Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Letter to the editor- pre-election

National and local corruption, a result of ignorance and apathy

I’ve been told I am aggressive, abrasive and I that I am the town or state rabble rouser and told I
scare people. Some like me because they understand me, others dislike me
because they don’t.

Most commonly known today asthe guy that supposedly positioned Boise city councilman Shealy into spouting“constitutional BS” My mission today is to go anywhere and everywhere I can
with my video camera to hold our government accountable , to challenge
their education on the constitution and the oath they swore to uphold
to preserve our freedoms and not to tyrannically dictate them.

This oath is critical becauseit is an admission of understanding that the power is inherent in the people,not in the government, a power and authority they were never given. This is why
I have decided to run for the Idaho state legislature in what appears today tobe the new district 9

I have created a questionnaire that is available at
I hope you find this list useful in the restoration of accountability in
government and our constitutional republic that hangs by a thread.

May we the people realize
that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

1. Did you or will you take an oath of office and do or will you remember
what it was for and where it came from?

2. Is swearing an oath important and why?

3. Who will be responsible for holding you accountable if you negate this

4. Where do you get your authority to act in the position you possess or
desire to possess?

5. What form of government do we have in America?

6. What is our governing rule of law?

7. Is the constitution to be understood as the founders intended or is it a
“living breathing document”
The complete list available in the previous post. for questions or comments, please do not hesitate contact me at

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