Thursday, December 20, 2012

And you wonder what's wrong?

Its been close to 5 years now since i have had my rude awakening where with each passing day i see the clear reality and gravity of our situation not in one facet of society but in each and every part and i stay up nights wondering just what it will take to save us if its even possible.

The one part that i seemed to have the most trouble with and that consequently was the part i tried to avoid was the area of law because i thought it was too complex for a simple mind to

For years i fought against being sucked into vortex of legal-ease and eventually realized all my efforts to resist couldn't compare to the force that overcame that effort so realizing this i decided to jump in.

Since that time of contemplation and resistance I have continued to have these rude awakenings that would be considered nothing short than horrifying!

What am i talking about? We all know that every part if the system is corrupted but what i see on a daily basis are people that are hurt, not by their neighbor through minor discrepancies but average people protecting themselves against any variety of government entities with an apparent mission to abolish life, liberty and property instead of protecting it and these lusted examples are only a few of many!

This apparent government mission for those that don't know, would be considered impossible and unbelievably ludicrous, a "tin hat moment"if you will.

What i have seen from personal experience in this once land of the free where the power was once inherent in the people and government was created to protect their rights is now anything but free!

Weve had every single right that was inherently ours be restricted by our government, even a declaration of rights that declared no government could touch.Weve had people go to jail for speeding tickets without speeding, weve had people beaten by law enforcement for claiming their sovereignty, as free people, we have had people thrown in jail for possession of a controlled substance whether on purpose or by accident without committing a crime, we've had department of education arrest people for administrative policy violations, banks tell mortgage holders that they are unable to help them until they are late on payments then sell their house from under them, the irs, dhs and dot have full authority to restrict the rights of people without congressional approval, congress enters into treaties that shackle us as a free nation. Kids and parents are being harassed by law enforcement, teachers, staff at school subject to search and seizure without probable cause, the feds tell our kids what to eat , think feel and say then poison our food , water, air, control our energy, natural resources and then regulate our businesses or ship them over seas while instead of paging down the national debt they re on anrelentless speding spree killing any possibility of prosperity, we have a supreme court without the power and right to create laws that take forcefully take from the fruits of our labor, through ungodly unlawful heavy taxation and we wonder what the problem is?

I sit in court rooms watching the three ring circus and people are non the wiser. Those that don't know are being neutered and castrated by the system that was to protect them by judges, attorneys, and prosecutors that are a members of the same private organization, the state says that only licensed attorneys can practice law and must be a member of the bar but no one questions the fact that they have no license and that the bar has no congressional mandate to have exclusive authority to represent people in a court room . We are no longer allowed trial by jury but trial by judge, the outcome of each case is a direct conflict of interest according to their own rules and we wonder whats wrong?

We have a nation thats history is wrought with bankruptcy that dated back to ben franklin and a deal made with Britain, thats promise to pay was terminated by the replacement of he statues at large with the us code, we have title 11 that was premeditatedly created to forgive their own debt taking the position of both the debtor and the creditor, while forgiving that debt still making the people responsible for it and for bankruptcy to be used for us instead of the government that it was created for and we wonder whats wrong?

We have the federal reserve that was created in 1913, the bankruptcy in 33, the confiscation o f gold in 33 and silver in 67 then the replacement of silver certificates for federal reserve notes that were never meant to be currency because it was backed by nothing and created to keep the people subservient to a system of slavery and we wonder whats wrong?

We have a global elite thats mission is to bring america to its knees, to destroy its nationalism submitting to the world tyrants, our government has submitted to them for our enslavement and regulation of every move we make through a multitude of treaties. The us government has submitted to the united nations and other world organization, the feds are overrun ing the states and counties and the cities overrun their people exchanging the false hope of security at the sacrifice of freedom that has no bounds and we wonder what the problem is?

We remove god from school, prayer from school and replace it with moral relativism, marxism and other anti american , anti american history, multicultural garbage encouraging fornication, self mutilation and the killing of innocent life as a choice and we wonder whats wrong?

Maybe whats wrong is that through incrementalism we have failed to see the entire list of failures as a nation or maybe were just not paying attention. God forbid that we just no longer care!

If you care, get involved, its late in the game but your kids need you. If you think your life is for your own enjoyment while allowing your kids to enter into slavery you are wrong, your life as a parent is to preserve freedom and liberty for your kids. If you love them stand for them because not standing is a fate worse than death!

People ask me what the solution is and its actually quite simple. First we must kneel before almighty God, pay attention, we must become educated and stand with others that are, we need to stand united, firm and adamantly ,as respectfully ad possible, oppose any creation of law that restricts the rights of the people and not be afraid knowing that if we allow a brother to stand alone, he will surely fall.

This nation is in free fall, and you have a choice. What will you say when your kids asked you what you did to protect their freedom?

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