Thursday, June 20, 2013

Above the law, sovereigns to subjects...

Above the law, from sovereigns to subjects and servants to tyrants

What is happening to America? I was reminded today that obama stated he wanted to fundamentally transform america, from what i can see it was not to begin its transformation but to put the final touches on decades of this change. I think its just that we have been led astray for so long it took awhile to finally see something just isn't right.

 What event did it for you and when did it finally come home to you realizing it isn't just the feds that were the problem but local governments as well?

For me locally, it was the interaction with law enforcement at first, then it was watching our legislature ignore the people, then it was the government reprimanding the people when they spoke out about their concerns being forced to accept what they believed was good for us, all the while my eye was still on the laws that were created upheld by law enforcement, that not only generate revenue for the state but incrementally restrict our liberty and the shift from the people as the inherent power to our government taking that power forcing submission by the tax payers at our expense.

Everyday there are instances where the people are being subject to governmental abuse and many people still wave their flags while they still think they are free?

A classic example, was this morning when i was on my way to the gym, going 20 in a 35 because the four cars in front of me were too scared to drive because a marked officers car was behind them, seriously? Talk about fear!
So we came to the stop light, when the light turned green, the officer pulls around the slow cars and was in excess of 20 mph over the speed limit, and somehow this is ok? I was outraged so i called the sheriffs office to find out about the officers ethics and protocol.

I wasnt upset because they were driving 20mph over the speed limit, like you may think because it was early and there were no cars on the road, no one was endangered so  no harm done, the problem however was the power shift and transfer of unauthorized authority. In other words the problem wasn't that he was going above the speed limit, it was because if the role was reversed, we could have been apprehended for not only speeding but aggressive driving with a substantial fine not to mention the increase in insurance costs and the creation if a criminal record!

The problem is that law enforcement, without proper education and value of their oath or understanding of the proper relationship between officers and those they serve force submission to those whom we pay their salary when no crime had been committed yet they can rise above the laws created for the people to follow? Did you just read what i said? Are we nuts? Are we willing to allow government to continue to write laws, to have law enforcement enforce laws that continually restrict the freedom of those they "serve?"

As angry as i am about this and the failure of government to hear me out, it really isn't the fault of our local officers, as a matter of fact, i believe they are being taught that we are all criminals and that we have just not been caught yet, being taught this by the academy and really feel they are not doing anything wrong which has dangerous consequences, were seeing them now!

If you are as bothered as i am, do something, challenge authority, challenge laws, challenge everything as respectfully as possible until you believe  you have found out how to properly direct your anger at the root of the issue, if through this tangled web you think you can find it!

I wrote this post to relieve stress as i do often but more importantly to let people know, i understand how you feel and i take what i feel and what i know and fight every moment i can whether its challenging authority or educating, or offering perspectives on consequences of actions taken.

Our country is in deep trouble and unless we begin to speak boldly and fight for our freedom, its already gone!

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