Friday, June 14, 2013

Kevin Millers day at the Jail 'What are the consequences?"

Kevin Miller at the Canyon County jail

Did you listen to the radio the other day when he was at the jail? Did you really hear what was being said? Did you understand what they said? As I was listening, I was mortified!

Kevin Miller, lately, has done a great job getting our great “leaders” on the radio but the interviews should strike fear in the hearts of the people that elected them but why is there still silence? I believe it is because the people that elected them have forgotten the purpose of elections or the indoctrination in our tax funded education system is finally seeing the fulfillment of its agenda.

Was our election process put in place as a popularity contest like American Idol? Was it to get someone in there to fulfill and agenda? The reason was originally to elect trustworthy, morally upright individuals that had a firm understanding of the principles of freedom, a knowledge and a desire to preserve these principles to secure freedom for future generations, not to write laws to protect us from ourselves using “In the name of security” and fear tactics to force people into submission in reckless abandon!

I hear the governor, mayors of several cities, congressman, legislators, law enforcement and sheriffs talking about things that prove the ignorance of the people because they were elected to office. This is not about whether these people are nice or good looking or popular or not, many of them I know personally and are very nice people, this should be about whether they possess the ability and the knowledge to do what their position requires. Can they distinguish the difference between the preservation of freedom and “in the name of security?” If you ask me, if they do, they are ignoring it because nothing could be further from the truth, All you have to do is ask yourself are you as free as you were even one year ago? Simple, right?

I have been told by many via email and on the phone that I speak at a level that is difficult to understand or maybe I do not make my point as clearly as I should, in either case I see the danger of what is being said and the simple fact that I see it is enough to try to be informative even if I lack that ability, or that I am grammatically challenged, because I care enough. I am constantly trying to shape my message and hopefully people, over time will realize I am not nuts and have their best interest at heart

In order to try to help make my point, I am going to take a few statements that were mentioned and ask you what the consequences would be of what our government supports in these statements.

It was stated that the sheriff and the Boise mayor approve of the gay ordinance because it protects gays.

Sounds harmless, doesn’t it? Now, think about what that means and how it correlates with law and freedom. If you create a law to protect one class of people, wouldn’t that elevate the rights of one class over another? Now, what does the intent of the law state? Laws in this country in order to maximize freedom and justice for all mean that any law created must apply to all people equally! If the law is unequally placed, it creates a division between the particular classes of people. The fact remains that the law that applies to all is one that if anyone is harmed that justice will be served, no matter who you are, a law that applies to all people, not just a few. If you support laws for gays, shall you have laws for short people, tall people, Asians, Christians, and Blacks? Do you see how detrimental this is? Not only are ordinances  like this dangerous but it also proves how dangerous it is to authorize or to allow governments to make laws like this that are supported by law enforcement because it proves they lack the proper understanding of the law. In other words, there are already laws for criminal behavior that apply to all people! Their lack of understanding, by default is detrimental as you will see,

Another issue is the support for the jail. Do we need another jail? What are the alternatives? If governments are allowed to create any law and the people have no way to fight against, the government then has breached its limitations and has become the ruler not the protector. If government can write any laws, the consequence is the unlawful incremental criminalization of the people that fill these jails! If government has breached their limitations and can write any law they please and forcefully apply these laws to the people, is not the consequence of this the overcrowding in jails, causing the tax payers to continually fund their own eventual enslavement under the guise of keeping them safe?

What is the consequence of the increase of laws? What is the consequence of attaching fines to these laws (when used to generate revenue)? What is the consequence of allowing government to write every law “in the name of security?” What is the consequence of abandoning civics class in public school, re-writing history and electing government officials with no understanding of our history or without civics? What is the consequence of those successfully indoctrinated by the public school that they funded that strayed from the principles that guaranteed our freedom? What is the consequence of government breaching its limitations on the people? What is the consequence of ignorance of history?

Finally, one of the most disturbing comments is when I questioned the chief of police. “Is the supreme court the supreme law of the land” to which he stated ON AIR that it was! Here is the supreme authority in the county, the sheriff, charged with protecting his people against the encroachment of the federal government submitting to the authority of the federal government with obviously no understanding of checks and balances and the delicate jurisdictional boundaries thereof!

These are only a few of the many issues that should be addressed but yet, there is no outrage almost as if the people, the once powerful authority with the inherent power of the government has willfully relinquished that power to their government, not in the name of freedom but in the name of safety where there are no longer any limitations on what government can do. As a man of honor, and basic understanding of the law, in support of its proper limited application as was intended, I stand against all forms of tyranny, both foreign and domestic.  As a man of honor, the preservation of freedom and liberty supersede personal and political friendships and affiliations and I will stand for these principles because the people deserve to know they have been led astray and I will speak of these principles until I can no longer speak. Amen

I would again like to than KIDO and Kevin Miller for allowing me the opportunities to speak on the radio, you are good Americans to whom I am indebted with gratitude.

Tom Munds



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