Thursday, April 4, 2013

How do you define America?

How do you define America?

As I recall, it was Noah Webster that wrote the first dictionary that referenced every word with Biblical references. As one of the founding fathers, He was one of the few that could recite the Bible, chapter and verse. His understanding of natural law and scripture and his desire for freedom, incorporated the use of these understandings in the establishment of our language in our constitutional republic.

The unique wisdom, understanding and foresight of our forefathers included the need for written documentation. They stated many times that the reason was to prevent misunderstandings and government usurpations as it applies to law and limitations placed on government. The thought was that, unlike Europe’s unwritten constitution that was interpreted over the years that with written documentation, there would never be any ambiguous interpretation over time, but what happened?

For decades, our history and language were taught with Biblical references without revision, through Webster’s dictionary, our constitution, principles of freedom and liberty were taught in reference to our history but what happened? Have we noticed or do we care?

Over several decades, it seems that our foundations have been incrementally destroyed. The Bible and prayer taken out of school, the removal of civics and the revision of history and our language just to name a few. Are these restrictions consistent with the foundations of America?

According to our Declaration, our Rights are unalienable by God, today God is banned.

According to our Constitution, government was created by the people to protect their Rights, today; government tells us what our rights are, subject to change without notice.

Public education was established to further Christianity and morals and to preserve peace, prosperity and freedom, today mentioning Christ in school is illegal or offensive.

Civics was taught in school so that every child understood their heritage and the proper role of government to maintain checks and balances, today, we are taught foreign concepts of government.

Our Founders believed that a country that had no idea where it had been didn’t know where it was going, so knowledge of history was absolutely necessary, today; government has redefined history to fulfill an agenda contrary to who we are as a nation.

In the Founding era, American language was taught so that we could properly communicate in the preservation of unity, today, the language has been changed so often that there are no clear definitions to any word and subject to redefinition by government.

In these few instances, it is easy to see America has not only gone astray, but is unable to recognize it. As a matter of fact, we have gone astray for so long that we don’t even know where we were or who we are, and the progressives think we are in a better place that we have ever been claiming freedom on one hand as those that are awake are blowing the trumpet on America’s last days?

Can America be all things different to all people and is that unity? I guess it all depends on how you define America.

The time is now to wake up America! You are the inherent power; you can reclaim your liberty! When you see what is wrong in this nation, are you silent or are you bold enough to address the issues? Our founders stated if we became apathetic and ignorant we’d lose it all and make every sacrifice that has been made for this country in vain.

Are you ok with leaving your children as slaves after so much has been sacrificed so that you could be free?

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