Monday, December 3, 2012

Boise police continues to harass...

My son moved out just a few short months ago with a positive attitude. He is a young law abiding taxpaying man with his life full of promise. He has incredible looks, attitude, intellect, love for his family and friends and is loved by all hat know him.

Within weeks things seemed to change and real life set in. He had a job and is going to school to better himself with a rewarding career and now finds he no longer had the time to do as he wished and sees the world much differently.

My son not only finds that he no longer has the time he once had but thanks to law enforcement, no longer feels he has the freedom he once had, his attitude has changed dramatically because now he sees the things, related to current events, that I have been telling him about regarding the continual encroachments of government on our freedom and now believes me.

Beginning weeks after he moves out, he got a ticket for no front license plate, that he actually had on his dashboard, which we were told was actually ok, because he didn't have the holes in his bumper. As a matter of fact I told him not to worry about it because I didnt think it was that important because officers typically pull you over from behind anyway.

When my son was pulled over he didn’t  receive a fix it ticket or warning but penalties and fines and exceed their limits by asking him for his license and registration of which he failed to produce current insurance for which he told the officer was current. The officer not only not gave him a warning but also gave him a ticket for insurance to pay a fine.

Three days later he was traveling in Payette county and was pulled over because his license plate still was not put on because he hadn’t had time to put it on. My son again receives a fine for not only the license plate put failure to provide insurance again!

Weeks after securing the front license plate, he gets pulled over again, this time because the plate was crooked then again asked for license and registration and once again hit with a penalty because he didn’t have his insurance card because he hadn’t been home to get it!

Isn’t it a bit strange that he got hit twice in a week when two weeks later after he secured his plate the best he could without holes, he gets pulled over going eastbound by a west bound officer at 11pm because his front license plate allegedly was still not secure when in fact it was. He again was asked for his driver’s license and insurance card and was still ticketed with the license secured with a bolt and a cable tie?!
After this rash of detainments the past weeks were enough to pull the skin off my face until I got a call from my wife.

Evidently, My son and a few friends decided to go out to celebrate his 21st birthday. All was well while they were out to dinner, they finished and decided to stop at a gas station before heading home when as they pulled in they noticed an officer parked there.

After getting gas and a six pack of beer, the boys decided to pull out of the station and minutes later pulled up in front of their home when as they stopped were met with twirling lights from the officer from the gas station again!!!

The officer asked them if they knew why they were pulled over and the officer stated they failed to come to a complete stop before entering the roadway from the gas station and were speeding at 40mph in a 35mph?!

The officer asked the usual about drinking, license and registration when one of the boys handed them a concealed carry permit. At that time, six backup officers and a k-9were called.
When asked, the two kids stated they had a sip but the driver had not been drinking but the driver was tested for alcohol anyway?

The kids were then demanded to get out of the car and the car was searched with the k-9 dog while the kids were told to sit on their hands.

The officers as they were searching the car were laughing at the kids telling them that this was a birthday they would never forget.

The car was searched, the kids were harassed and after they were done the kids were let go.

When I called the watch commander he stated that he spoke to the officer and the officer said they were all drinking. The commander also stated he didn’t do a formal investigation but stated that normal protocol is to have the same amount of officers on the scene as those detained.

I told him my call was to find out what happened and to discuss it with my son and get back to them.

For those that have no clue, this is a major excessive use of unnecessary force and if left unchecked will result in yet more continued encroachments on people that were meant to be free and innocent until proven guilty and are not!

I will be pushing this on principle because due to the multitude of police violations, its time to address this issue and put a stop to this if possible which is doubtful.

My son had tremendous respect for those around him but suddenly in his effort to function normally and decently in society, he now feels like a criminal. I apologized as I told him, welcome to your future!

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