Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Government entity checklist, Please print and use!

How can our elected government officials properly respresent people when they have no idea of proper representation?
I get that question quite often and compiled a list to get you startyed if you don't know where to begin. It is my belief that every government official should know these questions especially since we have entrusted to our proitection of rights to these individuals.
This list is by no means complete but thins will be a great start to this election season with an accountability, to send a message to these candidates, your taken enough nfrom us, the ride is OVER!! The power is inherent in the poeople NOT the government, if you watched my "Toms constitutional BS question to Boise city council" on my video page at www.tommunds.com , the councilman makes his point quite clear, we the people are now in deep trouble!
Here is the list:

1. What form of government do we have in America?

2. What is our governing rule of law?

3. Is the constitution to be understood as the founders intended or is it a “living breathing document”

4. Can you explain why government wascreated according to our founding documents?

5. Is the US constitution the supreme law of theland?

6. Shall all laws repugnant to the US constitution be considered null and void?

7. Is the Supreme Court the final arbiter on what our rights are?

8. Does power reside in the government over thepeople?

9. What was the purpose of the Bill of Rights?

10. If the power is vested in thepeople, shall law enforcement or other government entities tell us what are rights are?

11. What and who guarantees the protection of our rights from oppressive government? And who defines such terms?

12. When governments begin to tell us what our rights are and they are blatent violations, what is our guarantee they will not tread on them, if rights, today are subjective?

13. What is the purpose of the Federal government?

14. What is the purpose of local government?

15. What is the hierarchy of governmental jurisdiction?

16. Do you suppose all laws shalloriginate in congress or the legislature?

17. If “Ignorance is no excuse for the law, does this law apply to those who swore an oath to protect our rights?

18. If “ignorance is no excuse, can you explain how this is humanly possible?

19. Are you aware that the originationof this term related only to common law and not to ever expanding ordinancesand statutes?

20. Are violations of ordinances andstatutes crimes? Why or why not?

21. If these lesser violations are not crimes, how can you be arrested?

22. Have you ever heard of Title 50USC? Do you what it is? If you don’t, is ignorance, in fact no excuse?

23. If lesser violations are crimes,doesn’t that mean the constitution is suspended or obsolete? Is ignorance ofthis fact, in fact, no excuse?

24. What defines a crime?

25. Shall all crimes consist of proofor corpus delecti?

26. Shall people be convicted if thereis no proof?

27. Shall all crimes by before a trial by jury?

28. What is the purpose of the trial by jury?

29. Are you aware of the power of the sheriff?

30. Do you know who the SouthernPoverty Law center is?

31. How do you feel about this organization and their support lack of support
of the constitution?

32. Are you aware they have described patriotic
Americans as hate groups?

33. Are you aware that The Department of Homeland security has labeled Patriotic, God fearing Americans as terrorists?

34. Do you feel something is wrongwhen our congress and president swore an oath to uphold the constitution then
violate it and then label the people as terrorists?

35. How do you suppose we went from “we the peoples” establishment of government to protect our rights to a government that now dictates them?

36. How is it that “we the people” went from entrusting law enforcement, with
guns, to protect “we the people ” that now protects the interests of the state
that trys to take them away??
I just found out at the national center for constitutional studies, there is also a list of 130 things to print nd use as well. Let us become vigilent in the restoration of freedom and liberty by performming the only duty that ensures our freedom, let us hold our government officials accountable!!
If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will respond as quickly as I can.

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