Sunday, June 30, 2013

True justice in america? Don't make me Laugh!

True justice in america? Is this possible as the people of the last free nation on earth are assaulted by their rogue government, calling us criminals and terrorists at our own expense? Who the hell are we kidding?

Justice as i recall was that anomaly that was equally applicable to all, to protect and reward the good while punishing evil. Is that true today or does it seem that evil is protected while the righteous suffer?

There are many instances of this example but one extremely close to my heart that wont go away, a man, so evil and so untouchable it makes you ponder the true meaning of "criminal justice."

Is justice only for the criminal minded?  There was a man i worked for that portrayed himself as a good and honest man, one with the desire to help others. As i got to know this man, i realized nothing could be further from the truth.

What i witnessed over time was the true evil intentions of a man that seemed to hate the world and everything in it, that would screw anyone that sought him for his alleged "expertise" robbing them of the last  few dollars they had after already being screwed by a system that should have protected them from men like this.

Whats worse is  when the multitude of people had been hurt by this man sought justice, no government entity would offer to help, claiming some sort of immunity or another? I thought governments were created to protect the rights of the people and punish those that did evil to another not to claim immunity leaving you to take the law into your own hands then punish you for seeking justice on your own?

It was almost as if this man was protected in some way, a man that can continue to hurt people, have people file complaints only to have these poor excuse for government entities say " sorry, its out if our jurisdiction?" 

This is but one of many examples where our government has failed us, when they can no longer do one thing they were created for. This is one more reason why america is in trouble and this is one more example where evil wins the day when it is protected by a government that was to do exactly the opposite of what it was intended to do!

This nation is not a land where the good people are free, this is a land where evil is protected by  a government that is no better than the evil it protects.

So, this 4th of july, should not be as much of a time to celebrate our freedom because we are no longer free. If we celebrate anything it should be only in remembrance of what we were and how thankless this generation is to give it  all away in vain trampling on the sacrifices that were made by concepts so foreign to the average american today.

I weep for this nation and our future generations for they have no idea what awaits them.

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