Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Middleton high school lockdown a councidence?

Middleton in Lockdown after Boston scare?

Seriously? Are you buying all of the fear tactics of the government forcing submission upon its people?

I can’t even keep track, we’ve had Oklahoma bombing, 9-11, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Columbine, Sandy Hook and now Boston after countless other events and we are supposed to believe that these are all instances of Al Quaeida or angry kids? What about the Taliban? NO, what our media was hoping for was a nice slow transfer of blame to the “right wing extremist tea party patriots”after the “blame Bush” thing wore out!

Is it hard to remember, our own government saying “we cant let a good crisis go to waste” or “ we need to repeat gun control mantra over and over to really brainwash us ?”“That our children aren’t ours, and that we don’t have the right to home school or make decisions regarding vaccinations as the list of restrictions go on and on? Now the government feels it has the authority to determine if the people are mentally ill? Maybe the government is mentally ill, what then?
How do people not question these thoughts when we see events unfold right in front of our eyes?

So much has happened, and happening so fast that I find it hard to keep track of all the efforts and events performed to restrict our rights on a grand scale, daily! How can people not see this? These events now happen in the smallest towns in America, for the most petty of excuses, since Boston, it is backpacks and water bottles?

With each one of these events, one thing has been true and consistent; they all have a direct correlation on the immediate necessity to make laws to prevent the event from happening again?

Even in Middleton have we been affected by a high school lockdown, where there was an apparent stray backpack and the bomb squad was called while the kids were stuck inside?

Who would lock our kids INSIDE in a bomb scare? Why was it when the parents called, they were lied to by the receptionist, that said it was a DRILL? Sound familiar? Why was it when we received a text message from our son inside that said the call was a lie did we become concerned? Just what the hell is happening to this country, when we are so willing to look to the government to protect us from our own neighbors? Have we lost trust in our own town folks that we are willing to abandon any freedom we may have left to submit to the security of government?

What the hell happened to our constitution and our Bill of Rights? What happened to the foundational principle of limited government where we the people were the inherent power and that government by not having this power had little to no power to restrict any of the rights of the people and now schools can make law and lie to the parents while funding their salaries and benefits are obligatory while they not only control our children but the parents of those kids?

Just who the hell are they kidding? IN an effort to call Bs on the fear tactics, I will ask, after his debriefing, my local SRO to call me when any issue regarding the bomb squad shows up so they can not only keep their bomb suits at home but to save the tax payers money so I can go and get the backpack or water bottle exposing the non existent threat of dramatized tactics to enslave a free people! I will not tolerate it without is being challenged as far as I can! I call BS on it all!

Just like all other events, that had drills or inaccurate stories made to confuse, Maybe Middleton had this event in an effort to justify its elaborate expensive existence after a failed 10 year school bond that would enslave the towns people to a burden without any understanding, of how bad the economy will be from one year to the next? What do you expect If you build a school, over budget and cant admit it, you do anything to make sure it was continually funded, even lowering yourself to the level of striking fear in the school supporters in fear of school closures and the possibility of the children not getting the quality education they were promised?

I am convinced that our life has become nothing more than a Matrix, the question is am I nuts or am I right and others in disbelieve are wrong? I guess that thought is up to you. Im confident in what I know, are you?

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