Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The public school, who is the parent?

  I love it when my children are happy. When they are happy I am happy unless what they are happy about violates the liberty and freedom of my family and my children, at which point it is no longer a game and nees to be addressed quickly!

We have been avid supporters of our children's sports- football, basketball, track. We have paid fees, endured many hosptal trips and even the sometimes overreach in authority of various school administrators just so our children could enjoy the game. Weve payed hundreds in entry fees to each game as most do but as the individual, state and national wealth began to decrease, it was time to start asking questions about where the money was going and for each question I asked I was horified at not only the fiscal irresponsibility but the neglect for the rights of the people that these elected officials swore an oath to protect.

Before I begin, I would like to state that the subject matter in these posts could be considered offensive but shouldn't be so because the people have been led to believe something today that was never intended in the original establishmant of this country. It is not necessarily the fault of the parent or the teachers but of a planned agenda to destroy the roots of this great nation and the legacy that that has been bestowed upon us, quite simply, weve been duped and dumbed down  to buy a lie! Many of these people are good people, nice people and well intentioned and are my friends. It is not my intention to disrespect them but to reveal a serious problem! The biggest problem isnt necessarily that these issuesexists but getting people to see them, most people see nothing wrong!

Today, comes not as a new issue but a continuation of the multitude that I have mentioned in previous posts that so many people are either oblivious to, don't care or understand- In many cases, they act as if they have no desire to understand and it truly breaks my heart. As I was told tonight:

"You are all alone over there, with so few that agree with you and we are all together over here" or  "Why don't you leave us alone, we are happy here the way things are, why don't you move and take that constituion stuff with you or just move out of town!"

Also, on record, I have a state legislator that stated the purpose of the school was to separate the parent from the child, so take this into consideration when reading the remainder of the post.

The issue, you ask? Public school mandated drug testing! Yep, "We the people have decided to abandon freedom and liberty once again, "in the name of security" and abandon personal responsibility to our children and and give the government school the authority to deem what is necessary and proper for our children and wouldn't you know it, my wife and I are the only one's that have a problem with it. The others, as history dictates, will be like sheep led  to the slaughter!

First comes the parent athelete cell phone consent form that authorizes the coach to communicate with the child circumventing the parent as the buffer or safeguard between the government and the family,approved by district policy. This is a problem for me but since it was an opt in program, they gave me the option to maintain control of my family and of course, embraced it!.

Next, A letter about the high schools expectations from us and the students ( not that we are allowed to have any of the school) where they in bold print state that RULES BY THE SCHOOL AND THE IHSAA MUST BE FOLLOWED ( no matter what they impose upon the parent! ahd who is the IHSAA anyway? coming in a later post)

They tell us how to think, how to act and what guidelines will be followed whether we agree or not?

Not only do they have our children under surveillance all day, have officers roaming the halls and have the school in complete lockdown all day but they demand respect at all times ( while they assume the power over the people), they will CAREFULLY monitor ALL classes and progress in each class, they will be subject to attitude checks and our children will have their grades checked and signed by instructors in every class.

They are not allowed to speak freely about anything negative verbally or written, as on facebook, or subject to reprimand!?( no free speech?)

Penalties for failure to comply are to attend all study hall sessions, attend directed learning and suspension? ( what is directed learning?)

The kids WILL ride to and from the games on the bus! (NO options?)

They ask that we, the parent follow the chain of command but fail to acknowledge that it should go both ways, like the parent is in control of the child, NOT THE STATE!

Last ( for now, as the hits keep on coming) is Exhibit A, the Middleton Drug testing authorization form that essentially takes the authority of the parent and gives an open blanket authority to the school to do as  it sees fit to commit arbirary acts under "reasonable" suspicion?

Results from the test, paid for by the parent, do not go to the parent but to the school ( who is the paent here, the school or the state?) and The school will deem when these tests are necessary, at times yet to be determined in addition to the school taking the child to get tested?

By the way it is important to know that if our child is suspect, it is due to the Professional opinions of the coaches and the principal, subject to the  SRO before he even mentions  the parent would be contacted first?

These documents are mandatory to participate and failure to comply results in the inability to play.

So, are you really ok with abandoning all the freedom that was bestowed upon you by God and maintained by the sacrifices of generations of families of men and women whom have suffered to ultimate sacrifice?

Have you ever asked yourself how much freedom you are willing to give up for security? As one of our Founders said, if you would give just a bit, you deserve neither and both will be destroyed"

If you are interested in why this is a concern, please read my next post or previous posts regarding government entities willingness to encroach on the rights of the people, especially the posts regarding the school which has the power now to make law circumventing the legislature, with your legislator giving you two options, run for office or take them out of school (While they still forcefully take your mooney at the coersion of property loss?!)

If you care at all about freedom and liberty, you care about our military, the constitution or our heritage, or want to know more, please contact me and let me know someone out there has a pulse!

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