Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weary and disheartened

Although today was fun, as I enjoy interaction with people, it was also a very sad and disappointing day as well.

I had the great privilege talking to people but to hear their story of their hardships and the injustices that have come upon them i was outraged!

How have we, in this "land of the free" become slaves subservient to a tyrannical power and somehow mistake it for freedom? It isn't!

For example, i was told by an attorney , a member of the bar. allegedly to help represent people in court, that allegedly knows law that the supreme court has the authority to determine our rights and that the supreme court judges are supreme in their authority?

When i asked where they received their authority, he said by their own supreme court decision! WHAT???

Also today that government agencies and magistrates have immunity from being sued also given to them by the supreme court?

I would like to challenge any government entity to debate this issue anywhere because the authority they have, they have stolen from the people preying on the peoples ignorance!

Wake up people we are no longer free!

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