Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weary and disheartened

Although today was fun, as I enjoy interaction with people, it was also a very sad and disappointing day as well.

I had the great privilege talking to people but to hear their story of their hardships and the injustices that have come upon them i was outraged!

How have we, in this "land of the free" become slaves subservient to a tyrannical power and somehow mistake it for freedom? It isn't!

For example, i was told by an attorney , a member of the bar. allegedly to help represent people in court, that allegedly knows law that the supreme court has the authority to determine our rights and that the supreme court judges are supreme in their authority?

When i asked where they received their authority, he said by their own supreme court decision! WHAT???

Also today that government agencies and magistrates have immunity from being sued also given to them by the supreme court?

I would like to challenge any government entity to debate this issue anywhere because the authority they have, they have stolen from the people preying on the peoples ignorance!

Wake up people we are no longer free!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Boise city's anti discrimination video now available

It has taken me awhile to get it done, but it is now uploaded, the first 1.5 hours of the city's anti discrimination first reading.

View it here:

What is interesting is that since i emailed the link out this morning, i have already been called racist?

How can i be racist? Is sexual preference now gained equal stays as race?

I am called homo phobic? If phobia is fear of sodomites, Would i have put myself in a room or enter a parade in opposition?

This country has gone completely nuts and for anyone thinks that we are better of now than before, you are either asleep or in support if your own demise, this video, as they all are, are to give evidence to this fact!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Met with Homedale police today

Met with Homedale police today. In my conversation with a young officer, he allowed me to share my concerns.

To begin my conversation i asked if he had ever been taught anything about constitutionists to which he interrupted, "sovereigns?" I said yes, and asked if he had ever heard of the SPLC, to which he stated he did.

He then stated he hears about sovereigns and the SLPC in their trainings twice or thrice a month! I asked him if he had learned about our history or the constitution to which he stated not really.

I asked him that if the SPLC was teaching that if constitutionist "sovereigns" are a threat, how would this be possible if government and the men in uniform took an oath to uphold the same law we subscribe to that makes us "sovereigns?"

I asked him if he realuzed that our founders in many occasions referred not only to "we the people" as "sovereigns" but the free and sovereign independent states as well and ask if knowing this would make any difference to which he stated it would make all the difference in the world!

I think i saw a lightbulb go on above his head and not the glassy eyed glare that i get from time to time when you lose someone in a conversation.

I then thanked him for his time and stated that i realized i was putting a target on my forehead but that i would challenge any police department, any county sheriff or state representative to prove me wrong. I also stated that i knew all or most sovereigns in this area and that not one of them i know has any malicious intent for government provided they acted in their proper authority protecting the rights if the people which was why their job was created.

. I stated, in closing that this country is going to hell ( he agreed) and there have been great attempts to pin government against its people. I asked if he would rather protect the people and have people protect and come to his aid if needed or would he prefer to protect the interest if government against its people to which he was silent and a bit perplexed.

I again thanked him for his time, told him that we appreciate them and to consider what i was telling him, gave him my card , stated if he had questions or someone up to the challenge i was ready.

I pray for this young nan as i do for all people that put themselves in harms way. I also pray that their ears are open to what i am saying to consider and challenge what they are taught and that my attempts and others to communicate and bridge the gap between law enforcement and the people are successful to avert an unnecessary catastrophe at the expense of those with money to fund an apparently destructive agenda, like the SPLC

May God help us realize that we are a lost, divided, immoral and ignorant nation and to help us restore our nation to greatness as we once were, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Toms speech to Boise city council

It took several days to create and finish just my speech to the city council, but it is finally done and can be viewed here:

The reason i posted just my speech first was that i received several email and calls that stated the media made it look like i was in support of this ridiculous ordinance, i am here to say there is no way i support any such thing!

This video is to help explain why. In order to prevent more confusion, i must be clear to state that just because i oppose this sexual preference does not mean that i tolerate or support crimes being committed against another person no matter what they believe, i do not!

We live in a country where we were to have equal protection under the law and more laws that are written to elevate the rights of a few, granting government authority that is outside of its limitation is severely detrimental to those that are ignorant if the fact, i am here to help clear up misunderstandings between those that know law and those that do not. Although i am no expert, i know enough to know when the rights of the people are violated and governments are passing these laws saying they are ok because others have done it! Shall we legalize other atrocities because other countries perform them?

The full length video will be available on my website ad soon as i get it done, for what its worth '

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why do they laugh?

This morning before my interaction with two law enforcement officers, i had heard them speaking about how fast and how much worse things are getting.

When they had mentioned the recent shooting of two canyon county officers i decided to chime in since it was just a few miles from my home.

I stated that i had only wished i had a scanner so that i could know what was happening and they had told me all analog scanner signals went digital and that they were too expensive.

I mentioned in addition to the cost i had heard that law enforcement had plans to intentionally scramble the signals so that the people would not have access to the digital signals anyway to which he had agreed, i was shocked that he confirmed what i had heard.

When i asked him why he stated that law enforcement did not want to have people or media aware of what they were doing because they would not only get in the way but complicate their job to which i suggested to them it was one more way to separate themselves from the people, to avoid accountability and to continue their encroachment on their limitations that were to safeguard the rights of the people to which i believe they have no concept.

When i mentioned the illegal forced entry in gem county by their sheriffs office they laughed and said " i hope they have their checkbook open"

I stated i was a constitutionist and they knew my truck already but immediately talking about how extreme we are carrying guns and stuff? Constitutionists, by its description are those that understand law, that uphold the law not break it!

After all, we are told ignorance of the law is no excuse, remember?

I asked theme who was more to be feared one that upholds the law or one that violates the law after taking a solemn oath to what makes them call us extreme?

I added that it was my interest and increased knowledge of law and the lack of constitutional knowledge in law enforcement that makes me want to add a constitutional law curriculum to the law enforcement academy because if we don't, we have no freedom but what they say we have!

I may be just a bit sensitive here but why would law enforcement laugh about an illegal forced entry unless they have no idea that the power was once inherent in the people?

Why would they think that it would be more beneficial to restrict our rights than to preserve them?

How do they think that by creating a division, The us v them mentality that we would still respect an officer that has no respect for the limitations of its duties or people it was to protect?

Boise city council fiasco

This morning on my website i posted a few thoughts regarding the ordinance hearing the other night and the more i think about it, the more frustrated i become. In a room full of people you mean to tell me with all the sob stories and heartfelt alleged abuse, no one on thought about what the law is or what the limitations are in government? You mean to tell me that these people have no idea that the council members are servants of the people without graveling like they are royalty? We the people really are screwed due to our own ignorance!