Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Freedom of the press stops at " the press"

Today, my friend Lee was invited to to an interview with channel 6 as a follow up story to his apparent arrest fiasco at the Federal building in August as they had found out the charges against him were dropped.

In preparation for this interview he had asked me to come along and video record it to help keep the story straight and prevent media spin as we all know they are known for.

When they saw my camera equpment and realized our intentions they retracted the offer to be recorded but asked if he ever decided to do the interview with me recording it, they would be happy to do so, interestingly enough, they stated that anything I recorded would be property of the media station.

It was at this moment I felt the invitation to ask the interviewer if he knew the origin of media and its purpose then nicely stated how Ironic I thought it was that our first amendment right to freedom of the press stopped at the lobby doors of the press itself!!!

How is it that "We the people" have allowed the freedom of the press unrestricted access to lifes events but when we make attempts to clearly expose the media bias and corruption in government the media restricts us to do what it was established for, to hold government accountable!!?

Anyway, Lee, in his integrity declined the interview and we have decided that we will record the interview where he will tell his story unedited and will be avaliable on my website for those whom are interested at www.ipoimedia.com

It is truly a sad day in America when we finally realize that the corruption runs so deep in every facet of local and federal government, in all branches and that the establishment of government originally was to protect our rights now uses them against us, to misinterpret them and restrist their original intent and no one seems to care and those few that do, are labeled the enemy.

There are many cases of wrongful convictions. There are people in prison convicted without a victim or a witness and denied a honorable jury trial and granted instead a biased judge that has never read the constitution, or doesnt care, that has sold his oath down the road that most likely receives monetary compensation or possibly an elevation in authority performing favors for those who he feels deserves them or who knows what else!

Who is truly the enemy, those who uphold the rule of law or those who use the law against its people?

What are the rules of law in this country and who dictates when they are supposed to change and how often and doesnt this negate the intent of "written law" establishing a truly arbitrary tyrannical rule by man? Can "ignorance of the law" still apply in arbitrary governments?

My mission is to expose government corruption and to re-educate the public on the fact
that we are no longer what many still think we are...a free nation, which I fear is a thing of the past!

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