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Letter to the Editor-Reply to The Busy Bee in the Middleton Gazette 5-9-2013

Letter to the Editor-Reply to The Busy Bee in the Middleton Gazette 5-9-2013

In response to The Busy Bee’s “Buzz about town” in May 9th edition of the Middleton Gazette I first submit the original words from the article:

“To whom ever wrote this article in the Gazette-We assume it was Mr. Munds who wrote the article in the April Buzz! We can only guess this because it was similar to the one write up he wrote announcing his candidacy. We were going to call the School Board and the Administration on the carpet, but first decided to call the County elections office to see why Middleton Schools did not do their job, as you alluded to! We were informed by the elections lady you were incorrect in blaming the district for not publicizing these school board openings. We learned that over two years ago the legislators passed an Election Consolidation Bill that transferred all of these election duties over to each county. The Counties handle all of these duties-running elections, setting poll places, providing ballots publicizing all election, legal ads in the paper, verifying paperwork and providing for dates of elections. No schools in the entire state handles these duties, nor have they had to for the past two years. I also got on the website of the District and found timelines showing dates for school board elections-even though it is now apparent to us that was not their duties, nor their responsibilities to even do so! We despise individuals that are always pointing fingers and harping on “Their basic rights being denied.” We are so fortunate to be living in this fine Middleton Community. Wake up and smell the roses Mr. Munds.”

My reply:

The older I get the more I learn from my mistakes and one mistake I have learned, that I think we are all guilty of, is making assumptions, guessing something and basing that something on one’s character when we don’t know the facts. Although I am 50 and human I have still been known to make mistakes but I hope that I am big enough and wise enough by now to admit when I am wrong.

To begin with, Buzz, I have frequently written articles pertaining to such subject matter in the Gazette but have never written an article in the Buzz nor have I ever responded to an article in the Buzz or the Gazette and if I did, I would have certainly affixed my name to it because if I cannot back up what I say, it really isn’t worth saying, is it? If you know anything of my activism, you know I am not afraid to stand publically on principle and have people know who I am. Do you really think that I am the only one in town that thinks like I do, or am I the only one that is loud enough to be heard? Since you assumed it was me, that wrote an article in the Buzz, allow me to reply to your article.

Your article is absolutely correct, for the most part, about the legislative action to for election consolidation but my question was not pertaining to the part of who controls the elections. This was about why a small rural loving and caring school district did not seemingly care about informing its citizens of the open seats available for election, which may not be the duty of the district but instead the desire of a loving community to inform people about new positions, like the city council elections. Should the reason why the election consolidation was enacted be considered and could knowing this support the questions raised? Was it because people did not trust the individual school districts to perform their own elections for favored outcomes? If the people’s concerns were for favored outcomes, would it not stand to reason that the upcoming open seats would be hidden to protect the existing board?

First of all, to my recollection, in all my articles I try not to blame anyone, I put it out there as questions to be considered. I have declared candidacy before, I know the people at the Elections office and, as you know, I ask many questions. Listed in the Consolidation handbook, it states that the districts should be announcing the open seats for the upcoming elections; the county just runs them and posts legal notices of who is running, there is a fine line. The question is why wouldn’t a Patriotic community celebrate the electoral process by advertising open seats in the electoral process and why would they refuse to unless it was a duty?

I did declare my candidacy; I am bold and a bit aggressive at times and say things that are not normally said because I believe in the people’s right to question their government to remain vigilant to ensure government is kept in check, to make sure the rights of the people are not violated. Our founders warned us about being apathetic and going with the flow and knowing it allowed government to rule over its people which is contrary to American Exceptionalism that I know Middleton seems to love and cherish, so are we really that different?

People know me only by my articles, but if people knew my love for my community, my kids, your kids and the preservation of freedom that made this country great, perhaps I wouldn’t be viewed only through what is written.

One of the biggest problems I have seen is the ability to meet with large numbers of people in this district to communicate the issues. I will admit, I spend all my time reading constitutional law and history books and spend free time with my family but when I have been out in public, it has been an exhaustive effort to fight for what most people don’t even know what they are losing. There are people that donate time to charities, do community service or paint or clean up the town, my time is spent in the fight, on the radio, public speaking and in hearings in city councils and the legislature trying to get people to consider what is happening to our country!

With all due respect, while you may like to think you despise someone you don’t really know, you may also want to ponder where your rights come from, and what they are and how they are protected before you can say that your rights aren’t being denied.

You are right in another aspect, I agree we are fortunate we live in Middleton and I do need to wake up, smell the roses from time to time and be thankful for what we have but please do not suggest that I am clueless when it comes to the proper role of government, the proper role of representation and the principles of freedom.

Is one that truly cares, someone that goes with the flow, without question or one that diligently attempts to hold our government’s feet to the fire to preserve freedom for our kids? Shall I just sit quietly if I knew my fellow citizens were being taken for granted? Dear God, I forbid it!

Friday, May 3, 2013

A warning from the Lord

“This is the way of escape that I have provided for My children”(May 2, 2013)

In my time with the Lord this morning, the Lord said these words: Son, tell My people to hear Me this day. Many run to and fro and do not sit at My feet.

Oh, My people, do you not understand that it was Mary who chose what I preferred rather than Martha. Yes, there is a time and season for every good work under the sun. But hear Me, My children, when I say come unto Me this day.

Many of you do not know what is at your doorstep. And only those hidden in Me shall be protected. Oh, My little ones, it is not My desire that any of you should perish. But hear Me well when I say that many shall lose their lives in the short days ahead when disaster strikes. I do not want My children walking in fear when this thing happens. Therefore, I say come unto Me, My little ones and sit at My feet. For those that dwell in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

My children, oh My children. You are entering the days that I shall fulfill every jot and tittle of My word. You shall see a thousand fall at your side and ten thousand at your right, but it will not come nigh thee if you would abide under My shadow. And for you to abide under My shadow, you MUST be obedient unto Me and sit at My feet and listen to My still small voice. For I shall protect you in the days ahead, provided that you obey what I say unto you.

Do not think that you can do your own thing and have My protection upon you simply because you call yourself by My name. For I tell you now, the days ahead shall be the most dangerous days any of you have ever lived in. Destruction, death, pestilence and calamity shall be everywhere. Do not think that you can hide yourself from those things without My protection upon you. For your sins shall surely find you out in these last days. And ONLY those abiding in Me through their obedience to Me shall have My protection upon them.

Oh, My little ones. Have I not warned you of these last days? Many shall be running to and fro and men’s hearts will fail them for fear of what they see coming upon the world. But for those abiding in the secret place of the Most High, they shall not be harmed by what is coming. This is the way of escape that I have provided for My children in these last days. NOT the escape from tribulation through a rapture. And for those that have believed this lie and have not prepared your hearts before me to go through the great tribulation, I say woe unto you. For you do not know what is coming for those that believe in My word. It shall not be a pleasant thing for those not abiding under My shadow in the secret place. For the authorities shall take many of you, even by force. And many of those that call themselves by My name shall turn from Me and deny Me.

Think not that all this is too hard a thing to bear. For I have warned you all in My word. For if they persecuted Me, My little ones, they shall persecute you. And because of My word that shall be released in power throughout the earth in these end-times, persecution shall be great.

Oh, My little ones, do not fear. For this life cannot even compare to what I have stored up for those that are faithful to Me to the end. But for those that think that they shall be raptured out of the earth and not face the great tribulation, I say come unto Me now and pray to be found worthy to escape the things to come. For many of you that have believed the lie and have not prepared yourselves shall find it very difficult to continue in calling yourselves by My name.

And for those that have prepared your hearts to go through My tribulation upon the earth, I say to you, prepare, My little ones. I do not say prepare for your doom as those not prepared. But I say prepare to be tested in all ways. But know this. The trial of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it be tried by fire, will be found unto praise and honor and glory at My appearing. And as you go through My refining fires, you shall find it easier to follow Me in all truth. Whereas, those in darkness will find it too difficult. For it shall be like the two opposing forces of magnets. The light and the darkness shall repel against one another. And those walking in My light shall find the darkness more and more repulsive as the days grow darker.

But for those that have not prepared themselves for this day, they shall find it more and more difficult to cross over to My kingdom of light as the days grow darker. For the darkness in people shall repel against the light. But not all hope is lost for those who do desire to cross over to My light. For I shall have mercy on any that will desire My light in the days ahead. And My light shall shine bright in those that are Mine for all the world to see. And any that desire My light shall be given mercy to cross over from the kingdom of darkness. But as I warned, it shall become more and more difficult as the days grow darker. For the light and darkness shall repel against one another in intensity, thus creating My true kingdom of light amidst a world of darkness and decay.

Oh, My little ones. Hear Me when I say to you all to come unto Me now and separate yourselves from the things of this world. For the enemy of your soul is doing all he can through the workings of man to fill My children with the things of this world. So that when this great separation begins, many of My children will be found on the side of darkness. And I tell you now, many of My children are already on the side of darkness and know it not. Therefore, I say come out from among all that is unclean and separate yourselves unto Me. Sit at My feet and allow Me to wash you through My word to you, My little ones. For you do not understand the gravity of the gross darkness that is coming. And this gross darkness shall fill all hearts and minds that are already darkened. And many that thought themselves to be My chosen ones, shall find themselves on the side of darkness.

Do not take My words lightly this day, My children. For none of you have faced this kind of darkness before. Therefore, once again, I cry unto you all to come unto Me and sit in my presence and do it often. Do not think that you already stand in My light. For have I not declared in My word, he who thinks he stands, let him take heed lest he fall.

I love you all, My dear ones, and do not desire that any of you perish. Therefore, it would be wise for all of you to heed these words of Mine this day.

Prophecy received by Kevin Barrett hearhisheart wordpress com

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Middleton school District- honor, integrity trust and representation

Middleton School district- Honor, integrity, trust and representation?

I guess it is no secret how I feel about what has been happening with my
local school district, so here's one more thing that really makes me think.

When I attended school in the stone ages, I seem to remember having much
more freedom that our kids seem to have today (So much for the preservation
of freedom and liberty to us ad our posterity!). I remember that rather than
raising taxes for all of the schools needs, raising money was part of
school, the kids were entrusted back in the day to even work concessions,
not only to raise money for its variety of causes, but to learn life skills
and personal accountability and responsibility, but I noticed that much of
this just isn't happening anymore, I was curious and thought I would ask

I remember a few years ago when I was attending one of my sons high school
football games, only parents were working in the concession stands and it
had been said that they really had a hard time getting parents to work it
because they preferred to watch their sons play the game, the Booster club,
at one point was so frustrated by the parents unwillingness to volunteer,
they wanted to fine the parents for failure to volunteer!

Anyway, when I was speaking to several parents asking why the kids aren't
working in the concessions, they said, as audible as anything, that the kids
couldn't be trusted to the parents decided to do it themselves. I walked
away discouraged and thought about what they said to me for days and weeks
afterward, what does that say about our community when the parents of their
own kids openly state that they can't be trusted? How will our kids learn
personal responsibility if they don't learn it at home, by parents that
don't trust them, or are not learning at school? How is this, as Middleton's
prideful motto stated, "Our future in progress" How are our kids learning to
be responsible adults?

I was at my son's middle school track meet today and what I noticed, I found
interesting, There were kids working in the concession area. Does this not
seem strange to you? It would be if you knew how things work around here.

MY question is this, so the middle school band kids can be trusted working
concessions but not the high school kids? Can our junior high kids be
trusted more than the high school? So, we can bring our own water and food
and not pay an entry fee at Middle school events but yet we are denied the
same rights by the high school "in the name of safety?" after paying 11
years of bonds and bond elections to build a school beyond our means and pay
the teachers salaries and benefits for life at the expense of your own
savings accounts and the expense of our freedom that government was to

When speaking to our illustrious superintendent, that says we are denied our
rights to protect the kids, what are we really protecting if it really is
the kids, are the high school kids then worth more than our junior high
kids? What's the real issue? My bet it's like everything else, its about the
money and its about unauthorized control of an entity that lacks any power
to continue to restrict the very people that fund their existence and not at
all about safety.
A few reasons why I am running for school board is because we seem to have
forgotten that we live in a free country, based on morality and personal
responsibility, that the inherent power is in the people to limit
government, not for government to limit its people and that parents have
authority over their children and that the children and the parents have
rights protected by our written law that no school district can deny. I am
tired of the continual encroachment on the rights of the parents and the
kids, whom we should be protecting and its because those in elected
positions that lack the understanding of these limits and protections or
prefer to strip them away from the people in which case, are unfit to sit in
positions of representation!

Today’s government efficiency-The promotion of insult and disgrace

Who knows what to expect when one awakens and goes through the day in our new AmeriKa? With all that that is happening, anyone that is slightly aware is on heightened alert, I am no exception.

Today began like any other day, as politically active and concerned with current events as I have been, I woke up just wondering what new law or restriction I could expect by our beloved federal government that happened while I was sleeping or perhaps what I could expect by the end of the day, the thought really makes it difficult to even get out of bed some mornings.

Anyway, few people know that after months of contemplation and study, I’m finally ready to take an exam for my life insurance license. Most friends I have in the business do well for themselves and due to the fact that I have spent every dime I hade on activism and no one has offered to fund my existence I had to do something. Why wouldn’t I get into something to not only make money to continue to fund my activism but to help people protect their assets and their financial security at the same time, staying true to who I am and what I believe.

So around 11am, I arrived at the test center and I was shocked at what I had to go through, so shocked it took some time for me to regain my composure. I walked in and took a seat, one guy was over at a machine with the receptionist taking fingerprints, as mandated by the state of Idaho so I waited. While I waited I read all the signs and noticed this place had more surveillance cameras than an airport! When the lady was done, she called me, asked for my ID and had me fill out paperwork. In this paperwork , it required enough of my information to run a background check for the FBI and Department of Homeland Security and authorized my fingerprints to be used to verify my innocence?

When I was called for my fingerprints, the lady told me than doing it myself, sine it was a digital system, uploaded to a database, she had to hold each finger and do it for me like I was completely incapable. If that wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t just ink and stamp my finger but after they were inked and stamped, she had to then redo all of my fingers, rolling each one creating an additional set of prints? So, not only was I mandated to get a license, I was presumed guilty before proved innocent, but had to have my fingerprints registered with my government in order to take an exam, “In the name of security?”

How should I feel knowing that our government has declared anyone that loves freedom, liberty, the constitution, our history and cling tour guns and religion as terrorists? I’m Fuming!!!

If that wasn’t enough after I was fingerprinted, they said I had to remove all personal items, watch, rings and pockets had to be empty, I couldn’t have anything on me, so I left and put my wallet and stuff in the car. When I came back in, I told her I was ready to take the test so she asked for my ID again! I said, since you didn’t want me to have anything on me, I put it in the car. She said well I can’t let you test unless I see you’re ID. I said I was just here and showed YOU my ID so you know who I am and she said, “IT’S THE LAW.” I reluctantly went out to get my ID and came back in, handed it to her and signed in. Before I went back, they had me read a paper that stated that under no circumstances was I to speak or look at anyone and if I had an issue I had to raise my hand. Before I entered, the lady warned, every move I made would be watched and recorded and that I would have to be searched before entering the test area. I had already emptied my pockets, gave them my government issued ID’s and was fingerprinted, I was so upset I asked “if they wanted to perform a cavity search or get a picture of my sphincter before I entered and she thought that was kinda funny as if she knew these measures were excessive.

After performing my pat down, she asked if I had any questions and I said no but I had a comment, if she would allow me the privilege, she allowed me to comment. I told her I had never been so disrespected in my life! I told her how sad it was in this country that that we are so untrusting of one another we had to reduce ourselves to such measures and that such measures and our ignorance, it violated every right that protected under the law. I told her I already had to stand against TSA violating my family and deny trips but now I am forced to limit my education or be forced to submit to measures that no government has the authority to impose? I was outraged! I was then allowed to enter the testing area and , I remember sitting in my chair facing my screen so incredibly frustrated knowing nothing I could do or say would make any difference, How discouraging, and I was to remain positive?

As I left. I stood in awe. as I watched other people submitting to these same measures as if there was nothing wrong with them, violating every right that every sacrifice had been made so that we could remain free.

This was not only an outrage to me because of what I know, but that others either do not care or possess such knowledge confirming either the ignorance or the ignorance and apathy of those that were to remain vigilant to preserve freedom and liberty for us and our posterity! How sad, like sheep led to the slaghter!

This is one more way that our government is encroaching on the liberty of the people without their knowledge and they are doing it without the right or the authority!

Until people begin to challenge every regulation placed upon them, I’m afraid freedom in this country will be a distant memory, to be re-written by our government decades from now, like the Holocaust that never existed.

Were in trouble folks but I will never shut up because it is imperative to understand our government has become evil like others that oppress their people and without limitations, “in the name of safety.”