Thursday, March 21, 2013

What happened at central committee

I am so sick of politics. You know the kind where we pretend to honor God by praying asking for his favor while we stab each other in the back? Or pledge allegiance to a flag that no one seems to know or care about not even considering the fact that the flag that is sworn to isn’t even the flag of the people’s constitutional republic but a flag of military jurisdiction?

How can the continual prayer and pledge and the stated desire to return our country back to the principles of the original intent create division in one political party? Perhaps there are a few that have no desire to return to these principles but prefer to tingle the ears of those that don’t know any better?

Its been months since I have attended a central committee meeting and the reasons why are stated above. I thought maybe after a few months of being gone things may ease up and these meetings may be more enjoyable but I was wrong. What I saw last night was nothing more than embarrassing and degrading but re-affirmed my thoughts about who and what government is.

The meeting seemed to go reasonably well until there was confusion at a mention about the filling empty precinct committee chair seats and where I saw the divide was more evident than at any other time in my attendance there. There are clearly two parties divided within the party.

When madame chair asked the secretary if she had any nominations, she had stated that there were two, What I believe to be one constitutional republican and the other that is an active representative in the legislature, which of whom when asked previously stated he was too busy and to look for someone else. The secretary it seemed implied that since the active representative denied his original nomination that the obvious choice should be the constitutional republican. There was then confusion about Roberts rules and the bylaws and suspension of rules. The active rep stated to the secretary that his accusations were false to which statement drew some verbal criticism, stating that he had lied and never denied his nomination. There were four that stood confirming his alleged untruths and suddenly the madame chair blows up in a disciplinary action like a mother to his children stating that “we are central committee and will not act this way and if there are accusations they need to be made in private.” Just then two armed law enforcement show up, one standing in each doorway almost looking like there weren’t going to let us out, obviously a sign of force “ in the name of safety” to quell any possible unrest when there was literally no reason for their presence. Is public debate, argument now unlawful and to be met with brute force? I was extremely angry at such a show of force! Are we to believe that getting angry expressing and revealing untruths and verbal challenges needs support of law enforcement? What message does this send when there is so much distrust and division in committee that the attendees feel that they need law enforcement? After what I believed to be a scolding of alleged people’s bad behavior of those challenging the truthfulness of the legislator it goes to a vote to where this active legislator wins precinct chair position. I could have called that vote!

With my understanding of politics and my understanding of the major players in this committee, I feel comfortable stating that there is a deep divide with two distinct parties within one party, one that truly desires the restoration of freedom and liberty for a country in decay and the other that’s main concern is retaining republican establishment control, even at the point of force, maybe because of the last elections now meets resistance in its application of questionable ethics?

It seems that there are still those in committee that really do not understand what this nation faces, the importance of unity and the adherence to the principles of freedom to which we allegedly all hold so dear.

There are many good people at these meetings, this post is not to disrespect them but rather for all of us to reflect on just where it is we are going as a county, as state and as a nation.

If we allow our representatives to lie, to deceive, and to abandon honesty and integrity with no way to hold them accountable, is it no wonder why we have problems in our government?

I was reminded as I fell asleep last night that as Mark 3:25 states “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

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