Tuesday, April 30, 2013

These boys have guts

These boys have guts

I love my friend Kevin Miller in the morning on Boise’s580 KIDO am, first because he gives me and others time to rant, second because he listens and third because he entertains debate in an effort to get to the truth.

It was asked to me why Kevin allows Liberal Steve on the show and as nuts as he drives most people including me, I enjoy him on because he represents the apparent majority of mindless propaganda digesting Americans that couldn’t find the truth with both hands.

The other one that drives me insane, probably more than liberal Steve is this new regular Phil Hardy. This guy that claims to be a republican but seems to portray more of a communist at best not only because I cannot tell if he is lying or ignorant but his answers are so far off the mark for what is expected for his knowledge of the limitations of government protecting the rights of the people!

The one thing I will say, although these guys like Liberal Steve make people angry, is that not only do they increase the listenership, I believe they increase the listenership meaning that people become so bothered by what they hear, they are driven to call and to hold these dingbats accountable, but the truth is as much heat as they get from people like me and others, I respect their willingness to take the hits and to me, those guys have guts even if they are wrong!

I look forward to continued on air debates as long as Kevin will have me and hopefully with all of the effort freedom lovers like myself pour into our lives, we hope that some of these debates have brought educational moments to these guys to a point where liberty may be restored to the people.

Just to clarify, for those wanting to know, this has never been about Tom getting airtime, nor entertainment, at least for me, this is about taking the time to let people know that I am not afraid to ask the tough questions and to put it all on the line, to not be baffled with Bull at times when I can see it a mile away and to let concerned people that want to know that if a fighter is what they want, Im right here!

This country is going to hell fast if people do no become engaged and Im just doing my part regardlessof how the government defines me, because I know the truth and I speak it as loudly as possible!

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