Monday, August 13, 2012

Canyon County wantss to hire an attorney to HELP us defend ourselves? LOL!

Letter to the editor-Idaho Press Tribune 8/13/2012

In response to the article August 10, 2012 located here:

If there were a time in America to be indignant, its now but people have no idea what is happening –the August 10th’s article is one clarion call to the detriment to our freedom!

The county spending more tax dollars “in this economy” to help us to defend ourselves in court?

None of this would be an issue if the government understood its proper role and quit criminalizing its citizens as fines cush the judges retirement fund and increase revenue for increased criminalization tactics or they didn’t violate the constitution allowing to choose our own defense, a common law right.

If they allowed people to understand that judges, prosecutors and attorneys are members of the same union or if the people knew that magistrates had no power to rule, that officers aren’t officers but instead employees and that attorneys are unconstitutional.

If they would not have retracted trial by jury in all cases, show proof of a damaged party or to give itself immunity against the taxpayer, or if the people realized that our constitutional republic has been hijacked by a CORPORATE government, where we are no longer the inherent power but mere subservient employees.

If the people knew without our constitution limiting government, the need to establish jurisdiction, standing and true nature and cause of a crime, that this is all a statutory scheme, they would be outraged!

If the government would do its job protecting the innocent and punishing evil and honor its oath of limitations of power it would be a help and cost benefit! The fact that the people have created government to protect their rights and limit government’s powers through a written constitution and they have failed, the people will be forced to make them obey, like they make us obey oppressive rules of tyranny!
The reason they want to hire an attorney is to insure that no one operates outside of the CORPORATE Vail! It's all a sham, in Corporate government,they are the kings and were the pawns rather than the other way around

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