Thursday, November 3, 2011

List of anti american supporters for Occupy movement

WAIT A MINUTE!!! We are told that we prolife, proamerican, gun toting religion believing people are the terrorists while Our commie in chief and members of congress support the number one enemy to America in its entire history?

Just who is the enemy? Is it those for America or those against it? Arent we guranteed a reopublican form of government? Are we not guaranteed that the power is inherent in the people, that our right s are inalienable? That laws cannot be passed on the people if they are repugnant to the constitution?
Where am I? Whos land am I occupying, what are the rules we are playing by? Are these rules the same for the people as for our government? Wasn't the wrtitten constitution to prevent arbitrary rule of man, how did we get here? IGNORANCE AND APATHY!!!!

The Blaze has presented details on the people inside the OWS movement as well as those believed to be supporting it with money, material goods (sleeping bags, non-perishable foods, etc.), organizational skills, and even storage space. We have named names from the White House to the American Nazi Party, we have shown connections to several unions (like SEIU, UFT, and TWU) and pointed out the organizers like the Working Families Party and ACORN.
This morning we ask you to consider the recently posted Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors, and sympathizers put together by intrepid blogger Zombie.
“Local” supporters:
Communist Party USA
The American Nazi Party
Revolutionary Communist Party
Black Panthers
Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan
Some big names in the political world have also lent support to the cause:
President Barack Obama
Vice President Joe Biden
Nancy Pelosi
International Leaders and Governments:
Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei
Hugo Chavez
Revolutionary Guards of Iran
The Govt of North Korea
Communist Party of China

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