes the control of the government rather than allowing the individual to make their own choices.

Therefore as I understand so far:

Homeland security has labeled us "right wing extremists"

The democratic party, the DNC, has made public that we are the "hate group", we are the angry mobs, we are the ones out of control and that we need to be stopped?

If this is still America, and we are a nation of laws under the Constitution of the United States and we are GUARANTEED the right to enjoy a republican form of government then anyone who has ever read the constitution would understand that we, the extremists, are in fact the true patriotic Americans who are rising up against our government in peaceful protest, to declare our politicians deviation from it.

Our government has run amuck and now think that they have control over the people. They are, under the Constitution, to serve their constituents WHILE REMAINING IN THE CONFINES OF THE LAW...THE CONSTITUTION which is the key difference between the Republic and a democracy where majority rules.

The arrogance of the Senators and representatives at the townhall meetings viewed on TV is an outrage!

Those who mock those who are labeled the extremists are those who do not desire to obey the laws of this country or that they simply do not know it.

The ignorance of those who don't know it or that do not care will come back to haunt you one day as it has in every other time in history. History repeats itself and for those who don't know our future need only to read it in a history book, if it hasn't been re-written. (HINT: History goes back much farther than "the last eight years" )

This is not about destroying anyone,this is about the restoration of the proper role of government that so few respect or even know about. To restore the Constitution, to return it to it's people and let the corrupt leadership know that we want answers and want to be heard...and respected!

This effort has not been organized by anyone. These are angry individual Americans from all around the country who feel as if their words are being ignored by the people whos job is to listen. We began Tea parties, that were organized and peaceful but instead of hearing they began to mock. Did you not think that would make their constituents angry?

Our declaration states:

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government"
One thing of note is the usage of capital letters in the words Form, Government, Right and People. This concept is biblically based indicating that our founders believe these documents and the foundations of America are/were ordained by God.

As some will believe by this statement that I am an anarchist, it is entirely innaccurate and further evidence of the ignorance of our citizens. The above statement is found in the third paragraph of Our Declaration Of Independence which accompanies almost every Constitution.

Below is the information and link to the DNC video:

see the DNC video against the true American patriots Here:

DNC Goes All In: Takes On Birthers, Conservative "Mob" In New Web Ad
The Democratic National Committee released a notably aggressive web ad on Tuesday evening, accusing the Republican Party of being taken over by an angry mob of " ... - 174k - Cached

New DNC Ad Attacks Citizens Opposing ObamaCare as an "Angry Mob ...
New DNC Ad Attacks Citizens Opposing ObamaCare as an "Angry Mob" - Video 8/5/09 ... We're not an angry mob - we have no connection to ACORN ... - 43k - Cached

Our founders stated:

"When the government fears the people there is freedom-When the people fear the government it is tyranny" Thomas Jefferson

Our bible states:

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

I pray with every part of my being, every single day that this clash of cultures comes to an end in a peaceful nature but knowing the facts before us and the relentless opposition on both sides I just don't see how.

I feel the only answer is to return America to it's proper role of Government if we want to survive as a nation or suffer the consequences that have preceeded us in any fall of any society in history.

The Constitution was written for a moral and religious people and wholly inadequate for any other"( FOR WHICH WE ARE NEITHER!) quoted by BEN FRANKLIN


If you are as outraged as I am please consider calling and leaving them your comments: NationalDemocratic party:202-863-8000
Idaho Democratic party: 208-336-1815

(Please be as respectful as possible, remember the ones who answer the phone do not make the laws, they just answer the phones)

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