Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why do they laugh?

This morning before my interaction with two law enforcement officers, i had heard them speaking about how fast and how much worse things are getting.

When they had mentioned the recent shooting of two canyon county officers i decided to chime in since it was just a few miles from my home.

I stated that i had only wished i had a scanner so that i could know what was happening and they had told me all analog scanner signals went digital and that they were too expensive.

I mentioned in addition to the cost i had heard that law enforcement had plans to intentionally scramble the signals so that the people would not have access to the digital signals anyway to which he had agreed, i was shocked that he confirmed what i had heard.

When i asked him why he stated that law enforcement did not want to have people or media aware of what they were doing because they would not only get in the way but complicate their job to which i suggested to them it was one more way to separate themselves from the people, to avoid accountability and to continue their encroachment on their limitations that were to safeguard the rights of the people to which i believe they have no concept.

When i mentioned the illegal forced entry in gem county by their sheriffs office they laughed and said " i hope they have their checkbook open"

I stated i was a constitutionist and they knew my truck already but immediately talking about how extreme we are carrying guns and stuff? Constitutionists, by its description are those that understand law, that uphold the law not break it!

After all, we are told ignorance of the law is no excuse, remember?

I asked theme who was more to be feared one that upholds the law or one that violates the law after taking a solemn oath to what makes them call us extreme?

I added that it was my interest and increased knowledge of law and the lack of constitutional knowledge in law enforcement that makes me want to add a constitutional law curriculum to the law enforcement academy because if we don't, we have no freedom but what they say we have!

I may be just a bit sensitive here but why would law enforcement laugh about an illegal forced entry unless they have no idea that the power was once inherent in the people?

Why would they think that it would be more beneficial to restrict our rights than to preserve them?

How do they think that by creating a division, The us v them mentality that we would still respect an officer that has no respect for the limitations of its duties or people it was to protect?

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