Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tom's response, as a republican, to the Canyon county GOP

In response to McGee's recall petition at the last Canyon county central committee meeting on 7-12-11

We get what we deserve!

Today, as a former republican candidate for the Idaho State Legislature, I would like to say I am disgusted to call myself a republican!

As our country continues its moral decay, the republican party is clearly more concerned with filling seats in the legislature, standing on party rather than mention one word related to the preservation of moral constitutional principles for us and our posterity. It was interesting that this meeting began with prayer and the pledge then violated the principles of both and people were ok with it.

The Senator apologized for his behavior, not looking remorseful; he gave no indication that he would step down and failed to show any humility what so ever and continued like nothing ever happened.

When a resolution was brought forward to have his behavior investigated or challenged by several individuals, he, with all arrogance, appeared to brush it off as of no consequence and attempted quickly to end the meeting to prevent anyone else from challenging his position.

In conclusion, we have an elected senator in office that has broken the law, twice, and is allowed to retain his position, what message does that send to the community?. When I challenged the room, I was called intolerant for standing on Good biblically moral, ethical and constitutional principles. Was I wrong to expect more from an elected official, to hold him to a higher standard?

With all the complaints about Washington and corruption locally, I’m amazed that the same people cannot see “ YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!” We wonder why we are in the mess we are in in this country?

As I run again in 2012, I ponder how I will overcome the obstacle that representatives can never be trusted , that people not would want someone that stands on principle.