Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The defilement of America and its terms

America is under assault from all sides. Our history has been revised, our morals have been exchanged for deviant acts, our English language has been redefined, our economy is in free fall, our crime rates are through the roof, even with increased laws, corruption is the norm rather than the exception, our laws that were once created to punish the guilty and to protect the innocent are now are a tool for sociological jurisprudence and today our government views free people as criminals that just haven’t been caught yet, the ignorance in government is now revered rather than rejected and things today that are considered constitutional couldn’t be further from the truth. Quite simply, America is no longer the beacon of light and hope to all nations but a nation of ironies and deception. Is it reasonable then to consider in the land where the trust in government is gone that the people through fear, desire to protect themselves because they realize that the government that was created to protect their rights no longer has the desire to do so?

Historically, America’s creation stemmed from the fleeing from government abuse. American government was created with expressed limitations, enumerations to prevent governmental abuse. Americas supreme law was a written document that limited government to guarantee the rights of the people but now the government have not only refused to protect the rights of the people but to force submission and to remove any capability to defend themselves. Is this freedom? Is this consistent with American exceptionalism? What are the people to do when they are left defenseless?

Today, our English language has been used to the detriment of the people, words like tea party, constitution, sovereign, freedom, liberty, Militia and Posse. How can words instrumental in the in our historical fight for independence be defined as “acts of terrorism” unless governments redefinitions are intentional personal assaults by them against the freedom of the people?

It is critical at this juncture to clarify a few misunderstandings. Our constitution was written for a moral and religious people, built on the love of God and our neighbors with the highest regard for personal responsibility. In the Founder’s quest for perpetual freedom, our constitution was created to provide specific and exhaustive checks and balances to safeguard the liberties of the people against the usurpations of government as its primary concern. Our constitution was a written document that clarified the limitations on government to guarantee the rights of the people without question. The Bill of Rights was a document that was a declaration from the people to their government telling government what they could not do and was not to be left to interpretation.

With these thoughts in mind, is it not clear as to why the people are in fear of their government, forcing them, even against their own will to defend themselves because they feel the necessity to protect themselves from the government ? With the bleak economic outlook and cutbacks, is government protecting the rights of the people when they continue to remove or restrict the right to self-defense?

Government, over the years, has decided not only to force the society to abandon God and the value of unalienable rights but has, taken, without authority, the right to interpret what rights the people are entitled to and that they are ultimately decided by the supreme court? LIES!

“We the People” were created by God, with certain unalienable rights, among them are life, liberty and property,” That governments were created to protect those rights to preserve freedom for us and our posterity. The Founders viewed “We the people”, as they did the states, as free, sovereign and independent and in order to safeguard our rights, we had the right to self-defense not only against our neighbor but more so, as history dictates, against government.

Is government in America, telling its people, now that we can no longer believe in God, that we no longer have the right to self-defense in addition to telling us what our rights are?

Militias and Posse are American terms as they are reminders of the sacrifices that were made so that we may be free. These terms are checks and balances reserved by the people and the states against government and are to be utilized when government “becomes corrupt to these ends.” Should government have anything to fear when it operates in the capacity in which it was created? Should people have any fear of its government when it operates within the capacity it was created? Why then does government fear the people’s right, with constitutional authority to defend themselves, unless it has ignorance of the law or knows of its usurpations?

“We the people”” have been re-programmed to be subjects rather than masters with inherent authority, rather than to challenge government and remain vigilant, to submit to any governmental authority regardless of the nature of unjust laws. The people, for generations have been lied to about who we are as a people and that division is the new unity.

It is time that the people and law enforcement realize we have been pawns of a system that’s mission was to pin one against the other, and that the only way to restore peace and order is to eliminate the division between law enforcement and its people knowing that true peace comes from the combined effort and desire for its restoration, together as a people and not one of full forced submission of one by the other to unjust laws contrary to the intent of our freedom guaranteed by our constitution.

Posse and Militias are our right and our duty as a free, sovereign and independent people and states collectively as a nation in a constitutional republic and is clarified and well documented in history and for this, no apology for its support is necessary. After all who are the criminals, those that uphold the law or those whom have subverted or abandoned it?

Let us, as Americans, both the people and law enforcement, come together, not in fear of one another but in open dialogue, and realize Ben Franklin’s statement, “if we do not hang together, we will surely hang separately.” Because we are both targets and pawns in the fulfillment of an agenda that will result in America’s destruction!

Tom Munds:

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