Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mental illness, governments next nail in the coffin if freedom!

Mental illness, the governments next nail in the cross for freedom!

As society continues its spiral into the abyss of moral and societal relativism at warp speed, government frantically searches and invents new ways to control its people abandoning any concept of the preservation of freedom and liberty of a free people by continual unconstitutional encroachments on those free people.

The latest of a long line of newly imposed encroachments? The newly acquired power to render its people incompetent. This new acquisition has been imposed after years and generations of indoctrination making the people believe that they really are.

I attended a seminar last week that , should frighten anyone but i was shocked that even in the patriot circles people appeared to buy into this topic hook line and sinker and without much question as to how government received its authority and to what end these characterizations would be used.

What people didn't ask was how government got the power as a servant of the people to not only restrict their rights but label them as idiots?

How has government been given the authority to re define the English language to be used against its people?

How will the government define mental illness?
Why do they feel it is necessary to define such illnesses?
Isnt the power given to government to characterize someone as mentally ill dangerous?

First of all, government lacks the power and authority to to do this because it is outside the limitations of government protecting the people by the constitution.

Second, if government acquires this power it will not be used for the safety of society but to enslave them.

Third, as economic hardships continue the government will be forced to incarcerate the mentally ill as criminals, are they?

Fourth, who gave such power and authority to psychiatrists to define mental illnesses?

Who is the oversight to ensure the psychiatrists not only know what they are talking about but to ensure they are not driven by the money made by prescriptions and the benefits created by federal healthcare exchanges.

Will government then monetize the mentally ill like they do with criminals with CUSIP numbers?

Is government today more about generating revenue than it is to protecting the liberty of its people at the expense of the people that fund them?

If mental illnesses do exist is there any proof that the government isn't creating them by the poisoning and genetic modification of our food, poisoning our air through chemtrails and other toxins, poisoning our blood through harmful vaccinations and the ultimate drive for extreme profits?

If governments can lie to you and tell you they have no limitations on restricting your freedom, wouldn't it make sense that they would lie to you about your health and everything else?

In all actuality, watching our government perform without limitations on its power and without logic and reason, operating in full abandonment of the written law could make one mentally ill!

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