Saturday, April 6, 2013

Is the supreme court supreme?

Is the supreme court supreme?

Didn't Adams say that "the constitution was written for a moral and religious people and wholly inadequate for any other form of government?"

What happens if america becomes neither moral or religious? Well logically, if a parameter was stated to apply to a particular institution and the parameters of that institution no longer apply, then neither does that institution, right?

Constitutional law and american history are my passions. As i read attempting to understand how we got where we are today, i am not surprised at our present situation.What we are told by government is an absolute lie!

In a constitutional republic we had three branches of government that were to operate in "good behavior" with imposed limitations on each brach to preserve the integrity of this form of government, not two branches in full submission to one!

What happens when the branches of government overstep their limitations and the people or ignorant? You get exactly what we have today, an emerging dictatorship while certain people are aware of this, others ignorantly still believe they are free.How can we be free when the checks and balances have been destroyed and all law hinges on what one branch says?

In my opinion, one of the biggest lies perpetrated on the people is the power of the supreme court. Are they really supreme?

If the supreme court is supreme how is supreme defined? If they are supreme does this mean they are without limitations? If the are without limitations is this branch exempt from checks and balances? If they are exempt how are they controlled to prevent usurpations? How do we define the relationship between the states and federal jurisdictions and state vs national sovereignty?

The fact of the matter is that most of this due to the fact that we have not been taught constitutional law or civics and are left to believe what ever government says, this is a lie!

The definition of the supreme court was that it was the highest court in the land above all others. This courts job was to have knowledge of law and properly apply the written existing law, not to interpret law according to the whims of popular or societal changing interests much less ban together with the executive branch to create this dictatorship!

People say today, the supreme court has "ruled?" Can the Supreme court rule? It is not a king, it can only give opinions regarding the law!

The supreme court in its opinions have no enforcement mechanism making their opinions merely suggestive to those in the case.

The supreme court when it hears a case, and gives an opinion, does not mean that the decisions to this case apply to everyone in the land, it is like other courts in that it applies to the litigants in that case!

When the supreme court gives opinions, and they are considered law? what about the legislative branch? what about the fact that the states are free sovereign and independent states? Can a federal government trump the law of the states? If it can there is not only no separation of powers but no state sovereignty and therefore rendering the states subjects to the federal government and the people, the once inherent authority, now as subjects to both!

The supreme court is only supreme in the fact that it is the highest established court in the land and not that it has any knowledge or desire to operate the way it was intended!

We have essentially traded our God for government and rather than one tyrant English king, we have nine tyrants in black robes!

Was the supreme court intended to be supreme where this branch was to be superior to the other two and to force these branches and the states to submit to its supreme authority?

Not a chance!

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