Thursday, May 2, 2013

Middleton school District- honor, integrity trust and representation

Middleton School district- Honor, integrity, trust and representation?

I guess it is no secret how I feel about what has been happening with my
local school district, so here's one more thing that really makes me think.

When I attended school in the stone ages, I seem to remember having much
more freedom that our kids seem to have today (So much for the preservation
of freedom and liberty to us ad our posterity!). I remember that rather than
raising taxes for all of the schools needs, raising money was part of
school, the kids were entrusted back in the day to even work concessions,
not only to raise money for its variety of causes, but to learn life skills
and personal accountability and responsibility, but I noticed that much of
this just isn't happening anymore, I was curious and thought I would ask

I remember a few years ago when I was attending one of my sons high school
football games, only parents were working in the concession stands and it
had been said that they really had a hard time getting parents to work it
because they preferred to watch their sons play the game, the Booster club,
at one point was so frustrated by the parents unwillingness to volunteer,
they wanted to fine the parents for failure to volunteer!

Anyway, when I was speaking to several parents asking why the kids aren't
working in the concessions, they said, as audible as anything, that the kids
couldn't be trusted to the parents decided to do it themselves. I walked
away discouraged and thought about what they said to me for days and weeks
afterward, what does that say about our community when the parents of their
own kids openly state that they can't be trusted? How will our kids learn
personal responsibility if they don't learn it at home, by parents that
don't trust them, or are not learning at school? How is this, as Middleton's
prideful motto stated, "Our future in progress" How are our kids learning to
be responsible adults?

I was at my son's middle school track meet today and what I noticed, I found
interesting, There were kids working in the concession area. Does this not
seem strange to you? It would be if you knew how things work around here.

MY question is this, so the middle school band kids can be trusted working
concessions but not the high school kids? Can our junior high kids be
trusted more than the high school? So, we can bring our own water and food
and not pay an entry fee at Middle school events but yet we are denied the
same rights by the high school "in the name of safety?" after paying 11
years of bonds and bond elections to build a school beyond our means and pay
the teachers salaries and benefits for life at the expense of your own
savings accounts and the expense of our freedom that government was to

When speaking to our illustrious superintendent, that says we are denied our
rights to protect the kids, what are we really protecting if it really is
the kids, are the high school kids then worth more than our junior high
kids? What's the real issue? My bet it's like everything else, its about the
money and its about unauthorized control of an entity that lacks any power
to continue to restrict the very people that fund their existence and not at
all about safety.
A few reasons why I am running for school board is because we seem to have
forgotten that we live in a free country, based on morality and personal
responsibility, that the inherent power is in the people to limit
government, not for government to limit its people and that parents have
authority over their children and that the children and the parents have
rights protected by our written law that no school district can deny. I am
tired of the continual encroachment on the rights of the parents and the
kids, whom we should be protecting and its because those in elected
positions that lack the understanding of these limits and protections or
prefer to strip them away from the people in which case, are unfit to sit in
positions of representation!

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