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Grinds my gears, something to consider

I saw a post by a friend tonight that I thought needed some consideration both by him and his cohorts in his professional capacity as well as from fellow law abiding tax payers. Believe it or not, this is a rather contentious issue that both sides struggle with and I believe neither side is at fault.

My friend is a police officer, a social media acquaintance that I happen to have great respect for, watching what he has written, much of what he writes about I couldn’t agree with more but this one post had me a bit perplexed. As I explain my thoughts, it is absolutely important that no one mistakes this post as disrespectful toward him or those in his same profession but only to offer a perspective that could be beneficial to both law enforcement and those they swore to protect.

After all what I write about rogue governments, ignorance and deviations from the original intent of the law, it  could be easy for those that have no understanding of where I am coming from to misunderstand the points I am trying to make. My hope is that eventual understanding of my posts may be considered as possible solutions or partial considerations in the restoration of freedom and liberty to a people that, in many cases, still do not see anything wrong. I will not claim to have all the answers, maybe I don’t have any but it still doesn’t change the fact that sometimes people have brief moments of wisdom that can change the hearts and minds of people, I hope to have that kind of affect at least once in my life.

The post began, I believe, with my friends frustration with drivers failing to or refusing to move over while an officer was detaining a driver on the shoulder of the interstate, I believe he stated “it really grinds his gears”. If I were an officer, I think it would be easy to agree with him but I’m not an officer and I although I see his concerns as legitimate, I also see things a bit differently.

In my communication with law enforcement, one thing stands out above all, their commitment to obey and enforce all laws even if they do not agree with them. They are trained to believe if they do not obey all laws, the result is chaos, like law enforcement, I believe that strict adherence to the laws is imperative, but with the exception that laws that are written are properly applied. Should law enforcement obey all laws even if they know that the laws are wrong or improperly applied?

The question to me really isn’t really about should law enforcement obey all laws or shall the people obey all laws but first and foremost, were all laws created by the legislature proper and applied correctly? The question should fall on whether the legislators are qualified and knowledgeable to make such laws that bind not only law enforcement to enforce the laws but apply them to the people for whom they are apparently written?

My point is can a legislative body restrict the people to whom it represents by the creation of any law? Can a legislative body delegate powers to an endless multitude of political subdivisions that authorize them with the power to make laws that are all applicable to the people and enforced by officers? If you ask officers, they will tell you, they must enforce any law that is created. I disagree and there is the rub.

What if the elected legislature has no idea of the proper application of law? What if the legislature has no understanding of history, civics or present form of government, can they and are they acting properly and efficiently?

Although this can take of in many directions, and in many cases should, for the sake of brevity I will keep it as it relates to the post.

I think the question, relating to the post is this, should travelers on the interstate move over for officers giving tickets on the shoulder of an interstate going 75MPH? The legislature created a law that stated that law enforcement has the authority to stop people on the interstate even without probable cause with the right to search your vehicle without your permission (and force them to stop immediately). If you haven’t asked yourself yet, ask yourself, what and where the limitations are placed on your government to protect your rights should they no longer care to protect them? Checks and balances? The answer is there are no longer any restrictions on them. As long as the legislature can now write laws or delegate authority without the authority, the protection of your freedom by limiting government no longer exists.

If the legislature writes laws that give law enforcement authority, do they rightfully have it? Do they rightfully have to obey it? What if the laws that the legislature writes either by ignorance or by the fulfillment of an agenda jeopardize the safety of the officers? What if they jeopardize the safety of the travelers? Am I the only one that sees things this way?

Consider this. The legislature gives the authority for the Department of Transportation to set speed limits. Is this a law and should it be enforced? The answer to this question is simple but only if one knows and understands the hierarchy of law.

First, all legislators and officers swore an oath to support and defend the constitution and the laws of the state of Idaho. What if one is in complete contradiction to the others? Which law is supreme to the other? The answer is that the constitution (not the supreme court) is the supreme law and constitutionally, all laws are to be created by the legislature. The reason for this is so that the people were not held to abide by laws by any and every political subdivision because it directly threatens their liberty which is why the laws were created in the “people house.” Knowing this, the Department of Transportation (or any other political subdivision) has no authority to make or enforce laws and the legislature lacks the authority to delegate enforcement authority to other political subdivisions because it also threatens and confuses the limitations placed on government.

The law created by the legislature allowing officers the authority it has on the interstate is wrong for several reasons:

It puts officers in harm’s way by standing on the interstate between traveling cars and the apprehended vehicle.

It puts travelers in danger as it forces travelers in the right lane to forcefully and urgently move into the left lane creating bottlenecking and congestion increasing the risk of accidents.

It restricts travelers on the interstate for the sake or purpose of apprehending one vehicle. (Should the entire interstate be criminalized at the apprehension of one vehicle?) If governments are to protect the rights of the people and protect the innocent from wrong doers doesn’t this seem a bit contradictory in that the mass movement of travelers are now breaking the law when it is not only their right to travel without restriction but the proper role of law enforcement to protect that right?

Laws created this way  build animosity between travelers and law enforcement officers, officers feel they are bound to enforce the law, the people feel they have the right to travel and our legislature feels it has the right to write any law it desires even if it violates logic, common sense and the intent behind their constitutional oath?

As I stated in a comment on the post, I have several solutions to the problems with the intent to re-build the relationship between law enforcement and the people they protect and a few are as follows:

The law of the road has always been:

Go with the flow of traffic. Patrol vehicles do nothing more that create congestion that increase the risks of accidents.

The left lane is a passing lane and the right lane is for slower vehicles. Today, the new laws state that the left lane is for thru traffic and the right lane is to be left open for entrance from on ramps. This causes frustration among travelers because now the slow vehicles are in the passing lane creating congestion increasing the risk for accidents and road rage.

Cars entering from onramps were to merge with the flow of traffic but have now been legislatively contorted to force travelers on the interstate to yield to those entering the freeway which when entering slowly is incredibly dangerous and frustrating for travelers going with the flow of traffic, increasing the risk of accidents and road rage.

Today the new move over law, legislatively created is dangerous and forces the increased risk than the purpose for its creation to increase safety.

Speed does not kill! This is a propaganda piece from hell. This mantra is used as a means to command submission in that government should have the right to force anyone to slow down because it is safer when the real issue is not safety at all but the wreckless irresponsible nature of people that lack personal responsibility and rather than apprehending them, in the effort to promote social justice, if one is a criminal we all are! If you recall, speed limits decades ago were much higher and consequently we were much freer then as well.

If officers feel the need to apprehend a vehicle, the legislature created a law that states not only do the travelers have to stop immediately but stop on the interstate against their will increasing the possibility of harm not only to the officer but the person stopped on the road. Why is there no reason that when an officer makes a stop that the apprehended vehicle cannot pull off to the nearest offramp where it is safer? If the officer or the apprehended vehicle get injured, who’s fault is it then, The traveler on the interstate? Hardly, it’s the legislature that was hell bent on creating a law to be enforced by officers putting not only their own lives in danger but the traveler? Is this not contrary to the purpose of peace officers, to protect and serve not to endanger for the sake of revenue generation?

The question should be asked with regards to why the officer is apprehending vehicles on the interstate? Is it to enforce another law created by the legislature or one created by the Department of Transportation? Is it to truly keep us safe or another means to control another aspect of the lives of the travelers?  Can the legislature create a law that can force travelers to go 5MPH as a maximum speed limit on the interstate? Can the Department of Transportation determine speed limits? Officers will tell you they can, I disagree. As I have stated the legislature creates the laws but in order for them to be properly applied they must understand how they can be written and applied.

An example of the confusion between the legislature, the political subdivisions, the judiciary and the people would be that a law enforcement officer will tell you the speed limit on the interstate is 65MPH, I disagree.

Understanding that all laws created must originate in the legislature and that no other political subdivision has the authority to make law and the law created by the legislature determines speed limits, the law as it is today states that the speed limit on the interstate is 75MPH. The reason law enforcement states the speed limit is 65 MPH is because that is the posted speed limit by the Department of Transportation that lacks the authority to determine speed limits unless in a construction zone. Why this confusion? Good question. I believe it is generations of the abandonment of fundamental principles, the proper understanding of our history, the teaching of civics and perhaps any understanding of global history as it pertains to governments incrementally taking control of its people not only in the name of good intentions but creating divisiveness between government agencies and its people, incrementally criminalizing them until the only rights that are protected are the rights of government to trample on those of the citizen.

Law enforcement began as a position that was originally entitled peace officer that were there and were summoned when needed maximizing people’s freedom. What happened and isn’t it telling not only to the name change but its superior position over its people that were once the inherent power over their government?

So, if you are a traveler on the interstate, don’t blame the officers, they are just trying to do their job as they were taught, they don’t know any different. Officers, please do not blame the decent travelers, we are just trying to get from point A to point B without being hassled and if you really believe going 1-10 MPH over the speed limit is a crime, this is no longer my America!

One final question to consider is if you swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution, and you honor and understand that oath, it requires you to protect and preserve the freedom for us and our posterity more than it does to protect us from ourselves. All that is necessary is to ask yourself or your kids, are you as free as you were decades ago and if the answer is no, Why is that, when the job that was to preserve something for future generations has incrementally been destroyed?

Just something to think about….





True justice in america? Don't make me Laugh!

True justice in america? Is this possible as the people of the last free nation on earth are assaulted by their rogue government, calling us criminals and terrorists at our own expense? Who the hell are we kidding?

Justice as i recall was that anomaly that was equally applicable to all, to protect and reward the good while punishing evil. Is that true today or does it seem that evil is protected while the righteous suffer?

There are many instances of this example but one extremely close to my heart that wont go away, a man, so evil and so untouchable it makes you ponder the true meaning of "criminal justice."

Is justice only for the criminal minded?  There was a man i worked for that portrayed himself as a good and honest man, one with the desire to help others. As i got to know this man, i realized nothing could be further from the truth.

What i witnessed over time was the true evil intentions of a man that seemed to hate the world and everything in it, that would screw anyone that sought him for his alleged "expertise" robbing them of the last  few dollars they had after already being screwed by a system that should have protected them from men like this.

Whats worse is  when the multitude of people had been hurt by this man sought justice, no government entity would offer to help, claiming some sort of immunity or another? I thought governments were created to protect the rights of the people and punish those that did evil to another not to claim immunity leaving you to take the law into your own hands then punish you for seeking justice on your own?

It was almost as if this man was protected in some way, a man that can continue to hurt people, have people file complaints only to have these poor excuse for government entities say " sorry, its out if our jurisdiction?" 

This is but one of many examples where our government has failed us, when they can no longer do one thing they were created for. This is one more reason why america is in trouble and this is one more example where evil wins the day when it is protected by a government that was to do exactly the opposite of what it was intended to do!

This nation is not a land where the good people are free, this is a land where evil is protected by  a government that is no better than the evil it protects.

So, this 4th of july, should not be as much of a time to celebrate our freedom because we are no longer free. If we celebrate anything it should be only in remembrance of what we were and how thankless this generation is to give it  all away in vain trampling on the sacrifices that were made by concepts so foreign to the average american today.

I weep for this nation and our future generations for they have no idea what awaits them.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Above the law, sovereigns to subjects...

Above the law, from sovereigns to subjects and servants to tyrants

What is happening to America? I was reminded today that obama stated he wanted to fundamentally transform america, from what i can see it was not to begin its transformation but to put the final touches on decades of this change. I think its just that we have been led astray for so long it took awhile to finally see something just isn't right.

 What event did it for you and when did it finally come home to you realizing it isn't just the feds that were the problem but local governments as well?

For me locally, it was the interaction with law enforcement at first, then it was watching our legislature ignore the people, then it was the government reprimanding the people when they spoke out about their concerns being forced to accept what they believed was good for us, all the while my eye was still on the laws that were created upheld by law enforcement, that not only generate revenue for the state but incrementally restrict our liberty and the shift from the people as the inherent power to our government taking that power forcing submission by the tax payers at our expense.

Everyday there are instances where the people are being subject to governmental abuse and many people still wave their flags while they still think they are free?

A classic example, was this morning when i was on my way to the gym, going 20 in a 35 because the four cars in front of me were too scared to drive because a marked officers car was behind them, seriously? Talk about fear!
So we came to the stop light, when the light turned green, the officer pulls around the slow cars and was in excess of 20 mph over the speed limit, and somehow this is ok? I was outraged so i called the sheriffs office to find out about the officers ethics and protocol.

I wasnt upset because they were driving 20mph over the speed limit, like you may think because it was early and there were no cars on the road, no one was endangered so  no harm done, the problem however was the power shift and transfer of unauthorized authority. In other words the problem wasn't that he was going above the speed limit, it was because if the role was reversed, we could have been apprehended for not only speeding but aggressive driving with a substantial fine not to mention the increase in insurance costs and the creation if a criminal record!

The problem is that law enforcement, without proper education and value of their oath or understanding of the proper relationship between officers and those they serve force submission to those whom we pay their salary when no crime had been committed yet they can rise above the laws created for the people to follow? Did you just read what i said? Are we nuts? Are we willing to allow government to continue to write laws, to have law enforcement enforce laws that continually restrict the freedom of those they "serve?"

As angry as i am about this and the failure of government to hear me out, it really isn't the fault of our local officers, as a matter of fact, i believe they are being taught that we are all criminals and that we have just not been caught yet, being taught this by the academy and really feel they are not doing anything wrong which has dangerous consequences, were seeing them now!

If you are as bothered as i am, do something, challenge authority, challenge laws, challenge everything as respectfully as possible until you believe  you have found out how to properly direct your anger at the root of the issue, if through this tangled web you think you can find it!

I wrote this post to relieve stress as i do often but more importantly to let people know, i understand how you feel and i take what i feel and what i know and fight every moment i can whether its challenging authority or educating, or offering perspectives on consequences of actions taken.

Our country is in deep trouble and unless we begin to speak boldly and fight for our freedom, its already gone!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Common core with Tom Luna

Common core townhall with tom luna

Well you gotta give credit to Kevin miller again attempting to get to the bottom of and to the truth of the issue. The really sad part is that the truth only is concerning to those that will be affected by common core not those who are hell bent on implementing it! 

I was asked to attend tonights meeting and thought about whether i should or not. After only a few minutes i realized it would be an utter waste of my time. Why? Because this is one more song and dance. This is one more chance not to be heard by our elected officials but one more chance to be indoctrinated or swayed  as to why we need it. What happened to town halls where the concerns of the people were of concern to the elected officials? What happened to getting down to the truth and not have some rosy bullshit story shoved down the throats of the tax payer?

If i had the chance i would hang these bastards by their balls not only for not telling the truth but to take the position of telling us what is good for us! 

I could go on a rant for days on why common core is a tragedy but it really should come down to one issue first, not is it a good idea but does the federal government have the authority to create and forcefully implement federalized standards within their limitations outlined in the constitution? If they don't, they are stepping outside their jurisdictional boundaries and usurping the authority of the state! Like healthcare this agenda is most likely money driven and because if this is exempt from any boundaries.

Below are several articles i collected on the reality of common core. As for Luna, one whom i called friend, i think he is either ignorant of the reality or has turned his back on his honor selling his fellow idahoans down the road. As well as i know him, i venture to say he has no idea the full ramifications of what he promotes. I only hope he wakes before its too late and realizes the harm that will be done by its unlawful abusive implementation

Common core

School choice is trojan horse

It Begins… Communist Indoctrination Included in Common Core Literature for First Graders (Video)
This will make you puke.
Reading, writing and arithmetic are out – Communist indoctrination is in!

The radical left is indoctrinating FIRST GRADERS in communist doctrine disguised as educational tools for first graders. The indoctrination is part of the Common Core curriculum for elementary students.


Sex and castro

This is a letter that was written by a retired judge in Utah. Please read it as it pertains to States' Rights, and substitute your State where appropriate. Thanks so much for your interest.


By Norman H. Jackson, Judge, Utah Court of Appeals, Retired PAPER – January 28, 2013

[The State's] State Board[s] of Education adopted the Federal Common Core State Standards Initiative before they, or anyone else knew, what the Standards would be. The Federal curriculum, assessments and other materials had not been written and some are still being drafted. We, and our legislators, had no notice of this action, and have no voice in the ongoing production of Common Core. This procedure has usurped basic education policy and content decisions from parents and our elected representatives...these mandates are contrary to the Tenth Amendment of the U. S. Constitution which reserves control over education to the states and the people.

Here is the factual background and timeline for the creation and progress of Common Core.  Education “reformers” have worked for decades to impose national education standards.  The current phase began during the 2008 Presidential election when it was introduced as uniform “American Standards”.  As the Obama administration came into power, their vision for nationalizing education was labeled “Benchmarking For Success”.  To avoid the scrutiny of the democratic process, they used the Stimulus Bill to distribute an enormous pot of money to the U. S. Dept. of Education. And this taxpayer money is being used to shape state and local education without Congressional oversight.

In March 2009, the Department announced a two-part “Race-To-The-Top” competition for states to receive Common Core education funding. States could not get any money unless they signed contracts to adopt the Federal Standards. In March 2010, the “first official public draft” of the Standards (Math and English only) was released.  A final draft was released in June, and our State Board of Education immediately applied for funding and adopted Common Core.  Education Week reported Rutgers professor Joseph Rosenstein’s observation that: “Deciding so quickly … was irresponsible”.  Moreover, our School Board’s Application was not deemed meritorious. Funding was denied. But, Common Core mandates remain.

These facts demonstrate that we the people, and our children, were denied Due Diligence. Due Diligence is “such diligence as a reasonable person under the same circumstances would use.” It is “used most often in connection with the performance of a professional or fiduciary duty.”  It was not reasonable under these circumstances for the Board to act without giving notice to its constituents and providing an opportunity to respond. As fiduciaries, the Board had the duty to act in behalf of the public with care, candor and loyalty in fulfilling its obligations. I concur with Professor Rosenstein and conclude that the Board’s actions constitute a breach of their fiduciary duty to do “Due Diligence” in our behalf.

Further, these facts demonstrate that...citizens were denied Due Process. The boundaries of Due Process are not fixed. Fundamental to procedural due process is adequate notice prior to the government’s deprivation of one’s life, liberty, or property, and an opportunity to be heard and defend one’s rights. Substantive due process is a limit on the government’s power to affect the above rights. It is a safeguard against government action that is unfair, irrational or arbitrary in advancing a government interest.

The Federal mandates of Common Core dwarf No Child Left Behind mandates. They have the potential to be like Medicaid and ObamaCare with immense un-vetted and unfunded costs to taxpayers.  States and their citizens have the Constitutional right to local control. But, the Government requires that Common Core be fully implemented by 2014. Moreover, recent Federal revisions to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) render student and family data – educational, health and otherwise – collectible by the Federal Government through the P-20W data systems they paid States to create. The State School Board’s denial of due process to citizens has made this possible.

I concur with Mitt Romney’s recent evaluation of Common Core: “I don’t subscribe to the idea of the Federal Government trying to push a Common Core on various states. It’s one thing to put out as a model and let people adopt it as they will, but to financially reward states based upon accepting the Federal Government’s idea of a curriculum, I think, is a mistake. And the reason I say that is that there may come a time when the Government has an agenda that it wants to promote”.

Obama’s “2020 Vision Roadmap” for America’s schools was co-written by his former education advisor, Linda Darling-Hammond. Darling-Hammond is now in charge of content specifications for half the country’s testing under Common Core. Yet, she attacks the use of standardized tests! In Nation Magazine, she compares America’s education system with South African apartheid and proposes that poverty requires the government to guarantee “housing, healthcare, and basic income security” to all. Then she praises nations that centrally control their schools.

At the end of her article, she touts Obama’s grand “2020 Vision Roadmap” (which she helped write) stating: “The Federal government should compel states to review inter-  and intra- school resource distribution using established indicators. States that fail to comply would be subject to withdrawal of Federal funds, and the Federal Government would have the right to the direct remedy to correct the problem.”

The citizens of Utah and the United States are in for some spectacular surprises, including federally controlled education and redistribution of State and school district resources during Obama’s second term. I urge [States'] lawyer legislators to evaluate the State Board’s denial of due diligence and due process to [its] citizens, and to protect taxpayers and students from Obama’s Education policies to be fully implemented by 2014.
Common Core is a big issue in Idaho now as the education bureaucracy is attempting to ramrod acceptance of Common Core in conjunction with the technocratic takeover of our schools.  It's important that when you talk to people about Common Core that you have the facts because the propaganda supporting it is coming from well-funded and highly connected places. 
It doesn't matter if you are in Idaho or not.  Common Core is a national plan.  This website is a great place to start learning about Common Core and why we don't want it for Idaho children
Missouri Coalition Against Common Core 
It's better to watch the video on youtube because you can watch all of them and not just the first one

Hope this is a helpful 15 min video on Common Core for your efforts to educate more people:

Don't forget to join the Tweet Up tomorrow from 12-2 against Common Core by searching for the hashtag, #StopCommonCore. See here for more information on tomorrow -

Virginia "Ginni" Thomas
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Common core

I vote 'yes' to an extended meeting on Common Core in April.

This is an uncut version of information sent to the local paper as an editorial letter. (It was submitted a couple of times, editing for length and content.) They state that they can't print it because the Idaho Department of Education refutes some of it, in spite of the fact that the footnotes were included in the submission. You can find many more supports on line. You be the judge...

Thanks for your interest and your action.

Deborah Henrie


On March 16th Idaho State Superintendent of Education Tom Luna presented his support for the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI/CC/CCSS). In his presentation he stated repeatedly that Idaho “has its own K-12 standards, which he says he helped to write, and that “we will always have our own standards.” But the Idaho State Department of Education publishes on line that “The current Idaho State Language Usage and Reading Standards will be replaced by CCSS as of the 2013-2014 school year.” It says the same for the “current Mathematics standards”, and also that “all new curriculum alignments should now be made to the CCSS” (1) for both math and English Language Arts (ELA).
Supt. Luna said that a few years ago he was elected as president of the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers--a private club for state superintendents and other school officers), and spoke favorably of the NGA (National Governor’s Association--a private club for governors). Proponents of Common Core argue that it is a state led initiative and that governors and state superintendents voluntarily signed on. But NGA and CCSSO, as private organizations, are backed by the Gates Foundation, among others. In 2004 Gates’ Microsoft Corporation entered into a contract with UNESCO, an arm of the United Nations, to create a global education system. In 2009 the Gates Foundation poured millions into the NGA and CCSSO, who “were involved in drafting, evaluating, and winning support for the standards.” (2) 
Textbook publisher McGraw-Hill states that they are “an endorsing partner of the NGA/CCSSO common core initiative”, and that “The Gates Foundation will spend an estimated $354 million between 2010 and 2014” (2) to install Common Core in our states. 
The Smarter Balanced Consortium web site states that they are “one of two multistate consortia awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Education to develop an assessment system based on the new Common Core Standards.” And proponents say that this is state-led, and not federal intrusion? (3) Supt. Luna said that there has been no exchange of money between the Fed and Idaho for CCSSI, but we are receiving federal dollars for education, and Pres. Obama told the states that he would withhold Title 1 money of states who do not sign on to CC, which amounts to coercion. (4) Also, “The nearly $16 billion in additional costs is nearly four times the federal government’s Race to the Top grant awards,” said Pioneer Institute Director Jim Stergios. “With state and local taxpayers footing 90 percent of the bill for K-12 public education, the federal government’s push to get states to adopt national standards and tests amount to one big unfunded mandate.” (5)
Pres. Obama also enticed states saying that if they would fully implement CC, he would reduce their obligation to No Child Left Behind (NCLB), (6) which was another federal intrusion fiasco that harmed our children’s education, our sovereignty and our pocketbooks. He further induced them with $4.35 billion in Race to the Top stimulus dollars. (7) These intrusions and methods violate multiple federal laws. (8)
When later asked about the requirements of CCSS that children will not be taught to write in cursive, (9) or taught to read using phonics (they will be taught whole language, as though memorizing Chinese characters), (10) Mr. Luna expressed no concern, and said that it is up to the local districts as to what methods and curriculum to use. (See the first paragraph above re Idaho’s curriculum alignments to CC.)
Reuters, an international news agency, reports a $100 million injection into data tracking, which is one of the requirements of CC: “In operation just three months, the database already holds files on millions of children identified by name, address and cometimes Social Security number. Learning disabilities are documented, test scores recorded, attendendance noted. In some cases, the database tracks student hobbies, career goals, attitudes toward school, even homework completion.” (11) Clinical Psychologist Gary Thompson states, “According to the U.S. Department of Education, CCSS will authorize the use of testing instruments that will measure the ‘attributes, dispositions, social skills, attitude’s and intra personal resources’ of public school students under CCSS (USDOE Feb, 2013 Report).  In a nutshell, CCSS simply states that it will develop highly effective assessments that measures….well….almost ‘everything.’” He states that “The accuracy of psychological testing has grown in the past 10 years to astonishing levels” and that he cannot professionally endorse CCSS as currently written, and that “The issues involving psychological testing and privacy are issues that should be of concern to every parent with a child enrolled in public school.” (12) He should add that this applies also to home and private schoolers.
  When asked about this national data base, Supt. Luna said, “No children in Idaho have had any data about them shared with the federal government.” Could that be because CC won’t be implemented until this fall? What is the purpose of this data being sent to the federal government and other entitles, even without the knowledge or permission of parents? The Gates Foundation funded a paper titled, “Framework for a Multistate Human Capital Development Data System.” The answer is in the title. The government will decide what educational opportunities and jobs will be available to our citizens. Every state is  to have a P-20 Council (P-20W) which means documentation from pre-school through 20 years of schooling, which includes 2 years of college level schooling, to the job the federal government has chosen for you. (13) 
Federal FERPA laws (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) were passed in order to protect our children’s information from the Fed, but parental rights to deny the collection of this data, or to restrict who has access to it were changed through executive regulation, not the legislative process, paving the way for the State Longitudinal Database System (SLDS). (14)
The data will be gathered and stored at a mammoth facility that is currently being built by the National Security Agency (NSA) in energy-rich Utah on Camp Williams in Salt Lake County, and is scheduled for completion this fall. (15) 
What do we do without Common Core? Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who refused to sign off on the ELA CC standards as the only person on the CC Validation Committee who is an expert on the subject, because they are inferior in that they do not prepare students for authentic college level work and are not internationally benchmarked. Dr. Stotsky has offered her standards for free to the states. (16) She is one of the foremost authorities on ELA standards in the country, having studied the standards of each of the states, and helped Massachusetts to become one of the top states in the nation in ELA education. James Milgram was the only person on the Validation Committee who is an expert on math standards, and he also refused to sign off on them because of their inferiority. (17) Several states have higher math standards than Common Core, and those standards should be adopted instead of CC without the terrific expense, and without turning education over to the federal government, i.e. Singapore math or Saxon math.
Public knowledge, feeling and individual actions are the only chance we have to overcome the powerful influence on our governors and chief school officers by the federal government and special interest corporations. Please inform yourself, and require Governor Otter and Supt. Luna to get us out of Common Core.

(1) - Idaho State Department of Education - under: Idaho State Department of Education - Content
*Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, Article X: US DOE has promoted adoption and creation of national standards, and national assessments, and curriculum materials to support those standards.
      *Dept. of Education Organization Act (1979)
      No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)
      Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, Article IV: We have a right to be secure in our  persons. Common Core forces the creation of a SLDS in each state, to be shared with entities across and outside of government.
      General Educational Provisions Act: Senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter to the Obama administration demanding an explanation: “Furthermore, I am concerned that the administration’s requirements for granting a waiver from NCLB would entail states having to adopt a federally-approved ‘college and career ready’ curriculum: either the national Common Core standaards, or another federally-approved equivalent. I am also concerned that the US Department of Education has created, through its contractors, national curriculum materials to support these Common Core standards. Such activities are unacceptable; they violate three existing laws: NCLB, the Department of Education Organization Act, and the General Education Provision Act. All three laws prohibit the federal government from creating or prescribing national curriculum.” 

If you've tried to be the responsible parent and attend any of the local school district meetings in order to get answers and accountability regarding the horrific adaptations of "Common Core" that's blanketing every school system in the U.S., then no doubt you've been delayed by some hard-core,old-fashioned delay tactics. These are bonafide TACTICS that are deliberately utilized to ensure you do NOT have a voice and that their dark works get to remain in darkness. YOU need to be able to take back the meeting though, and ensure that questions ARE answered. The following information and resources will help you do so.

If you think that the implementation of this kind of information is too arduous or outside of the scope of what you're willing to do to protect your children,then allow me to make perfectly clear that the ENEMY most certainly is embracing and learning and is fully committed to using these tactics against you and your children. You will have NO recourse if you do not discipline yourself to address this issue with intelligence, determination, and self-restraint. 
So, please--get informed, and get armed.
Some of the state tactics used to avoid answering your questions that you need to be aware of are:
The presenter drones on and doesn’t leave time for questions.
The presenter deflects your question and tries to act like nobody else is interested and they’ll address your question after the meeting.
The presenter works to separate you from the group during the meeting so you or your position are isolated. There are cases elsewhere, where a person might be pulled out of the room for someone to answer your question.
This is called the Delphi Technique and if you read this excellent article you will be prepared to defend yourself against it. (please cut and paste the link as FB won't allow me to hyperlink it for some reason)

In general, when confronting such persons, your best tactics are:
Keep a calm voice and never lose your cool.
Bring the person you’ve asked the question to, back on subject to answer your question. Stay focused.
Don’t let them deflect or delay. Just calmly reiterate that your question hasn’t been answered.
If someone else is being deflected, support them by asking the question again.
Don't allow them to manipulate you to express anger or great emotion as they will leverage that to portray you as a "dangerous" or "frightening" person.
I realize that these meetings are being held all of the the U.S. however I feel that it's very valuable to parent to read of this report by Christel Swasey’s experience in a Wasatch School District meeting presentation by State Office of Education official Judy Park.(Utah)
Click here for some questions which you can ask at meetings. Please post your questions below in the comments.

This link will also help you better understand the issue of Common Core being put into our school systems regardless of where you live; you'll find it helpful. This program is most assuredly a blatant attack on the morality,family values, and the value of a family and the inherent authorities and responsibilities that parents hold in the family role. Don't wait until you LOSE your children before you're inclined to fight for them. Protect them now. 


Idaho's Common Core Memorandum of Agreement says exactly what was expected: Chief State School Officer (CSSO) Luna is saying Idaho has her own standards because Idaho was one of the participants with the other states through the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), of which he was formerly the President, and National Governor's Association (NGA) in developing the CCSS standards and getting them adopted, which was funded by Gates and others. That's what Common Core State Standards are, so far--an NGA/CCSSO concoction funded by Gates (who reportedly recently told the Wall Street Journal that he has $5 BILLION in the game to this point, the Fed, and others. 

Governor (NGA) Otter's job, and CSSO Luna's job, is stated as, "responsibility for coordinating the process that will lead to state adoption of a common core set of standards". Doesn't that mean their responsibility is not to Idahoans, who elected them and are paying their salary, but to those who are paying for the CCSSO and NGA? 

Idaho has agreed ("States that choose to align their standards to the common core standards agree to ensure that the common core represents at least 85 percent of the state's standards in English language arts and mathematics"--but keep in mind that science, social studies, and sex ed have already been written and are ready for inclusion) to use CCSS Common Core State Standards for 85% of their standards (which drives the assessments and curriculum),which means the states cannot change one word of the standards; they are only allowed to add 15% if they want to improve the education, and/or change the direction the conglomerate and Fed and Gates are taking them. That means the Fed can teach anything they want, take as much class time assessing as they want, and the curriculum must be aligned with those standards and assessments. If you don't like that they are using government documents and propaganda for ELA instead of the 'classics', teaching 'social justice'(taxpayer funded immorality and taking from those who work for a living to give to those who won't), and 'sustainable growth', which is population control such as we have already witnessed in places like China and India. 

The Idaho MOA states that there will be a National Validation Committee, made up of experts, to validate "end-of-course expectations, provid[e] leadership for...development of K-12 standards, and certifying state adoption of the common core...[and will] provide an independent review of the common core...and...use evidence as the driving factor in validating...." It also says that the standards will be "internationally benchmarked". However, the only two 'experts' on the validation committee both refused to sign off on the standards because of their inferiority. Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who has evaluated the ELA standards of every State, and is credited with helping Massachusetts to develop their top ELA standards (until they adopted CCSS), said that the Common Core State Standards are inferior in that they do not prepare students for authentic college level work and are NOT internationally benchmarked. She has offered her standards for free to any state (  James (Jim) Milgram is the other expert on the validation committee who refused to sign off on the CCSS ( and and
Several states have higher math standards than Common Core, and those standards should be adopted by the separate states as they desire. Singapore Math and Saxon Math are both proven math programs, and would not require the horrific cost of CCSS' inferior standards, not to mention the TOTAL loss of parental, educator, and state control.

The MOA that CSSO Luna and Governor Otter committed Idaho to defines the involvement of the federal government: It gives the Fed control through "key financial support" in "developing a common core of state standards and in moving toward common assessments, such as through the Race to the Top Fund authorized in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Further, the federal government can incentivize this effort through a range of tiered incentives, such as providing states with greater flexibility in the use of existing federal funds [Title 1? No Child Left Behind? etc., etc.], supporting a revised state accountability structure, [the states will be accountable for the massive increases in education costs, because all money that doesn't come from the federal printing presses and rapidly accumulating massive debt, comes from the states] and offering financial support for states to effectively implement the standards [Could "effectively implement" refer to the funding strings attached if the children are not sufficiently indoctrinated?]. Additionally, the federal government can provide long-term financial support for the development of common assessments, teacher and professional development [teachers and principals potentially may lose their jobs if they do not 'effectively implement' what the Fed tells them in their 'professional development'--there will likely be a financial response to such inadequacy], other related common core standards supports [What 'other' supports? That appears to leave the door wide open], and a research agenda that can help continually improve the common core over time [notice that Idaho agrees that 'improvement'/change will come from the Fed]. Finally, the federal government can revise and align existing federal education laws with the lessons learned from states' international benchmarking efforts and from federal research." That looks like carte blanche to me--they can change federal laws re education without representation of the people through our legislatures, federal or state. This is where (SLDS) data mining comes into the picture, which is currently going on in States that are already implementing CCSS. This agreement says that there is total federal government control, except for the 15% that can be added, if there is time/energy left in the day/year. 

It is signed by Governor: C. ? Butch Otter and Chief State School Officer: Tom Luna

Read the entire Idaho Common Core 'Memorandum of Agreement' here:   Go to ttp://
Then click on 'Background on the Idaho Core Standards'
then in the first paragraph click on 'work together'.

Thanks so much for your interest in this very critical issue.

Deborah Henrie
Graduate of the Nampa School System
Still an Idahoan at Heart 

p.s. In case you are interested,"In 2004, Gates signed a 26 page agreement with UNESCO  (an arm of the United Nations that President Reagan got us out of, but President Bush got us back into) to develop a master curriculum for global teacher training.  Robert Muller, the former assistant secretary general of the U.N. is the grandfather of the world core curriculum, the goal being to bring all schools in all nations under one common core curriculum."  I went to a meeting this week where a speaker referred to international testing called PISA that shows the U.S. is way behind other developed and educated countries. But when I looked it up on line    I found that this dumbing down is international, started in 2000 (in close chronology to the Federal 'Goals 2000 Act', 'School-to-Work-Act', and 'Elementary and Secondary Education Act'.*) The blogger talks about the fact that Finland, who ranks first, has some educators who are saying that these tests are based on inferior math, 'fuzzy' math such as is already being taught in many of the States, that is very difficult to learn, turning children off to math, and limiting what they can learn in so much time and effort. Perhaps this is what they mean by 'international benchmarks'.

*These laws establish the implementation of the plan outlined by Mark Tucker in the "Dear Hillary" [Clinton] letter that was placed in the Congressional Record on September 25, 1998, originally written on November 11, 1992, with the following mechanisms to restructure the public schools:
1. Bypass all elected officials on school boards and in state legislatures by making federal funds flow to the Governor and his appointees on workforce development boards; [thus the takeover of the NGA and CCSSO by the Fed and Gates]
2. Use a computer database, a.k.a. "a labor market information system," into which school personnel would scan all information about every child and his family identified by the child's social security number, or other number assigned to him/her: academic, medical mental psychological, behavioral, and interrogations by counselors. The computerized [this is one of the places where the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation comes in--a return on their, so far, $5 Billion investment]  data would be available to [anyone the government deems well as hackers, obviously].
3. Use "national standards" and "national testing" to cement national control of tests, assessments, school honors and rewards, financial aid, and the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CMI), which is designed to replace the high school diploma.

I have spoken with a teacher who is afraid to even receive information opposing CCSS, let alone to speak out against it. She said repeatedly that she was afraid for her job. Is this still America? I have heard this from other sources as well, and just received another e- today saying as much:

 “I recently attended a common core day of cheer leading for the sixth grade teachers in my district.  Money was used to pay for subs so that we could all hear for a day why the common core was so wonderful.  We were told that students would no longer be graded on completion of assignments or an average of assignment and test scores over a grading period.  Instead grading will be based on mastery of a subject.  How do we determine mastery?  The district has provided bench mark tests in language arts.  We were told that these are not mandatory BUT that if we did not use them they would become mandatory.  I find it scary that students will now be graded only on tests written by the core.  The final assessment was a research paper on modern revolutions.  Interesting how now in the sixth grade learning can be skewed to a political point of view that may or may not be historically accurate.  I find the curriculum scary and the measurement of learning terrifying. I know though that any questions I asked contrary to the core were met with anger and frustration. It was NOT allowed and dismissed to ask a question that was not common core friendly. I along with other teachers are afraid to speak out publicly against the core for fear of losing our jobs. I work in the Jordan school district.”

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I just got a first-hand, super-dose of the Common Core. This is my fifth year substitute teaching in the Boise School District. For two days last week I taught in a Boise elementary school that is implementing the Federal Common Core curriculum. It was horrible! I've taught at this school before, and it wasn't like this then. I couldn't believe the way they micro-managed every move the kids made, even on the playground. The principle was marching up and down the halls like a little general.  And the way they had taught the kids math was absurd! I’ve read about Common Core, and I have been concerned. But this experience "inspired" me to take a deeper look.  I went on youtube, and lo and behold there was a quote from Idaho’s own Tom Luna on Glenn Beck. Here's the link to that, and a second one.

Missouri Coalition Against Common Core 
I am sending these three links to the parents of every Idaho school-age child I know. This is for real. Feel free to use my story, if you like. We've got to get it out of Idaho before the parents have no more say in what is being taught in their schools, and Common Core ruins the lives of their kids! 

Subject: Common Core
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 14:50:09 -0700

Common Core is a big issue in Idaho now as the education bureaucracy is attempting to ramrod acceptance of Common Core in conjunction with the technocratic takeover of our schools.  It's important that when you talk to people about Common Core that you have the facts because the propaganda supporting it is coming from well-funded and highly connected places. 
It doesn't matter if you are in Idaho or not.  Common Core is a national plan.  This website is a great place to start learning about Common Core and why we don't want it for Idaho children
Missouri Coalition Against Common Core 
It's better to watch the video on youtube because you can watch all of them and not just the first one