Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Government entity checklist, Please print and use!

How can our elected government officials properly respresent people when they have no idea of proper representation?
I get that question quite often and compiled a list to get you startyed if you don't know where to begin. It is my belief that every government official should know these questions especially since we have entrusted to our proitection of rights to these individuals.
This list is by no means complete but thins will be a great start to this election season with an accountability, to send a message to these candidates, your taken enough nfrom us, the ride is OVER!! The power is inherent in the poeople NOT the government, if you watched my "Toms constitutional BS question to Boise city council" on my video page at www.tommunds.com , the councilman makes his point quite clear, we the people are now in deep trouble!
Here is the list:

1. What form of government do we have in America?

2. What is our governing rule of law?

3. Is the constitution to be understood as the founders intended or is it a “living breathing document”

4. Can you explain why government wascreated according to our founding documents?

5. Is the US constitution the supreme law of theland?

6. Shall all laws repugnant to the US constitution be considered null and void?

7. Is the Supreme Court the final arbiter on what our rights are?

8. Does power reside in the government over thepeople?

9. What was the purpose of the Bill of Rights?

10. If the power is vested in thepeople, shall law enforcement or other government entities tell us what are rights are?

11. What and who guarantees the protection of our rights from oppressive government? And who defines such terms?

12. When governments begin to tell us what our rights are and they are blatent violations, what is our guarantee they will not tread on them, if rights, today are subjective?

13. What is the purpose of the Federal government?

14. What is the purpose of local government?

15. What is the hierarchy of governmental jurisdiction?

16. Do you suppose all laws shalloriginate in congress or the legislature?

17. If “Ignorance is no excuse for the law, does this law apply to those who swore an oath to protect our rights?

18. If “ignorance is no excuse, can you explain how this is humanly possible?

19. Are you aware that the originationof this term related only to common law and not to ever expanding ordinancesand statutes?

20. Are violations of ordinances andstatutes crimes? Why or why not?

21. If these lesser violations are not crimes, how can you be arrested?

22. Have you ever heard of Title 50USC? Do you what it is? If you don’t, is ignorance, in fact no excuse?

23. If lesser violations are crimes,doesn’t that mean the constitution is suspended or obsolete? Is ignorance ofthis fact, in fact, no excuse?

24. What defines a crime?

25. Shall all crimes consist of proofor corpus delecti?

26. Shall people be convicted if thereis no proof?

27. Shall all crimes by before a trial by jury?

28. What is the purpose of the trial by jury?

29. Are you aware of the power of the sheriff?

30. Do you know who the SouthernPoverty Law center is?

31. How do you feel about this organization and their support lack of support
of the constitution?

32. Are you aware they have described patriotic
Americans as hate groups?

33. Are you aware that The Department of Homeland security has labeled Patriotic, God fearing Americans as terrorists?

34. Do you feel something is wrongwhen our congress and president swore an oath to uphold the constitution then
violate it and then label the people as terrorists?

35. How do you suppose we went from “we the peoples” establishment of government to protect our rights to a government that now dictates them?

36. How is it that “we the people” went from entrusting law enforcement, with
guns, to protect “we the people ” that now protects the interests of the state
that trys to take them away??
I just found out at the national center for constitutional studies, there is also a list of 130 things to print nd use as well. Let us become vigilent in the restoration of freedom and liberty by performming the only duty that ensures our freedom, let us hold our government officials accountable!!
If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will respond as quickly as I can.

A time for action!

This was my speech at the last constitution day at the capitol steps. As election time draws near, I wanted to make it perfectly clear where I stand on the issues.

So, fellow patriots, here we are in America, almost 235 years later, those who founded this great nation gave everything they had, “pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor”. Today, we have also sacrificed our lives and separated our families through military and political action in the name of freedom.
Was it all in vain? Shall we ignore all of the sacrifices that were made to preserve these freedoms and trade them for security?

Did you ever think you would be standing here with America’s historical greatness deciding, like me and many others, whether your family deserves freedom or to have food on the table, because today in America, under its present dictatorial administrations’ usurpation of power, it appears, you can’t have both.

If you have a job, you are losing your freedoms, if you have no job, and you are aware of what is coming, you are too busy fighting to work, fighting for those who still have jobs and fighting for the legacy of freedom for ourselves and our posterity… this is the reality facing America today!

If you could take the pulse of a nation today, where would we be, united in one common belief or divided and one step away from civil unrest.

Are you one of those willing to exchange your God given constitutionally protected right to freedom for government controlled security? If you are an American, fond of our heritage, and our form of government, thankfully, you don’t have that option!

Ever notice that the bigger government gets, the more freedom is lost? We have judicial tyranny, legislative circumvention, ignorant and deaf legislators too willing to compromise, we have law enforcement that either does not know their oath or doesn’t care, we have schools in lockdown during school hours, we have given the ability not only for schools to make law but monopolistic utility companies to force their will and incur debt on the back of the tax payers stating its what’s best for us.

We have a governor and congressman that are willing to abandon our sovereignty for the sake of boosting the GDP with the help of Americas biggest enemy, the communists, and so much more all while the American taxpayer’s are threatened and character is assassinated as we are defined as a terrorist?

When are we going to get it? When are we going to go on the offense? We get slandered by the media, congress, the white house. Those same people that swore an oath to uphold the constitution as the supreme law of the land are now calling us the enemy as they tell us what our rights are and that “it’s in the name of safety.”

There are even the union thugs telling us their “gonna get those SOBS? Are you kidding me, In MY AMERICA? Are we still hoping that the next election will fix these problems? Are we still that naive? We are at war! The left has declared it, not because they know why, but just because they have listened to the “agitator in chief” incite his class warfare rhetoric.

We don’t have time to sit idle one more moment! It is time to mobilize the hearts and minds of ourselves and others, to find that fire within, let it burn down deep, realize what is at stake and with all the passion you can muster, go on the offense and take back control of this great land!

This IS a call to action and here’s the plan! I want each one of you to slow down your thinking for one moment and think about everything that has happened…

I want you to read every road sign, every law you find, every restriction that is written, verbally commanded or implied and ask yourself are these restrictions on “We the people” or on limiting government as they were intended? Do yourself a favor and quickly abandon the Marxist idea that “all in the name of safety” is more important than your freedom, it isn’t!

Your government has told you, both verbally and in action, they do not trust you Or your children! They expect you will do exactly what they say when they say it and you will not challenge it. I’m telling you to challenge EVERYTHING!

Make calls and question everything! Ask where and who has the authority to impose such restrictions and remind them that the US constitution is the Supreme law of the land, that its intent was to restrict government not “we the people” and that no law, ordinance, rule or state constitution can supersede it and all laws repugnant to it are null and void! If your not sure about an issue, find out, when you do, educated others!

Do we need the Supreme Court, a legislature or law enforcement to dictate what our rights are so they can take them away or do we acknowledge our Rights were God given and that no man can take them away?

So, today, and from this day forward, Challenge urban renewal, city, county and state entities, school boards, ask for budgets. Challenge surveillance cameras, speeding tickets, move over laws, ask your sheriff and law enforcement if they know the origin of their oath, why it is important, what form of government we have and if they have even read the constitution.

Ask your local school district why they are locking your children up during school hours and why the parking lots are gated and locked, ask yourself why children are all brainwashed with liberal news propaganda, pumped into every school in every heart of every child in the nation simultaneously. Ask even things down to the most seemingly insignificant issue like why we aren’t allowed to bring our own food and beverage into sports events that were funded by the taxes of “we the people”.

We are threatened and deceived about the need for annual bonds, levies or extensions, again allowing our government to live beyond their means, ‘in the name of safety” or “for the good of the children”…is it really?

How is going into debt, teaching the abandonment of moral principles and teaching our kids that their rights are subject to government, good for the future of our children?

I just found out and it was confirmed by law enforcement, Idaho legislators, as well as the board of education that when you enroll your kids in public school, you have given up your rights to your child through something called “in loco parentis” and “parens patriae” defining the government as a parent.

By voting for bonds and levies you are essentially giving up your rights to your children, supporting the destruction of the family and promoting their enslavement, no wonder our kids are depressed if they think this is their future in progress and we think medication is the remedy?!

Ask yourself, why it is that the government has the right to tell you what your rights are. Ask how it is that we are left to the whims of the Supreme Court, aren’t their three branches of government?

Ask why the taxpayers are FORCED to fund everything and then restricted from those same things we fund, BY those people whose salaries and retirement are funded by “we the people”?

Ask why in three years WE haven’t taken over the airwaves by daily flooding calls on the radio, buying air time on TV or utilizing other available media sources to promote freedom, re-educating people and making them hear the truth, challenging everyone on the issues? Flood calls to radio stations and teach people about title 50, USC where the constitution has been suspended and still is today!

Time is short, the issues are eminently upon us, I believe our country is hanging in the balance, and its future is in your hands and the person standing next to you. Look around, make eye contact with the person next to you and understand that our failure to do what needs to be done will yield catastrophic consequences. You are God’s “A-Team”, if your waiting for others, there is no one else!!! If the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, the voices of old should be a reminder to us!
George Washington said: “The hour is fast approaching, on which the Honor and Success of this army, and the safety of our bleeding Country depend. Remember officers and Soldiers that you are Freemen, fighting for the blessings of Liberty — that slavery will be your portion, and that of your posterity, if you do not acquit yourselves like men.”

This message is difficult for many to hear for at times the truth is difficult but necessary to express. I come not only to share the grave reality of our situation but to bring a message of hope, good always trumps over evil!

In his general orders, of July 1776, Washington stated; “Our own Country's Honor, all call upon us for a vigorous and manly exertion, and if we now shamefully fail, we shall become infamous to the whole world. Let us therefore rely upon the goodness of the Cause, and the aid of the supreme Being, in whose hands Victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble Actions —

The Eyes of all our Countrymen are now upon us, and we shall have their blessings, and praises, if happily we are the instruments of saving them from the Tyranny mediated against them. Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and show the whole world, that a Freeman contending for Liberty on his own ground is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth.
It is my belief that only through our acceptance of Christ and the repentance of our sins and our apathy that He will begin to effect change for man cannot do it alone.

The next step is to live right and to become so active in the preservation of our gift of freedom and Liberty that God has bestowed upon us through the blessings upon our forefathers that we will not accept no for an answer. IF we will challenge, IF we will question, IF we will educate, then we will be victorious!

So, on this constitution day, I ask all of you to take this day and days thereafter to reflect on our history, our sacrifices, our blessings and the “original intent” of our Founding fathers and embrace American exceptionalism, be proud of it and know that you still live in the greatest nation in the world because no matter how hard people try to remove God as the cornerstone of our liberty, he is still with us if we ask Him! May God still bless America!

Remember the BIll of rights was to clarify to the anti federalists that their rights would not be usurped by the establishment of the constitution they felt was so vague. They wanted to make absolutley sure that the government would not interfere in the affairs of those rights listed in these Bill of Rights because they knoew the constitution written as it was would be destroyed as it is today!!

OOur Bill of Rights is TABU...off limits to government...PERIOD!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a few reasons why am I against public school

I am concerned about the schools ability to have the right to encroach on the rights of the family supported by the government and confirmed by the legislature. Below are just a few reasons why I am against public school, there are many more! ITs all about taking control from the parents and giving it to the state through redistribution of wealth and no one ses the problems?
This system, unknown to those in the profession, don't even realize was designed to fail and contrary to our form government!

1. What form of government do we have today so that I may understand the rules?

2. Is the Constitution still our rule of law, if so, is it living breathing or to be interpreted as the founders originally intended?

3. What do we have in place now to protect the people from the government?

4. If law is no longer designed to protect the innocent and punish those who are guilty as it was intended and is to “to ensure social justice” how does this not subverts the original intent of the law and our republican form of government?

5. If rights and truth are relative and ultimately up to interpretation, leaving the people powerless over their government and swearing of the oath is no longer important isn’t it the job of the legal system to ensure the people’s protection from such arbitrary laws?

6. It is my understanding of law, that the US constitution, and all laws made thereof shall be the Supreme law of the land and that all laws, ordinances, policies, rules and state constitutions repugnant to it are null and void ( Art. VI, Sec. 2a). If this is true, much of the Idaho state constitution is null and void especially Art. IX, Sec. 1, that states “the legislature shall establish a free common school” because it outside the “few and specific powers” delegated by Art. I, Sec 8?

7. If Schools are “free” why are they paid for by the taxpayer? If they are free and paid by the taxpayer, why do we pay a tuition, why do we pay to eat lunch, pay to enter sporting events and pay again for at those concessions that the taxpayer already bought, then have to pay to use it after hours when we paid for it anyway? It seems inconsistent in the laws where we would call something free, when in reality it is more expensive than if it weren’t free? If no where in the constitutions does it say that all salaries and benefits for life shall be guaranteed by the taxpayer are we free to assume it isn’t necessary to pay tuition or to enter sporting events?

8. What provision allows a school superintendent to live outside the district and raise taxes in a district where he is exempt in addition to being one of the highest paid?

9. The last minute change in the meeting time was apparently not disclosed in your letter but may important to note that according to 552.B USC (E) (2) , the time may be changed following public announcement at least one week before the meeting. All prior school district meetings began at 6:30pm but the night I was to speak was the first night it was changed and had begun even when I got there even before 6:15pm and was told I missed my chance to speak, and no prior notice was given, they said but by email the day before, which I never received, Does this not appear that I was intentionally being ignored?

10. In addition on page 28 of the Idaho Open meeting law manual, item # 9: Coalition for Responsible government v. Bonner county CS# CV-97-00107( May 15, 1997) Insufficient notice in agenda change may trigger open meeting violation.

11. Also, on page 30 of the same manual, the checklist is clear that this meeting was in violation due to the failure to give 5 days notice before the change in meeting time as stated in Idaho code 67-2343(1)

12. Idaho code 18-916, that, in fact is a direct violation of my first amendment right to freedom of speech as well as the denial of redress of grievances. Are you suggesting that the constitution supports a state statute that denies a right of the people to question and hold our government accountable? It would appear that the “Doctrine of Presumption” would clarify and support my argument.

13. It is stated that Idaho code is a crime. Where and how is this possible when crimes require an injured party- the victim, the “corpus delecti” , the witness, and a trial by jury? Are you suggesting that the constitution has actually been suspended and that Title 50, USC, The War powers Act is in force where all lesser laws-all violations, policies procedures, rule and ordinances are now to be considered crimes? If so, should not the people be aware that the constitution is suspended, or is ignorance no excuse for the law? If this is so, does this lack of ignorance also apply to attorneys and government officials that have abandoned their oath and do not understand the Supreme law of the land?

14. How can people be held responsible for all laws that are created as the list of laws increases, when this is subjecting the people to where they can’t do anything in fear of retribution, committing a crime and doesn’t it violate the constitutions guarantee of freedom and the concept that the power is to remain in the people and not their government, and isn’t it a form of tyranny?

15. According to “In loco parentis” and “parens patraie, which I am aware dates back to common law, it has, today further taken power from the parent and given it to the state without the known authority of the parent, denying or restricting the parental rights of the
parent to their children. If I am incorrect, please state how?

16. Where does the board get the authority to tell us what our rights are, tell us what is and isn’t constitutional and who decides when enough protection is enough or does it matter? If a board member or school teacher dislikes me or what I said at a board meeting, can they not consider me a threat and lock the school down when no threat was actually posed? Are their clear written times when this procedure takes effect or subject to interpretation?

17. Can you clarify the meanings and detail of words lwhen challenging school or government authority like:
Inciteful rhetoric, disruptive behavior, upbraid, abuse or insult, education process, “observed or experienced behavior”. Are these interpretive in that I may easy be dismissed for mere attendance? What is to say I will not be accused of such to force my removal?

These are grievances, just within the Bill of Rights that I consider in the scope of encroachment: ( I could explain them in detail if you would allow me to)

Government restriction of freedom of religion
Government restriction of freedom of speech
Governments denial of right to redress
Government restricted right to bear arms
Governments restriction of restriction of search without warrant
Governments deprivation of life, liberty and property
Denial of trial by jury if not allowed for lesser crimes

The collection of the above violates my guarantee of a republican form of government!

As an individual, I am a strong believer in personal responsibility, honor, ethics, morals, integrity and truth, even if and when, at times it hurts. It is not only my right but my duty as an American, a father, husband and to hold my government accountable and any restriction thereof shall be in diametric opposition to our foundational principles and
our guaranteed preservation of freedom for ourselves and our posterity.

If I may offer a solution, I would suggest that Americans re-learn the law and its origination in that all laws came from scripture. I would then suggest learning our heritage as it was intended. I would then begin to teach people the value of who they are as individuals, that they were created for the fulfillment of a specific purpose.
I would teach the original intent of our constitution, to learn the principals of freedom, the value of moral fortitude, self respect, honor, dignity and our proper role of government. I would do it all for free if I could and people would listen.

If we do not return to these principles, these systems will fail because they are designed to because they are wrong for the few reasons given above.