Thursday, December 20, 2012

Police state kids- home grown guilt!

Today in this alleged land of the free another story comes to me by someone that heard me on 580kido am boise on my morning rant from Sandpoint idaho. Evidently she heard me, looked up my website at, read my posts and thought i could do something for her.

This story , sad to say, is happening so frequently and is so typical that it seems many have become conditioned to such behavior and allow it without any regard to the encroachment on their rights and apparently the earlier they can scare our kids the more submissive people will be as adults.

A young kid with a few friends are pulled over one night for going 5 mph over the speed limit, when pulled over the cops suspect the driver was drinking under age, but did not test him, the officers trick them by saying they know what it was like when they were young like their buddies and get them to submit to a search where they find unopened beer in the truck, the driver, untested gets charged with a DUI and must obtain an SR22.

A few months later after he gets through his issues and has insurance he gets busted for not dimming his high beams fast enough as probable cause for another vehicle search when they find a small plastic wrapper with an immeasurable amount of a leafy substance and stated it was marijuana. The kid not knowing it was there or even if it was mj thought since he was driving that it would be appropriate to take responsibility as it would seem favorable to the officer. He was charged with possession and intent to distribute.

On probation with is sr22 payment being deducted from his debit account, loses his debit card one night and applies for another. Waiting for its replacement this kid forgets that his sr22 payment is debited from his account because his account is frozen.

Days before his new card arrives, his insurance payment attempted to go through his account and was denied due to insufficient funds. Due to the fact that this kid had a job and knew he needed to make his payment and was between a rick and a hardplace drives hoping that timing between the payment, his debit card and not getting pulled over, he drives to work hoping that it will work out and that if pulled over, the officers would be understanding

On the way home, after dark, he gets pulled over again for going 5 mph over the speed limit with no one on the road. He gets charged with probation violation, with DWP and the 5 mph was allegedly " probable cause"

In reading this post you may ask yourself whats the significance of this post? May i suggest if you have to ask you may be one of those that have also been conditioned to this form of tyranny.

You see, before this country was founded men under the tyrannical oppression of a king came to this new land to be free, sovereign and independent.

In the establishment of a new nation, the people created government specifically to protect their unalienable rights of life, liberty and property.

After years pass people with personal agendas, wealth and power have worked to undermine the limitations imposed on government and have taken the inherent power from the people and today using it against them, no longer to protect our rights but rather to dictate them, to incrementally remove each and every right until all rights we have are controlled by the one entity that was to preserve freedom of the people not to strip it away.

Our children today, live in a police state! They are conditioned at a young age to buy the fact that their rights never came from God, were not unalienable but were soley dependent on what government says they are and nothing could be more evident than in the way our law enforcement treats its people especially its kids.

Today our kids fear law enforcement because the parents of these kids were taught to fear government through unlawful submission.

I believe it was Jefferson that stated "when people fear their government. There is tyranny but when the government fears the people we have freedom."

This nation was founded on a free, sovereign and independent people, where government was to protect our rights and preserve them for future generations but instead has been trained to restrict these rights and freedoms in the name of security.

If for some reason you still don't understand my point, please don't hesitate to contact me.

For those of you that jump to conclusions, i am not against government, i am against tyranny in government, i am for limited government, with liberty and justice for all as was intended and to be held sacred by those that honored their oath!
Tom munds

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