Friday, October 11, 2013

Law enforcement vs the People

Law enforcement vs the people?

Governments, from what I have read, have always had a history of oppressing the people. History has also clarified that this oppression is incremental but there has always been a turning point, where the people have had enough and begin to fight back, are they unlawful when they do?

Who are cops and what their jobs and who are the people and what are the limitations of both? I believe that a lesson in history will clarify the proper relationship between the people and law enforcement.

Law enforcement, to my knowledge, is an unconstitutional creation that has it has been created by the eventual usurpation of the original position of peace officers that continually are continually being redefined, by government expanding their power over the people. Constitutionally and historically, the power has always been in the people as the inherent power and “authority” where the people were the masters and government was their servant. What changed, why and how? Was this change lawful?

The basic difference is that the original position of the peace officer was the position that was created to be available when summoned, when someone was violated, to keep the peace. Peace officers were known by name, they were liked and appreciated in their neighborhoods and known for good deeds outside of their limitations, cats in trees was a good example. Today, officers are increasingly becoming more and more militarized their clothing, their cars and their demeanor where now instead of keeping the peace, as a servant of the people, law enforcement demands obedience and complete submission to every law created regardless of whether the law is actually within the constitutional limitations to the point of arrest. The people however, as the inherent authority, created the positions of peace officers to keep the peace to insure they were free to move about according to their dictates without question UNLESS THEY ARE SUSPECTED OF COMMITTING A CRIME OR HAVE COMMITTED A CRIME, at which point they may be questioned. This is where the problem lays.

What happened to the peace officers? Were they lawfully abandoned without the will of the people or have they been incrementally transformed in an effort for government to take control over the people? Was it intentional to subvert the original lawful position or was it through ignorance? Was it that people were taught to give up their freedom for security that, by default gave government power over its people without limitations?

America today is lost, it has no understanding of freedom, liberty, the proper role of government, the church or the family and the only answer we have is to reactively create laws thinking somehow they will minimize crime? Law was never intended to prevent crime; it was created to punish those that commit them.

What constitutes a crime? Who defined its terms, government? Has the ability to do so just put the fate of the freedom of the people in the hands of government?

This nation was created as a nation that was an experiment in self-government. Is the incremental increase in the size and power of government consistent with a free people or do you see that the eventual encroachment could lead to some form of totalitarianism? What does history say about that?

We have an acknowledgment in every state’s constitution that God as the giver of our rights, we have the same on our federal documents as well, in that our rights in our present form of government were unalienable, that no man can take them away or obstruct them, this was the cornerstone of freedom granted by our Creator and guaranteed by our constitutions that limited government to few, specific and enumerated powers and that governments were to take an oath of understanding of those limitations and that if government exceeded these limitations, they were unlawful, and somehow today, they can tell the people we break the law and somehow they are immune from this challenge?

Our Founders knew that our freedom and liberty could only be preserved if the people remained vigilant and educated future generations about these principles and they would be lost, in one generation if we didn’t. Since then we have allowed government to tell us that there is no longer a place for God, indicating essentially that your rights are no longer unalienable but only in accordance with how they are defined by government and no one sees a problem that government in that one instance undermined the entire foundation of our government with one swipe? The assaults on our liberties will continue as long as these principles are no longer taught in school, where instead of governments desire to protect and preserve our rights for future generations, they instead have  taken control of them enslaving these generations that are taught such contrary principles.

To make my point as it relates to this issue, we have a real problem and one that will continue to get worse without any effort to open communication, people will begin to get hurt and die if this issue is not brought to the table.

How can the people that understand the law, their rights and the principles of liberty, that believe in personal responsibility exercise our rights but also reach out to law enforcement in a way that they may not see us as the enemy? We need to find a way, we are supposed to be on the same side and no one questions how we got to be against each other?

The bottom line is this, the people have Unalienable rights that no man or government can take away, they are guaranteed by a sworn oath to be protected by those that are paid to serve us. There is never a need to apprehend or command or detain anyone that is not guilty of the commission of a crime or suspected of such, especially without probable cause (Petty infractions are not lawfully probable cause). With this understanding, the people are free to exercise their freedom, to travel as they will, to speak and to stand and to record and to do whatever it is they do as long as they have not harmed another. The very idea that we have allowed government to utilize pre-crime tactics such as, ”how did I know he didn’t have a gun or was out to kill me” is outside the proper jurisdictional boundaries of their job and if allowed to be an acceptable practice, leaves the barn door open for law enforcement to act without any limitations without any accountability, of which principles are also contrary to a free people!

In closing, I have tremendous respect for law enforcement and my last wish is to create a divide between us but they must, as they demand from us, act in accordance with the law. Respect should be a two way street and a clear understanding of the limitations of the people through basic common sense and the limitations on government according to the sworn oath to understand them is what equates to a peaceful society.

There is no reason to question, suspend or detain a man for simply exercising his rights, until such time as he has caused harm to another. That is American law, that is freedom and that is what our founders original intent was for a nation of free people.

If you have read this and you know people in law enforcement, please share it with them. If you are in law enforcement, please consider meeting or communicating with me to prove what I have stated is inaccurate.  I am a man that has opinions, no doubt, but my desire is not to espouse my opinions as much as it is to share then in accordance with law and fact.

My desire is to open communication with my officers, not to tear them down. They have a hell of a job that I wouldn’t do today, if you paid me, its just flat nuts out there!

Officers, we need your help, we need to open communication to prevent this divisiveness and misunderstanding from getting worse because if we do nothing, I assure you it will that again is not my wish desire or intent!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Interview with Nampa Police

Interview with Nampa PD


After a brief unsettling phone altercation with the sergeant this morning, I was convicted to call and meet him because I believe we both misunderstood one another. I called and spoke with him and we decided to meet this morning so that we may share concerns and so that we may better understand one another and so I could take pictures of this MRAP vehicle. I shared my concerns and he shared his feelings and knowledge about what he deals with and what he sees that would justify the acceptance of such an arsenal.


He says that they applied for them through a 1033 program where a state or local agency can apply for equipment through the Department of Defense. He said the applied for it because he felt they needed it because people shoot at them. When I asked him what the limitations were on what the could accept, he said there really aren't any accept for what the department feels reasonable and prudent. What this means to me is that reasonable and prudent are arbitrary terms defined by the department alone and without any written limtations to protect the people accept for the arbitrary unwrittewn, undefined limitations the person in charge feels is excessive.


To my knowledge, there are several problems with this for those that have no clue.


Where is the legislative authorization for a county or city agency to receive military equipment without as much as a vote from the people? Surely the legislature has allowed this somewhere? Where are the written protections afforded to the people that prevent the increased militarization without their knowledge or their ability to stop it if the people chose to? Should our local law enforcement or government agency be able to arm and protect itself more than the people themselves could against their government?


If that is not alarming enough, I was told that even the feds have forced the local LE to enforce seat belt tickets or they will pull their funding? All this time I've been disagreeing with my local LE when the fight is with the feds? I feel horrible.


So, the question if the feds can control the states, cities and counties through federal monies and the acceptance of gifts like the MRAP, don't you think that the feds can control their use, to be used against their people against the alleged "right wing terrorist groups" and others or they will lose their funding?


Does no local government that was created to protect the rights of the states and the people see that the feds as well as the states have already destroyed the jurisdictional boundaries undermining state sovereignty as well as the checks and balances?


Can you not see that we are in trouble and is there no one that will stand and proclaim this tyranny and fight against it, we are accepting money by the feds to promote it!?


The federal governments job was not to fund the states to control them, its unlawful. The states were never created to take money from the feds, they too are acting unlawfully. If governments are acting unlawfully, exceeding their constitutional limitations, how can they enforce laws on the people when they themselves are guilty? How can freedom be protected when the bottom line is about the reception of money and gifts and the continual encroachments of government that were to preserve that freedom?


Every day our nation is one step farther from what it was intended to be. We have deviated from personal responsibility, deviated from loving God and our neighbor and deviated from the written protections against the usurpation of government and very few even notice and those that do are viewed as heretical and argumentative?


We need to ask ourselves if we prefer freedom or security and know that we cant have both. The law says governments must be limited, the people in support of the opposite are unlawful.


We are not a democracy where the majority rule, we were a republic where the rights of freedom liberty minded people were to be protected. So, what will you do today to to fight for the cause of liberty for future generations because your actions directly affect their future!


In closing, I would like to thank Sergeant Randall for his time and for his understanding of my concerns. Our altercation this morning would have been  non existent had we taken the time to better communicate with one another. Its also nice to know that the sergeant understands what we see, agrees with much of it and is sensitive to it. It was an interview that was much appreciated. Im not sure what if our dialogue have any impact, we can only hope it does.


Thank you Sergeant for your time.



Tom Munds:




Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Open letter to my fellow Idahoans, and our beloved media..

This letter is a variation of a letter sent to local media...

 I have lived in SW Idaho for 25 years and have always considered Idaho my home, where we have the greatest people and a government that always seemed to care even if after a closer look, as I became more educated, I realized by their voting records they apparently did not.

 The last few years since I have become increasingly more involved in our local and state government, I have not only become more fearful of those I believe have no idea about the proper role of government as I have proven in a multitude of on air interviews with our government officials, but the media, in generals seemed inability to accurately report the real news and I am appealing to all of you today to consider a few things.

 I have watched stories posted on Facebook and watched the news and I just don’t think people are getting what is truly happening to us as a nation or as a state and the influence of the feds upon our state. Today’s story that just broke on the Nampa Police armored vehicle “to fight crime” is a classic example. Is that really what our media believes?

 and not just Nampa:

After speaking to Nampa PD briefly, they stated that this vehicle was only used to transport officers and my question was, "Where, through the streets of Nampa or the coming war zone we all know is coming" but few are willing to stick their neck out and admit the depths of despair our government has resorted to as society continues to culturally decay? 

I can gather national links for you as well, Evidently, our government is threatened and scared about something, enough to take Tax dollars to be funded by the PENTAGON to implement these programs. According to Nampa Police, this vehicle will only be used to transport officers? again, I ask you...Where in Nampa or the coming warzone due to the coming civil unrest as the feds continue to strangle the states and their people into complete submission?


So, at the risk of sounding like a “conspiracy theorist” let me stay to the facts to point my direction… we have the aggressive implementation of Obama care, Common Core, both to be passed quickly before people can know what is in it, a Quasi state-federal partnerships, multinational corporate control  of government by lobbyists, our president stating publically he wanted to go around congress, His DHS calling Vets domestic terrorists, and those that cling to their guns and religion , then buying 2 billion rounds of hollow points, establishing the NDAA, inciting fear and use of firearms to implement gun control, threatening the citizens by shutting down government to force the implementation of HIS program and somehow it’s hard to believe that FEMA camps, that are so conspiratorial are so impossible? Through federal control through strings, and our acceptance of them we have allowed the feds to overreach their authority that results in the absolute erosion of the rights guaranteed to the states and the people maintain their sovereignty. I know these are only a few examples and I can give you more but can you see what the implementation of all this obviously leads to, What other conclusion is there, Logically?

 What many in their in 9-5 grind may fail to realize is the attempt by the feds to abolish jurisdictional boundaries , to take control not only of our kids but to control local and state government that will end ultimately with a global government and control over everything from law, justice, to the environment and education. They have taken over local school districts with federal funds and strings to force implementation of these programs or the funding stops, they have militarized police and suggested strongly they need the feds because they cannot handle things on their own so they use these funds to gear them up against their people and law enforcement seems not be any the wiser? Then we have the Southern Poverty Law center, the propaganda arm of the DHS to indoctrinate the law enforcement to believe that those that love our heritage freedom and liberty and state senate approved and constitutionally supported militia members are somehow subversive to our form of government when only the contrary is true?

 My intent of this letter is to have you consider meeting me and discuss where you are on all this and to find a way to offer a perspective to the people that have no idea of what is happening and maybe, if you accept it, an on air interview with me where you can have me go head to head with anyone, even your president.


If Idaho’s media truly cares about its people, it will consider other perspectives of what they are being told about these stories, They are not what you think, it’s happening all over the country. I will stake my reputation and my life on it!

 It is my job in all that I have done, being on the air on KIDO, running for office and verbal challenges to warn people about what is coming, the economy is not recovering, our states will not get jobs back as long as we are funding them to go out of state and overseas, our national debt will never get cured by continuing to spend, and taxes will never go down. Obama said in a speech a few years ago, “NO nation shall be held higher than another" and he is our commander in chief? “what that means as the endgame  for us is a Global redistribution at the expense of reducing this nation to rubble.

 I don’t care where your political beliefs are, it’s not about republican democrat issues, I am not racist or a hate monger, as a matter of fact I love my state and my people so much I am willing to put a target on my head and risk my reputation and that of my family to make sure people realize what is happening. These assaults are happening to all of us that knows no racial or cultural or wealth divide. Our political parties are different only in degree, not so much in ideology because both desire to enslave the masses through incrementalization as governments, through history have always done.

 I beg of you, local media, please consider meeting me, even if its only for your entertainment, and because I know you don’t want the blood of our fellow Idahoans on your hands (and not instigated by me: my disclaimer due to my federal characterization due to love of country).

 If you deny a meeting with me, as I fear you might, I would only respectfully ask that you may be up front with me, mano y mano and tell me why so I don’t bother you again.