Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Middleton high school lockdown a councidence?

Middleton in Lockdown after Boston scare?

Seriously? Are you buying all of the fear tactics of the government forcing submission upon its people?

I can’t even keep track, we’ve had Oklahoma bombing, 9-11, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Columbine, Sandy Hook and now Boston after countless other events and we are supposed to believe that these are all instances of Al Quaeida or angry kids? What about the Taliban? NO, what our media was hoping for was a nice slow transfer of blame to the “right wing extremist tea party patriots”after the “blame Bush” thing wore out!

Is it hard to remember, our own government saying “we cant let a good crisis go to waste” or “ we need to repeat gun control mantra over and over to really brainwash us ?”“That our children aren’t ours, and that we don’t have the right to home school or make decisions regarding vaccinations as the list of restrictions go on and on? Now the government feels it has the authority to determine if the people are mentally ill? Maybe the government is mentally ill, what then?
How do people not question these thoughts when we see events unfold right in front of our eyes?

So much has happened, and happening so fast that I find it hard to keep track of all the efforts and events performed to restrict our rights on a grand scale, daily! How can people not see this? These events now happen in the smallest towns in America, for the most petty of excuses, since Boston, it is backpacks and water bottles?

With each one of these events, one thing has been true and consistent; they all have a direct correlation on the immediate necessity to make laws to prevent the event from happening again?

Even in Middleton have we been affected by a high school lockdown, where there was an apparent stray backpack and the bomb squad was called while the kids were stuck inside?

Who would lock our kids INSIDE in a bomb scare? Why was it when the parents called, they were lied to by the receptionist, that said it was a DRILL? Sound familiar? Why was it when we received a text message from our son inside that said the call was a lie did we become concerned? Just what the hell is happening to this country, when we are so willing to look to the government to protect us from our own neighbors? Have we lost trust in our own town folks that we are willing to abandon any freedom we may have left to submit to the security of government?

What the hell happened to our constitution and our Bill of Rights? What happened to the foundational principle of limited government where we the people were the inherent power and that government by not having this power had little to no power to restrict any of the rights of the people and now schools can make law and lie to the parents while funding their salaries and benefits are obligatory while they not only control our children but the parents of those kids?

Just who the hell are they kidding? IN an effort to call Bs on the fear tactics, I will ask, after his debriefing, my local SRO to call me when any issue regarding the bomb squad shows up so they can not only keep their bomb suits at home but to save the tax payers money so I can go and get the backpack or water bottle exposing the non existent threat of dramatized tactics to enslave a free people! I will not tolerate it without is being challenged as far as I can! I call BS on it all!

Just like all other events, that had drills or inaccurate stories made to confuse, Maybe Middleton had this event in an effort to justify its elaborate expensive existence after a failed 10 year school bond that would enslave the towns people to a burden without any understanding, of how bad the economy will be from one year to the next? What do you expect If you build a school, over budget and cant admit it, you do anything to make sure it was continually funded, even lowering yourself to the level of striking fear in the school supporters in fear of school closures and the possibility of the children not getting the quality education they were promised?

I am convinced that our life has become nothing more than a Matrix, the question is am I nuts or am I right and others in disbelieve are wrong? I guess that thought is up to you. Im confident in what I know, are you?

These boys have guts

These boys have guts

I love my friend Kevin Miller in the morning on Boise’s580 KIDO am, first because he gives me and others time to rant, second because he listens and third because he entertains debate in an effort to get to the truth.

It was asked to me why Kevin allows Liberal Steve on the show and as nuts as he drives most people including me, I enjoy him on because he represents the apparent majority of mindless propaganda digesting Americans that couldn’t find the truth with both hands.

The other one that drives me insane, probably more than liberal Steve is this new regular Phil Hardy. This guy that claims to be a republican but seems to portray more of a communist at best not only because I cannot tell if he is lying or ignorant but his answers are so far off the mark for what is expected for his knowledge of the limitations of government protecting the rights of the people!

The one thing I will say, although these guys like Liberal Steve make people angry, is that not only do they increase the listenership, I believe they increase the listenership meaning that people become so bothered by what they hear, they are driven to call and to hold these dingbats accountable, but the truth is as much heat as they get from people like me and others, I respect their willingness to take the hits and to me, those guys have guts even if they are wrong!

I look forward to continued on air debates as long as Kevin will have me and hopefully with all of the effort freedom lovers like myself pour into our lives, we hope that some of these debates have brought educational moments to these guys to a point where liberty may be restored to the people.

Just to clarify, for those wanting to know, this has never been about Tom getting airtime, nor entertainment, at least for me, this is about taking the time to let people know that I am not afraid to ask the tough questions and to put it all on the line, to not be baffled with Bull at times when I can see it a mile away and to let concerned people that want to know that if a fighter is what they want, Im right here!

This country is going to hell fast if people do no become engaged and Im just doing my part regardlessof how the government defines me, because I know the truth and I speak it as loudly as possible!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Is the supreme court supreme?

Is the supreme court supreme?

Didn't Adams say that "the constitution was written for a moral and religious people and wholly inadequate for any other form of government?"

What happens if america becomes neither moral or religious? Well logically, if a parameter was stated to apply to a particular institution and the parameters of that institution no longer apply, then neither does that institution, right?

Constitutional law and american history are my passions. As i read attempting to understand how we got where we are today, i am not surprised at our present situation.What we are told by government is an absolute lie!

In a constitutional republic we had three branches of government that were to operate in "good behavior" with imposed limitations on each brach to preserve the integrity of this form of government, not two branches in full submission to one!

What happens when the branches of government overstep their limitations and the people or ignorant? You get exactly what we have today, an emerging dictatorship while certain people are aware of this, others ignorantly still believe they are free.How can we be free when the checks and balances have been destroyed and all law hinges on what one branch says?

In my opinion, one of the biggest lies perpetrated on the people is the power of the supreme court. Are they really supreme?

If the supreme court is supreme how is supreme defined? If they are supreme does this mean they are without limitations? If the are without limitations is this branch exempt from checks and balances? If they are exempt how are they controlled to prevent usurpations? How do we define the relationship between the states and federal jurisdictions and state vs national sovereignty?

The fact of the matter is that most of this due to the fact that we have not been taught constitutional law or civics and are left to believe what ever government says, this is a lie!

The definition of the supreme court was that it was the highest court in the land above all others. This courts job was to have knowledge of law and properly apply the written existing law, not to interpret law according to the whims of popular or societal changing interests much less ban together with the executive branch to create this dictatorship!

People say today, the supreme court has "ruled?" Can the Supreme court rule? It is not a king, it can only give opinions regarding the law!

The supreme court in its opinions have no enforcement mechanism making their opinions merely suggestive to those in the case.

The supreme court when it hears a case, and gives an opinion, does not mean that the decisions to this case apply to everyone in the land, it is like other courts in that it applies to the litigants in that case!

When the supreme court gives opinions, and they are considered law? what about the legislative branch? what about the fact that the states are free sovereign and independent states? Can a federal government trump the law of the states? If it can there is not only no separation of powers but no state sovereignty and therefore rendering the states subjects to the federal government and the people, the once inherent authority, now as subjects to both!

The supreme court is only supreme in the fact that it is the highest established court in the land and not that it has any knowledge or desire to operate the way it was intended!

We have essentially traded our God for government and rather than one tyrant English king, we have nine tyrants in black robes!

Was the supreme court intended to be supreme where this branch was to be superior to the other two and to force these branches and the states to submit to its supreme authority?

Not a chance!

Two perspectives: a "textbook" paralegal and an"out if the box" constitutionalist

Two perspectives of law, the "textbook" paralegal and the "out of the box" constitutionalist

I have a friend that is a paralegal. She went to school , became certified and i did not, but one thing we have in common is our passion for law. For her, i believe it is because it was a professional choice, for me, it was passion that resulted from the realization that something went seriously wrong in this country. I admire her for her choice and she admires me for my passion. We often find ourselves hotly debating issues and must continue to remind each other not to take personal.

My friend desires to be an attorney some day and i do not, at least not whom they (not them personally) the association itself and the control they possess have become.

In one of our debates she stated attorneys are and control law. I told her that if this was so, that it was unlawful in that they were never given the authority.

One because the power of government is inherent in the people and governments were to be servants to the people.

Two, Judges were merely referees between two parties in conflict

Three, informed juries control and apply the written law and have the power to nullify any law against any attorney or judge.

I reminded her that the power is inherent in the people. The constitution was written by and for the people to limit government to enumerated powers, they were constrained by the constitution to preserve the rights of the people not to control anything but to prevent one, the government, from controlling the other, the people.

As I debate people, i realize how foreign the principles of freedom have become in this country and how easy we have been misled and have come to allow government to have powers it was never meant to have.

I did tell her she was right that today, attorneys, the judges and the BAR all ARE and control law, which proves one or two things to me, either they know the constitution and willingly subvert it or they have no clue what it is or how to apply it becaue they swore and oath they don’t understand to a document they don’t understand because they never understood the history behind why they were written.

Because she was curious about what i knew, I explained to her my understanding of the original intent of the principles of freedom enshrined in our freedom documents that she stated she had never heard explained this way..

The federal constitution applies to federal citizens
federal law applies to federal citizens through the 14th amendment ( the creation of this amendment with the 13 and 15 was specifically for slaves only)
State constitutions apply to state citizens
State laws apply to state citizens( as long as not repugnant to the constitution)
The federal government and the supreme court exceeds its jurisdiction when it applies it laws upon the states
The states improperly adhere to laws made by congress because these laws only apply to fed citizens and not those of the state.

The Bill of Rights is a declaration written with the express purpose of preventing the federal government to exceed its authority upon the states ( because it protects state sovereignty)

The Bill of Rights does not prevent the states from writing laws nor protect the citizens from the laws imposed by the states because each state had their own bill of rights called the Declaration of rights (this maintained their state sovereignty)

The thing about todays legal education that is detrimental is that we have forgotten a few things. We must remember:

The colonists came to America to seek freedom from an oppresive king so they were extremely worried about any government or tyrant telling them what they could and could not do, which is why our constitutional republic was built on an experiment of “self government” meaning that the more we could self govern, the less government would be needed.

It was understood that our Rights were unalieable from a Creator,God, that no man could take them away but today we are taught that government tells us what our rights are ( including the right to self representation in court) which as you can see if contrary to the principles of our form of govenrment because it puts the freedom of the people in the hands of a government entity, the BAR which no longer renders people the inherent authority to control it which is why the documents were created in the first place, to protect us from oppresive government!

I told her that the American people have been sold a pack of lies from the pit of hell and all Im trying to do is tell them.

With my life and every living breath I live to do my part to restore these lost principles because i know the future of this nation hangs in the balance between perpetual ignorance and that remote possibility of this restoration.

I stated that If my understanding of these principles is incorrect I could stand to be enlightened and if it isn't, perhaps i may suggest that these principles would be considered and possibly instituted as our present form of government and perhaps used to restore the principles of freedom back to the people!

As i become more and more concerned about the direction of this nation and my passion to restore freedom, i continue to challenge legal minds as a means to that end with the hope that if i am wrong i may be corrected and if i am right, that the enlightening of others brings this desired restoration for us and our posterity.

I am honored to have friends that can debate the issues one one hand but are still able to listen to the opposing argument on the other. I am still working on being a better listener than a talker but i guess thats all part of that passion.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mental illness, governments next nail in the coffin if freedom!

Mental illness, the governments next nail in the cross for freedom!

As society continues its spiral into the abyss of moral and societal relativism at warp speed, government frantically searches and invents new ways to control its people abandoning any concept of the preservation of freedom and liberty of a free people by continual unconstitutional encroachments on those free people.

The latest of a long line of newly imposed encroachments? The newly acquired power to render its people incompetent. This new acquisition has been imposed after years and generations of indoctrination making the people believe that they really are.

I attended a seminar last week that , should frighten anyone but i was shocked that even in the patriot circles people appeared to buy into this topic hook line and sinker and without much question as to how government received its authority and to what end these characterizations would be used.

What people didn't ask was how government got the power as a servant of the people to not only restrict their rights but label them as idiots?

How has government been given the authority to re define the English language to be used against its people?

How will the government define mental illness?
Why do they feel it is necessary to define such illnesses?
Isnt the power given to government to characterize someone as mentally ill dangerous?

First of all, government lacks the power and authority to to do this because it is outside the limitations of government protecting the people by the constitution.

Second, if government acquires this power it will not be used for the safety of society but to enslave them.

Third, as economic hardships continue the government will be forced to incarcerate the mentally ill as criminals, are they?

Fourth, who gave such power and authority to psychiatrists to define mental illnesses?

Who is the oversight to ensure the psychiatrists not only know what they are talking about but to ensure they are not driven by the money made by prescriptions and the benefits created by federal healthcare exchanges.

Will government then monetize the mentally ill like they do with criminals with CUSIP numbers?

Is government today more about generating revenue than it is to protecting the liberty of its people at the expense of the people that fund them?

If mental illnesses do exist is there any proof that the government isn't creating them by the poisoning and genetic modification of our food, poisoning our air through chemtrails and other toxins, poisoning our blood through harmful vaccinations and the ultimate drive for extreme profits?

If governments can lie to you and tell you they have no limitations on restricting your freedom, wouldn't it make sense that they would lie to you about your health and everything else?

In all actuality, watching our government perform without limitations on its power and without logic and reason, operating in full abandonment of the written law could make one mentally ill!

How do you define America?

How do you define America?

As I recall, it was Noah Webster that wrote the first dictionary that referenced every word with Biblical references. As one of the founding fathers, He was one of the few that could recite the Bible, chapter and verse. His understanding of natural law and scripture and his desire for freedom, incorporated the use of these understandings in the establishment of our language in our constitutional republic.

The unique wisdom, understanding and foresight of our forefathers included the need for written documentation. They stated many times that the reason was to prevent misunderstandings and government usurpations as it applies to law and limitations placed on government. The thought was that, unlike Europe’s unwritten constitution that was interpreted over the years that with written documentation, there would never be any ambiguous interpretation over time, but what happened?

For decades, our history and language were taught with Biblical references without revision, through Webster’s dictionary, our constitution, principles of freedom and liberty were taught in reference to our history but what happened? Have we noticed or do we care?

Over several decades, it seems that our foundations have been incrementally destroyed. The Bible and prayer taken out of school, the removal of civics and the revision of history and our language just to name a few. Are these restrictions consistent with the foundations of America?

According to our Declaration, our Rights are unalienable by God, today God is banned.

According to our Constitution, government was created by the people to protect their Rights, today; government tells us what our rights are, subject to change without notice.

Public education was established to further Christianity and morals and to preserve peace, prosperity and freedom, today mentioning Christ in school is illegal or offensive.

Civics was taught in school so that every child understood their heritage and the proper role of government to maintain checks and balances, today, we are taught foreign concepts of government.

Our Founders believed that a country that had no idea where it had been didn’t know where it was going, so knowledge of history was absolutely necessary, today; government has redefined history to fulfill an agenda contrary to who we are as a nation.

In the Founding era, American language was taught so that we could properly communicate in the preservation of unity, today, the language has been changed so often that there are no clear definitions to any word and subject to redefinition by government.

In these few instances, it is easy to see America has not only gone astray, but is unable to recognize it. As a matter of fact, we have gone astray for so long that we don’t even know where we were or who we are, and the progressives think we are in a better place that we have ever been claiming freedom on one hand as those that are awake are blowing the trumpet on America’s last days?

Can America be all things different to all people and is that unity? I guess it all depends on how you define America.

The time is now to wake up America! You are the inherent power; you can reclaim your liberty! When you see what is wrong in this nation, are you silent or are you bold enough to address the issues? Our founders stated if we became apathetic and ignorant we’d lose it all and make every sacrifice that has been made for this country in vain.

Are you ok with leaving your children as slaves after so much has been sacrificed so that you could be free?