Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The million lb gorilla

OK, we all love kids! We all love Kevin Miller and we all love teachers, right? So, in saying so I have clarified this is not a personal attack on any of these, right? So, may I respectfully ask why we are so willing to ignore the 1 million lb. gorilla in the room? Why is it that we all talk about the love for our kids and we say we love our country but seem to do everything in contradiction to these facts?

So, we say we love your kids but we teach them to be subservient slaves to government and that their opinions can somehow matter as fact that they are entitled to their own truth, that they can have premarital sex and that abortions are a convenient alternative without parental notification and that we can somehow abandon moral teachings in support of sexual deviancy, even teaching gay sex to our kids?

What about the states continued control taken away from the parents disturbing the family? Why is it that there is never enough money for school, why is it that there are no limitations on the power and authority the state can exercise over those that attend violating every basic right that was to have been guaranteed to the people by their government? We teach that the founders were extremists, that circumvention of the legislature is ok, that executive power is boundless, that our kids have no rights, that they can be spied on, data collected, can’t speak freely, cant pray, can’t read certain material in school, that the schools must be locked down to where no one can leave, parking lots locked to keep them from leaving or "terrorists" from entering?

Seriously, what difference is there between a prison and a school yard?

My point is how can we say we support and promote the future for our children when the truth is that all efforts are done to destroy it? How can you lock up children with so many rules and regulations, walls, fences and gates, surveillance cameras and data collection and law enforcement and think somehow when the gates open after 12th grade they are going to succeed? Are you kidding me? Succeed at what is my question?

When the children have no idea of where they came from or what is right, how will they have any idea where they are going? If we are a free nation and our job as parents is to secure and perpetuate liberty for future generations, how can we possibly do that when we don't know these principles or have purposely strayed from them because we didn't know better? The facts are there, we just need to look at them.

The local schools are controlled by the feds through the US Dept. of education, an unlawfully created entity created. Our federal constitution clearly has no enumeration or delegation for this enumeration anywhere, indicating it is outside of the jurisdiction of the federal government. It is unlawful and any adherence to it is in support of what is unlawful! The US Dept. of education is controlled by people that want to dissolve the jurisdictional boundaries or morality, states, counties, family in favor of a global government through among other parties, the united nations, where according to their own Article 29, clause 3 of their human rights is only subject to the rights they say we have. Those that created the UN were devout Communists and have infiltrated their doctrine into our schools through John Dewey and others, it goes on and on and on...Why are we ignoring these facts? WHY? So my final question is if you support these control techniques, do you really care about our kids or does the one that ask the tough questions, that demands governments adherence to their limitations to preserve the freedom for our kids, to teach them where they came from, who they are, to empower them and to have them learn by mistakes instead of preventing them, and to let them be kids?

Nikita Kruschev may have been right when he stated “Your children will wake up to Communism!” When refuted, he then stated, no, you won’t support communism outright but we will feed you small doses of socialism until you wake up and realize you’re all communists!

Benjamin Franklin stated “When people would give up a bit of freedom for security, they deserve neither and both will be destroyed”

Franklin also quoted “ A country that knows not where its been has no idea where it is going…”