Monday, October 7, 2013

Interview with Nampa Police

Interview with Nampa PD


After a brief unsettling phone altercation with the sergeant this morning, I was convicted to call and meet him because I believe we both misunderstood one another. I called and spoke with him and we decided to meet this morning so that we may share concerns and so that we may better understand one another and so I could take pictures of this MRAP vehicle. I shared my concerns and he shared his feelings and knowledge about what he deals with and what he sees that would justify the acceptance of such an arsenal.


He says that they applied for them through a 1033 program where a state or local agency can apply for equipment through the Department of Defense. He said the applied for it because he felt they needed it because people shoot at them. When I asked him what the limitations were on what the could accept, he said there really aren't any accept for what the department feels reasonable and prudent. What this means to me is that reasonable and prudent are arbitrary terms defined by the department alone and without any written limtations to protect the people accept for the arbitrary unwrittewn, undefined limitations the person in charge feels is excessive.


To my knowledge, there are several problems with this for those that have no clue.


Where is the legislative authorization for a county or city agency to receive military equipment without as much as a vote from the people? Surely the legislature has allowed this somewhere? Where are the written protections afforded to the people that prevent the increased militarization without their knowledge or their ability to stop it if the people chose to? Should our local law enforcement or government agency be able to arm and protect itself more than the people themselves could against their government?


If that is not alarming enough, I was told that even the feds have forced the local LE to enforce seat belt tickets or they will pull their funding? All this time I've been disagreeing with my local LE when the fight is with the feds? I feel horrible.


So, the question if the feds can control the states, cities and counties through federal monies and the acceptance of gifts like the MRAP, don't you think that the feds can control their use, to be used against their people against the alleged "right wing terrorist groups" and others or they will lose their funding?


Does no local government that was created to protect the rights of the states and the people see that the feds as well as the states have already destroyed the jurisdictional boundaries undermining state sovereignty as well as the checks and balances?


Can you not see that we are in trouble and is there no one that will stand and proclaim this tyranny and fight against it, we are accepting money by the feds to promote it!?


The federal governments job was not to fund the states to control them, its unlawful. The states were never created to take money from the feds, they too are acting unlawfully. If governments are acting unlawfully, exceeding their constitutional limitations, how can they enforce laws on the people when they themselves are guilty? How can freedom be protected when the bottom line is about the reception of money and gifts and the continual encroachments of government that were to preserve that freedom?


Every day our nation is one step farther from what it was intended to be. We have deviated from personal responsibility, deviated from loving God and our neighbor and deviated from the written protections against the usurpation of government and very few even notice and those that do are viewed as heretical and argumentative?


We need to ask ourselves if we prefer freedom or security and know that we cant have both. The law says governments must be limited, the people in support of the opposite are unlawful.


We are not a democracy where the majority rule, we were a republic where the rights of freedom liberty minded people were to be protected. So, what will you do today to to fight for the cause of liberty for future generations because your actions directly affect their future!


In closing, I would like to thank Sergeant Randall for his time and for his understanding of my concerns. Our altercation this morning would have been  non existent had we taken the time to better communicate with one another. Its also nice to know that the sergeant understands what we see, agrees with much of it and is sensitive to it. It was an interview that was much appreciated. Im not sure what if our dialogue have any impact, we can only hope it does.


Thank you Sergeant for your time.



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