Friday, August 31, 2012

You have to choose which hill to die on, in Middleton?

You have to choose which hill to die on!?


Why is it every football season I have an elevated heart rate and the fear of arrest just for attending my son’s football games?


When I was clueless about law and the destruction of my rights, just an ignorant sheep, like so many oblivious to the concept, It never bothered me to continue to give money to a government entity, obeying arbitrary laws and signs because I was conditioned and believed government was instituted for our benefit, life was simple and I do believe I was happier then, ignorance is bliss, remember?


Something happened about four years ago and I’m still not sure if it was a blessing or a curse because now that I know the way things should be, I find myself fighting against the world that doesn’t even realize that it operates unlawfully while I attempt to adhere to it the written law as it was intended and actually and ironically criminalized for it! What a dilemma!


The issues I have been fighting vary in severity but nonetheless are incremental restrictions on the rights of the people at the most basic level and they don’t even realize it, in this they label me ridiculous, frivolous or just told I was wasting my time and effort, stating I needed to choose my battles and what hill I am going to die on? Since when has challenging today’s legal system become a “Hill to die on?”


Have we really been conditioned to believe that our rights are whatever ANY government says they are? If this is true, what does our history and written rule of law have to say about this? Was not government created BY the people and for the people to protect their rights? Was not congress and the legislature given the limited power to write law? Why today does EVERY government entity have the power to make laws and why do they write laws that restrict the rights of the people when it is so diametrically opposed to its creation, making our government, in fact, unlawful while they blame us, while we adhere to the law as the criminal?


So, as I see it, people, the inherent power, create government to protect their rights, limits government by specific and enumerated written limitations as not to usurp the rights of the people but instead today, the government that the people created has taken that power without authority, to restrict the rights of the people at an ever increasing expense?

Think about this!


 If you or I were to adhere to a written law and we stepped outside of the law, we would be unlawful and punished but somehow a government that swore and oath to us, to limit it, to function in “good behavior” and acknowledging its limitations when it acts outside of its limitation is not acting unlawful? Why?


Take a minor issue for example, speeding tickets. If you tell someone you were going to challenge a speeding ticket, your credibility would be reduced to about zero, trust me, I know. You would be considered a trouble maker and divisive, Really?


The next typical response from the one you spoke to is to go to the extreme to make their point, the typical “So you just think everyone should just go 90 mph?” (Why they all choose 90, I’m not sure). Why did they go to such extreme? Is it a defensive mechanism and an effort to prevent them from exposing their ignorance of the law or an attempt to show mine? Who is right, one’s opinion or written law?


Is going to such an extreme plausible, sure it is, but they missed the point. Just because I stated I was fighting a speeding ticket they assumed that I am an anarchist that thinks that there shouldn’t be any restrictions which is again, a poor and inaccurate presumption.


What if there were laws on the books that proved that what I was fighting was legitimate and that I had enough evidence to prove my innocence, with the written law? It would get thrown out do to popular opinion, otherwise known as a democracy, or mob rule, in a full abandonment of the written law adhering to the rule of opinions instead. Is that what we pledge to, is that what our officers take an oath to, is that what our Founding fathers died for, our military men, to abandon the original intent of our written rule of law and allow opinions to trump the freedom protected to the minority, HARDLY!


Take seatbelts as another example, I despise the law that forcefully tells the people what to do in their car and quite frankly they have no jurisdiction or authority to enforce such laws but some of intent of these laws are not bad laws at all, which is still not the issue. The question is or should be at every instance, is it lawful? The answer is no. Why? Because government is to protect the RIGHTS of the people, peace officers were created to “Keep the Peace” and to be available when summoned, not to create revenue for the state and stop people for frivolous infractions, when in reality no crime had been committed due to lack of evidence of the crime or infraction has been committed because no contract had been violated, not to mention that speed limits according to our own laws state that they only apply to commercial vehicles!


This topic can from here can go a variety of different ways to make my point and is more complex than I intend on going in this post, but the point is that even though imposed “laws” may sound like good laws, they in reality are not laws at all and in many cases either against the Supreme law of the land, the US constitution and even in our own statutes and supported and defended by supreme court cases!


Are you freer than you were 50 years ago? 20 years? 5 Years ago? NO?

Why? Wasn’t government created to protect the rights of the people? If you fail to protect and maintain your home or your children what happens, in your home, things begin to break down, severe disrepair, and eventually destruction, your children, they get sick, get hurt, or run away or  die.


The essence of every human is personal property, his life, his breathe, his kids, his animals, his home, cars and  collections, his society and form of government and maintenance of all personal property is crucial to its survival so that it may be passed down.


Am I to be condemned for my desire to maintain my personal property and pass it of as a legacy for future generations or shall one be more to be condemned for their failure to do so?

Who is the real criminal, the one that adheres to the written law or the one that adheres to random arbitrary opinions? If you choose wrong, the maintenance of your child’s future is at stake! Shall I be arrested for carrying a water thermos or outside food and drink to a school event or for video recording my sons football game from the sidelines both which do not breach the peace? Really? If this is so, where does it stop? Without limitations on your government, they can never be stopped!


It has been stated that I am an “Alarmist” that I treat every issue, no matter how small the same and that in this I also lose credibility. (seems I may not have any left by now). I guess the only thing that I could say is this…


“I am aware that many object to the severity of my language; but is there not a cause for severity? I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject, I do not wish to think, or to speak, or write with moderation. NO! NO! Tell a man who’s house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of a ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from a fire into which it has fallen;- but urge me not to use moderation in a case like the present. I am in earnest-I will no equivocate- I will not excuse- I will not retreat a single inch- and I will be heard. The apathy of the people is enough to make every statue leap from its pedestal, and to hasten the resurrection from the dead”


William Lloyd Garrison “To the public” from the Inaugural  editorial 1 January 1831 The Liberator



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's up with DHS?

8 28 2012
Called Local Department of Homeland Security office:

Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security (208) 422-3040
Public Information Officer-Robert Feeley (208) 422-3033
Agency Contacts
County Emergency Coordinators
IDEOC Organizational Chart
Address and Fax:
4040 Guard St., Bldg. 600
Boise, ID 83705-5004
Fax: (208) 422-3044
Idaho Drug Tip Hotline
Phone: 1 (800) 524-7277
To Report Suspicious Activity
Web at:
BG Bill Shawver
Bureau of Homeland Security
4040 West Guard Street, Bldg 600
Boise, Idaho 83705-5004
Whats up with the DHS?
I called Idaho bureau of Homeland Security on 8 28 2012 at approx. 2:30pm,

Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center
Direct Law Enforcement Line
Phone: (208) 846-7676

I spoke to the woman that answered the phone from the Direct Law enforcement line( above) to ask her if the office was federal, state or city and how they defined a “crime.” She said that she works with all levels of government and law enforcement and crimes are like drugs.( Really?)

She asked if she could help answer any questions about crime and law enforcement so I told her I was aware of Janet Napolitano and her relentless pursuit to have us tell on each other when we see a crime being committed was a bit overboard and asked her if she thought that was a bit excessive to which she was silent.

I asked her “so is this bureau federal?” She said it was all of the above, She said they have members of all agencies there. I said Uh, I don’t think it is lawful to co-opt, comingle and amalgamate levels of government because it destroys the checks and the balances of government in the ability for the government to usurp the will and law of the people, she was silent.

I asked her, so where do you derive your power and authority, she was silent.
I asked her did you take an oath, she said “NO”
I said that you must not be an “officer”, she said “Yes”
I said than you must be a private agency, she said “No”
I asked if she had signed the Standard F85 form, she said “No”

I said so where does the authority come from for you to not only co-mingle agencies but not have any accountability to the people you say, without oath, to protect?

I asked her where the guarantee is that the rights of the people will not be destroyed, she was silent…
She asked me,( frustrated and reluctantly)  “Ugh, Can I help you sir about a crime?

I said: “Yes, as a matter of fact you can, but before doing so, I would like you or someone there to define a crime so that we may be on the same page, because as I see it, If I got away with what our Federal government is doing, I would be considered a criminal. Is a terrorist or a criminal one that subverts our present form of government or one that upholds it?

I said, “how can I be a criminal when I support and defend the present written rule of law, And why are you not if you don’t?” I went on…

“On the other hand, We the people created government to protect our rights and instead, they poison our vaccinations, genetically modify our food, poison our air, tell us what we can and cannot do, through regulations on energy, air, water, heavy graduated tax, private land, public land, trumps state and local laws, control schools and not only  impose blatant violations of the constitution but specifically completely avoid the present rule of law limiting government while  increasingly restrict every right we have WITHOUT AUTHORITY.”

I asked “if I obey the law and you allow TSA, for example, to violate our right to privacy, WITHOUT A CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE, where does this authority come from? YOU DON”T HAVE ANY JURISDICTION DO YOU?”

If congress makes all laws then without a congressional mandate, it is not law!!
She said, well, you need to call your local representatives…

I said about what? According to your FEDeral government, they have the supreme authority to run roughshod over anyone and anything?

I said and furthermore, we are waking up to who you are and what you do and I will do anything and everything to make sure people know about it.”

I asked “Are you a fusion center?” She said yes, I asked “what is that for, because it sure isn’t to protect the rights of the people, but, in reality, to take tax payer dollars without their authority for their own enslavement…””
She hung up.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Canyon County wantss to hire an attorney to HELP us defend ourselves? LOL!

Letter to the editor-Idaho Press Tribune 8/13/2012

In response to the article August 10, 2012 located here:

If there were a time in America to be indignant, its now but people have no idea what is happening –the August 10th’s article is one clarion call to the detriment to our freedom!

The county spending more tax dollars “in this economy” to help us to defend ourselves in court?

None of this would be an issue if the government understood its proper role and quit criminalizing its citizens as fines cush the judges retirement fund and increase revenue for increased criminalization tactics or they didn’t violate the constitution allowing to choose our own defense, a common law right.

If they allowed people to understand that judges, prosecutors and attorneys are members of the same union or if the people knew that magistrates had no power to rule, that officers aren’t officers but instead employees and that attorneys are unconstitutional.

If they would not have retracted trial by jury in all cases, show proof of a damaged party or to give itself immunity against the taxpayer, or if the people realized that our constitutional republic has been hijacked by a CORPORATE government, where we are no longer the inherent power but mere subservient employees.

If the people knew without our constitution limiting government, the need to establish jurisdiction, standing and true nature and cause of a crime, that this is all a statutory scheme, they would be outraged!

If the government would do its job protecting the innocent and punishing evil and honor its oath of limitations of power it would be a help and cost benefit! The fact that the people have created government to protect their rights and limit government’s powers through a written constitution and they have failed, the people will be forced to make them obey, like they make us obey oppressive rules of tyranny!
The reason they want to hire an attorney is to insure that no one operates outside of the CORPORATE Vail! It's all a sham, in Corporate government,they are the kings and were the pawns rather than the other way around

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Regarding Middleton schools drug authorization form

Who has authority, the school or the parents?

By Tom Munds

Are you increasingly concerned with the amount of government regulations imposed on us as parents as well as the state and Federal regulations on your child that render your authority powerless and only in accordance with what the government says?

This once land of the free and home of the brave has become a government controlled nanny state that once was created to protect your rights now has taken the authority from you to tell you what your rights are and that of your child and to protect us from ourselves, a power they were never given!

How is it that every government entity today has taken your power and authority from you, to tell you what you can and cannot do, and yet people are still silent? If we truly love our children like we say we do, why are we so concerned about their education ( THATS A DIFFERENT SUBJECT ALTOGETHER) but not about their rights? Are we that short sighted?

If you have not registered for school or sports yet, you will find an abundance of documentation that you will be REQUIRED to sign in order to participate, drug authorization forms, vaccination forms, conduct and dress code forms, in addition to a multitude of mandatory fees that you already paid for with your tax dollars like parking passes, access to games and lockers etc. You are not only subjecting yourselves to rules and regulations of the school but by associated organizations like, but not limited to, the YEA and the IHSAA which also have no authority.

The problem is because no one has been watching out for the people, these entities are playing on the ignorance of the people coercively forcing them to submit to a jurisdiction they do not possess, simply, they do not have the power, authority or the right to force signatures of any contract on anyone accept those that are employees of the school district nor do they have the authority to tax you twice with these mandatory fees!

The solution to this problem is to begin to pay attention to what is happening and when you feel something is wrong, challenge it, in the American system where the people have the “inherent power” and the government are “servants” of the people, the only way we preserve the freedom for our children is to pay attention, to remain vigilant , stand when needed and elect people that understand the preservation of the principles of freedom and will fight for them which is why I may run for school board if I have the support.

I am not an attorney but I do passionately understand when rights violations occur and will stand every moment I get to preserve the rights of the parents, the teachers and the children. Our beloved children have the same right to freedom we all had and it should be our top priority to guarantee that freedom.

I will be asking them to sign it, they, of course, will object but I will ask that they write that they receive it. If you have concerns about your school disctrist your your government, feel free to contact me here or my cell number at 208-861-6405 or email me at

Exhibit A (Addendum)

Middleton School District # 134

5 South 3rd Ave West

Middleton, ID 83644

Drug testing

General Rights Acknowledgement form

I, the undersigned, understand that performance as a student/staff member of the Middleton School District is dependent, in part, on conduct and personal responsibility as a private person. I hereby agree to accept and abide by policies, standards, rules and regulations set forth by Middleton School District #134 for the activity or activities in which I participate as long as they are not repugnant to the protections granted to the people by the U. S. Constitution and hereby acknowledge that schools carry with them only the authority to discipline its corporate employees and not to restrict the rights of any child or parent.

Notwithstanding, I also understand that if the policies and procedures, fell under “equal justice under the law” if imposed, they shall apply not only to parents and student but to faculty as well to ensure that parents retain the disciplinary power, control and protection over their child and that the authority of the parent supersedes any law that prevents it, with the understanding that under Article XI, section 2, of the Constitution for the united states that “The United states constitution is the supreme law of the land” and in accordance with Marbury v. Madison (1802)“any law repugnant to it is null and void.”

In the event that “probable cause” has been warranted, I understand that Middleton School District , as it pertains to employees , has the authority to take disciplinary action but as it pertains to the students/parents has only the authority to call the parents of students unless a crime has been committed which will extend authority to local law enforcement. I, the undersigned, sign with the understanding that no school district has the power or the authority that extends beyond this limitation. As Middleton School District has the disciplinary power over its employees and not to its students , if “probable cause” has been verified regarding a student it is the authority of the parent to deal with the issue at hand that if left unattended will also extend to the authority of local law enforcement. If “probable cause” has been verified regarding a district employee, the district has only the authority to discipline that employee or refer the action to local law enforcement. Due to the sensitive nature and privacy rules, the school district has no right to privacy information that pertains to the issue at hand unless it pertains to the employees of the school district.

Therefore let it be known that Middleton School District may have the power to make suggestive recommendations but has no obligatory power to conduct the above drug tests even upon “reasonable suspicion” while a child is involved in the particular class/sport as disciplinary issues are left to the parent or law enforcement.

I understand that this signed contract as a parent/ student waives none of my rights at any time and that instead protects my rights against any overreaching authority not expressly given by the parent. As an employee I understand that this contract acknowledges my limitations of authority and that I may be subject to the disciplinary actions of the District imposed by the parents/board/staff with “probable cause”.

I also understand that due to the voluntary nature of this contract regarding parent/student and that one is “innocent until proven guilty”, that the refusal to give up one’s rights in no way prevents any person from the participation in any event that any school shall sponsor. I do understand as it pertains to district employees this contract is obligatory as a guarantee that the rights of the parent/child will not be violated.

Regarding the signatures below, I understand that the child’s signature is not a requirement or legally binding as the child is under age and that the parent /guardian is signing on their behalf as an acknowledgement of this contract and is therefore not necessary for any reason but to inform the underage signee of the rights and limitations clarified herein.

Prior to participating in ALL extracurricular activities, or registration into the school district, all student/parent/ guardian/staff member are all asked to sign this general acknowledgement form, and that a copy of this form is included in each employee and students personal file. If there should be any discrepancy related to the parents and the district that a mediation meeting will be called to deal with unresolved issues before any action is taken upon the child.

Any attempt by the district or its employees to force the signing of any contract that waives the rights of any private person is considered under duress and coercion, and may be subject to legal action. Any failure to adhere to this contract by any corporate employee will result in disciplinary action by the board and if not satisfied may also be subject to legal action.

Parent/Guardian Name( printed)___________________________________ Date_______________________

Parent/ Guardian signature_________________________________________Date_______________________

Staff/admin/employee signature____________________________________ Date_______________________

------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Student name/ (Printed) If student, list graduation year

------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Student/Staff signature Date