Thursday, March 21, 2013

Run for school board?

Many of you that know me or have heard me speak know that my school district is one of my passions. I have been involved for several years on and off attempting to make necessary changes to a system that I believe does not benefit the people or our kids the way it should and that is why i have declared my candidacy for zone 4 trustee for the Middleton school district.

Some of the changes i would like to make are to minimize the animosity between the board and staff by opening communication and answering questions to why provisions have been put in place and to clarify apparent misunderstandings between the board, the staff, teachers and parents. i would also like to restore the proper role of parent, teacher and government that seems to continue to spiral out of control consistently in the favor of the state and the federal government rather than the district or the parents.

As a husband and father of four,with two still in school in this district, and a descent grip on law and love for community, i believe i could be an asset to our district in an age where it is needed.

If you have any questions ir would like to meet with me please contact me anytime at 208-861-6405 or

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