Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's up with DHS?

8 28 2012
Called Local Department of Homeland Security office:

Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security (208) 422-3040
Public Information Officer-Robert Feeley (208) 422-3033
Agency Contacts
County Emergency Coordinators
IDEOC Organizational Chart
Address and Fax:
4040 Guard St., Bldg. 600
Boise, ID 83705-5004
Fax: (208) 422-3044
Idaho Drug Tip Hotline
Phone: 1 (800) 524-7277
To Report Suspicious Activity
Web at:
BG Bill Shawver
Bureau of Homeland Security
4040 West Guard Street, Bldg 600
Boise, Idaho 83705-5004
Whats up with the DHS?
I called Idaho bureau of Homeland Security on 8 28 2012 at approx. 2:30pm,

Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center
Direct Law Enforcement Line
Phone: (208) 846-7676

I spoke to the woman that answered the phone from the Direct Law enforcement line( above) to ask her if the office was federal, state or city and how they defined a “crime.” She said that she works with all levels of government and law enforcement and crimes are like drugs.( Really?)

She asked if she could help answer any questions about crime and law enforcement so I told her I was aware of Janet Napolitano and her relentless pursuit to have us tell on each other when we see a crime being committed was a bit overboard and asked her if she thought that was a bit excessive to which she was silent.

I asked her “so is this bureau federal?” She said it was all of the above, She said they have members of all agencies there. I said Uh, I don’t think it is lawful to co-opt, comingle and amalgamate levels of government because it destroys the checks and the balances of government in the ability for the government to usurp the will and law of the people, she was silent.

I asked her, so where do you derive your power and authority, she was silent.
I asked her did you take an oath, she said “NO”
I said that you must not be an “officer”, she said “Yes”
I said than you must be a private agency, she said “No”
I asked if she had signed the Standard F85 form, she said “No”

I said so where does the authority come from for you to not only co-mingle agencies but not have any accountability to the people you say, without oath, to protect?

I asked her where the guarantee is that the rights of the people will not be destroyed, she was silent…
She asked me,( frustrated and reluctantly)  “Ugh, Can I help you sir about a crime?

I said: “Yes, as a matter of fact you can, but before doing so, I would like you or someone there to define a crime so that we may be on the same page, because as I see it, If I got away with what our Federal government is doing, I would be considered a criminal. Is a terrorist or a criminal one that subverts our present form of government or one that upholds it?

I said, “how can I be a criminal when I support and defend the present written rule of law, And why are you not if you don’t?” I went on…

“On the other hand, We the people created government to protect our rights and instead, they poison our vaccinations, genetically modify our food, poison our air, tell us what we can and cannot do, through regulations on energy, air, water, heavy graduated tax, private land, public land, trumps state and local laws, control schools and not only  impose blatant violations of the constitution but specifically completely avoid the present rule of law limiting government while  increasingly restrict every right we have WITHOUT AUTHORITY.”

I asked “if I obey the law and you allow TSA, for example, to violate our right to privacy, WITHOUT A CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE, where does this authority come from? YOU DON”T HAVE ANY JURISDICTION DO YOU?”

If congress makes all laws then without a congressional mandate, it is not law!!
She said, well, you need to call your local representatives…

I said about what? According to your FEDeral government, they have the supreme authority to run roughshod over anyone and anything?

I said and furthermore, we are waking up to who you are and what you do and I will do anything and everything to make sure people know about it.”

I asked “Are you a fusion center?” She said yes, I asked “what is that for, because it sure isn’t to protect the rights of the people, but, in reality, to take tax payer dollars without their authority for their own enslavement…””
She hung up.

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