Friday, December 31, 2010

What would I do?

Someone asked me what I would do to fix the economy?

What would I do to fix just about all this countries problems? May I start by saying First things first?

America has been faced with the continuous, relentless, creation and implementation of policies that are leading to our systematic destruction. This “agenda” is not new and has been in place for many decades but been implemented incrementally, under the radar, rather than the bold, quick and reckless pursuit as it is done today. Our current administration has been working on the complete erosion and removal of our history, our Rights and our freedoms and elevate the rights of one class over another creating a kind of class warfare.

I believe one problem is that the once unified American people are now divided, by what I call “moral relativity” that has crept into every aspect of society, the idea that there are no fixed values about anything, to believe and act they way each of us wants to and that truth means different things to different people even the definition of words. For example it seems that all people may say they believe in freedom but it took me awhile to finally realize the definition of words mean different things to different people.

As I am aware there are two basic schools of thought, both which I believe to be a predetermined conditioning process through education or should I say indoctrination. In these basic schools of thought, there are those who believe freedom comes from government and the other whom believes freedom comes from God, to me this is the root source of all our problems and until this is addressed the problems will continue.

You see, I believe there are only two governing entities God and Government (“the State”). Those who believe in God believe “we, the people,” as well as all things, were created and with a logical purpose. We understand that our Rights given to us by God are inalienable, in that these Rights cannot be taken away by anyone and that according to our constitution, the government was put in place to secure those Rights. For believers, God has given us His laws through the Bible that teach Christians the best way to live including the meaning and importance of things like morality, personal responsibility and idea that we should be held accountable to one another for our actions which indicates within itself a logical rational, orderly consistency.

Those who deny God, however, believe that we are the result of a RANDOM chemical reaction, a sort of irrational, spontaneous freak of nature. This idea is unapparent to them, by denying God, that it gives only one other choice…government is their god. This belief is extremely dangerous not only for the individual but for a free people because it makes it to where the rights they believe they have can be given or taken away according to what their government believes, rights then are determined by man. The problem with this thought is that throughout history there have been only two outcomes with the state as god, anarchy or some form of totalitarianism.

Denial of god carries with it a multitude of problems. If they weren’t created and are a result of a random chemical reaction, this would imply that there is no logical order, and suggests things happen for no reason, this is illogical, irrational, chaotic and contrary to anything we know for everything not only has a purpose but that there is tremendous systematic logical order and just so happens to evident in biblical scripture.

I must say that it isn’t that those who don’t believe in God aren’t responsible, or do not believe in law, logic or science, in many cases they are, it just means that they are standing, relying and borrowing on the Christian worldview because any adherence to these principles require the need of logical consistency that does not exist in their own worldview.

Can those who deny God consider themselves pro-American if they don’t believe in God? Can those who deny God be considered to be law abiding citizens when according to their worldview everything is relative and subject to their own version of what truth is while allowing each other the same tolerance? Can you even adhere to or have respect for a countries foundation when you don’t even believe your Rights come from the same place?

The above explanation is crucial in understanding because it is the essence of why we are divided. If everyone defines words differently how is the rule of law defined for the purpose of all people to be obedient to the same form of lawful form of restraint, do not the distinctions between right and wrong become subjective and arbitrary and inconsistent?

To me, it is not difficult to see that this seems to be more of a recipe for anarchy than a uniform systematic consistent established rule of law which would it then make it difficult to unite a single family much less an entire country in one belief or agree on one single definition of a word like fiscal responsibility, morality etc.

Therefore, Relativism, is, in my view, an intellectual plague. We have abandoned God, the true source of law and replaced Him with the idea of tolerance in accepting everyone’s ideas, accepting them ALL as truth trying to appease them ALL which will lead to catastrophic chaotic consequences that is seen today.

It isn’t that some of the ideas don’t appeal to the heart, they do indeed, but not all things that tug on the heart are smart or good for the individual much less a society, after all scripture speaks of the heart as wicked. The idea that we can not work and contribute to society, sit on our butts and allow others who work take care of us or that our government should continue to print money and take care of everyone sounds awesome to many but in the history of any civilization it has always led to those unintended consequences ( at least unintended for those who fall for it, there are always those who are intending to fulfill this idea for the purpose of power-oligarchs and dictators!)

As far as what I would do to fix the economy? Hmm, that’s tough since I am not an economist. What I will tell you is that as individuals before we begin to be concerned about money, we need to first of all be accountable to someone higher than ourselves, to understand that there will be repercussions for our failure to be responsible, which is really why law was created in the first place to protect us but also keep people in line, put in place due to the realization that man is inherently sinful and fallen according to scripture.

We, as individuals need to want to be responsible and the government should want us to as well if they want to function correctly (ever wonder why government is growing and so is the crime rate when one, the government, was created to protect the other, the people?)

Our government that was established “by the people” would be better understood as merely an extension of the people meaning that the government should only be allowed to do to us what we can do ourselves. If individuals take individual responsibility, it forces the government to do the same, when we fail as individuals; the government also fails, so the solution begins at home, first through the individual, the family, communities, churches, states and , of course, the country.

How do we get back? While we start at home, we immediately cease growing the government and terminate wasteful spending now! We need to clearly define our rule of law and adhere to it and its moral compass. If it is the constitution , we need to quit manipulating it and educate ourselves on what the original intent of these documents were and the history behind them, not to make assumptions giving power to entities like the supreme court to interpret something that was never meant to be interpreted, that we plead total ignorance of our history and its being rewritten as we speak so the truth for future generations will eventually never be known and that is done on purpose?

We need to stop pretending we are something we aren’t as a nation, we need be who we are and be proud of it again. We need to know not only our history and have a deep reverence for it but know the history and consequences from decisions made by other countries that have failed before us.

Once or rule of law is properly understood we then realize and accept what the proper role of government is and is not and not make allowances that deviates from it leading to where we are today.

All laws constitutionally should apply to ALL people, there are no elevated rights for individuals or class, elevation of rights for one class is not equal rights it is special rights that only lead to class warfare.

Once we understand the constitution then we can harness and reign in our spending because if the definition of the same words have different meanings how would people have the chance to agree? Can you imagine entering debate with someone who’s definition of words is different than yours, a solution would never be found.

Now the hard part is done, now for spending. If the constitution is a document that restricts government, and only gives them certain enumerated powers and people are educated, they will know that since they are responsible, they expect the government to know those powers and combined with electing the right representatives they can hold them accountable. Today, the average American has no clue about who they voted for, what they believe or any knowledge about such powers entrusted to them and therefore no way to hold their government accountable for the decisions they make.

Once words are clearly defined, then topics like healthcare, immigration, gay rights, parental rights, government control over the states, religion just to name a few, would be clearly understood. We would then know that government gets its money in the form of tax dollars from those citizens who work and that the government would need to live within a budget like we, as individuals do, and if they fail to do so they will suffer punishments, ethics charges and/or removed, not like today with this circus fest like Rangel, Bush, Obama, Clinton and others, what a joke yet no one I laughing.!

As lovers of America we need to realize and respect the sacrifices of those who made us great and free, that we would desire the understanding of our law and history to know that the problems of today like multiculturalism and making tax payers pay for those who come here and their children, illegally, to change our rule of law, imposing their will and try to incite revolutions aiding in the destruction of the fabric of this once great nation is not only wrong but should it be considered a form of treason? Is it any wonder why we are unraveling? “We the people” are divided in thought about everything, no longer do we stand united but hopefully realizing that divided we fall. Today the evidence for our division is more evident than at any other time in history.

It is our reverence for God, the importance of Biblical principles, first and foremost, our history and understanding our founding documents and our proper role of government and the adherence to it that will turn things around and it will not until then, this I promise you.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I haven't been on for awhile because I found out facebook had the ability to post. I realize I don't have many readers, if any at all, but thought what I had to say was important enough to share with everyone and the more places people could find it, the better chance I had to attract readers.

At one point this blog was connected to my facebook page and whatever I wrote here appeared there as well, I am just seeing if it still does.

For those who can't find my page it isnt dificult, it seems the right to privacy is destroyed when posting and I found out too late, my fault, meanwhile it seems I can be found everywhere.

Check out this video, My friend Coach at an Ohio teaparty:

or perhaps this one, Coach's youtube channel!

Men like these are like the one's who brought Europe out of the dark ages!! We need this here in America and soon!!

Who will rise up? Yes I will!!

Merry Christmas!