Thursday, May 2, 2013

Today’s government efficiency-The promotion of insult and disgrace

Who knows what to expect when one awakens and goes through the day in our new AmeriKa? With all that that is happening, anyone that is slightly aware is on heightened alert, I am no exception.

Today began like any other day, as politically active and concerned with current events as I have been, I woke up just wondering what new law or restriction I could expect by our beloved federal government that happened while I was sleeping or perhaps what I could expect by the end of the day, the thought really makes it difficult to even get out of bed some mornings.

Anyway, few people know that after months of contemplation and study, I’m finally ready to take an exam for my life insurance license. Most friends I have in the business do well for themselves and due to the fact that I have spent every dime I hade on activism and no one has offered to fund my existence I had to do something. Why wouldn’t I get into something to not only make money to continue to fund my activism but to help people protect their assets and their financial security at the same time, staying true to who I am and what I believe.

So around 11am, I arrived at the test center and I was shocked at what I had to go through, so shocked it took some time for me to regain my composure. I walked in and took a seat, one guy was over at a machine with the receptionist taking fingerprints, as mandated by the state of Idaho so I waited. While I waited I read all the signs and noticed this place had more surveillance cameras than an airport! When the lady was done, she called me, asked for my ID and had me fill out paperwork. In this paperwork , it required enough of my information to run a background check for the FBI and Department of Homeland Security and authorized my fingerprints to be used to verify my innocence?

When I was called for my fingerprints, the lady told me than doing it myself, sine it was a digital system, uploaded to a database, she had to hold each finger and do it for me like I was completely incapable. If that wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t just ink and stamp my finger but after they were inked and stamped, she had to then redo all of my fingers, rolling each one creating an additional set of prints? So, not only was I mandated to get a license, I was presumed guilty before proved innocent, but had to have my fingerprints registered with my government in order to take an exam, “In the name of security?”

How should I feel knowing that our government has declared anyone that loves freedom, liberty, the constitution, our history and cling tour guns and religion as terrorists? I’m Fuming!!!

If that wasn’t enough after I was fingerprinted, they said I had to remove all personal items, watch, rings and pockets had to be empty, I couldn’t have anything on me, so I left and put my wallet and stuff in the car. When I came back in, I told her I was ready to take the test so she asked for my ID again! I said, since you didn’t want me to have anything on me, I put it in the car. She said well I can’t let you test unless I see you’re ID. I said I was just here and showed YOU my ID so you know who I am and she said, “IT’S THE LAW.” I reluctantly went out to get my ID and came back in, handed it to her and signed in. Before I went back, they had me read a paper that stated that under no circumstances was I to speak or look at anyone and if I had an issue I had to raise my hand. Before I entered, the lady warned, every move I made would be watched and recorded and that I would have to be searched before entering the test area. I had already emptied my pockets, gave them my government issued ID’s and was fingerprinted, I was so upset I asked “if they wanted to perform a cavity search or get a picture of my sphincter before I entered and she thought that was kinda funny as if she knew these measures were excessive.

After performing my pat down, she asked if I had any questions and I said no but I had a comment, if she would allow me the privilege, she allowed me to comment. I told her I had never been so disrespected in my life! I told her how sad it was in this country that that we are so untrusting of one another we had to reduce ourselves to such measures and that such measures and our ignorance, it violated every right that protected under the law. I told her I already had to stand against TSA violating my family and deny trips but now I am forced to limit my education or be forced to submit to measures that no government has the authority to impose? I was outraged! I was then allowed to enter the testing area and , I remember sitting in my chair facing my screen so incredibly frustrated knowing nothing I could do or say would make any difference, How discouraging, and I was to remain positive?

As I left. I stood in awe. as I watched other people submitting to these same measures as if there was nothing wrong with them, violating every right that every sacrifice had been made so that we could remain free.

This was not only an outrage to me because of what I know, but that others either do not care or possess such knowledge confirming either the ignorance or the ignorance and apathy of those that were to remain vigilant to preserve freedom and liberty for us and our posterity! How sad, like sheep led to the slaghter!

This is one more way that our government is encroaching on the liberty of the people without their knowledge and they are doing it without the right or the authority!

Until people begin to challenge every regulation placed upon them, I’m afraid freedom in this country will be a distant memory, to be re-written by our government decades from now, like the Holocaust that never existed.

Were in trouble folks but I will never shut up because it is imperative to understand our government has become evil like others that oppress their people and without limitations, “in the name of safety.”

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