Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meeting with Boise city official

Ladies and gentlmen,
Today while people were still enjoying thoughts of their vacation or perhaps still on vacation with their families i stayed home conversing with yet another higher ranking capitol city official that yet left me with one more confirmation that not only didn't i need and left me fear of my government but also gave me a clearer understanding if what our government knows about freedom, liberty and power and is as misguided as it seems.

I have posted many abuses of government power the last few years and have written a lot about the continual aggressive usurpations of government in attempt to wake people up to the sad reality we face even here in Idaho and even posted the latest story with regards to our local law enforcement and my kids.

The one thing that this personal incident did was allow me to see first hand how bad things are even though i knew beforehand. Since this was now personal it allows me to not only fight against it but to have readers learn just how bad things are. I will use these instances to this end in an effort to educate people and to consider an alternative to government tyranny in an effort to restore the principles of freedom in a land that appears not to want it anymore.

Early last week i wrote a city official a chronology of events regarding my sons traffic stop and by the end of the week i received a call to meet to discuss it which was set for this morning.

When i got through to him, i was elated that this man was as kind and courteous to me as he was, almost a rarity these days since we have become subservient subjects to a tyrant king or court. He seemed like a man of honor and integrity, also a family man with many children, i was sure this conversation would go well.

When i began with my story, he listened intently, he never interrupted, never got angry and allowed me to verbalize my passion for history and law and even allowed me to debate with him a bit and for that i am grateful but what came afterward was one if the biggest let downs i have ever heard, not necessarily because of what he said but because what he said was the same thing as every government official... " he admires my passion but my understanding of history if law is my opinion!?"

Is law subject to my opinion or just the opinion of government or was law meant to be applied equally and consistently with the understanding that the power was inherent in the people and not in government? Was mot the purpose of government to protect the rights of the people by honoring their oath and limitations if public office? And wasn't law to protect the innocent while punishing this that are guilty or wrongdoing? Can government legitimately expand its power without the authority if the people? Can government lie to its people and redefine its terms and legitimately not be fraudulent in its application of its operation of its government created authority?

I asked what the hierarchy of law was and he stated it was statutes and scotus case law, when i asked about the constitution he said that no case law was unconstitutional because " the supreme court has ruled..."

I asked him to think if his belief in the supreme court as supreme authority is consistent with his self stated knowledge of history and the Founders principles of freedom and how the Founders can leave the tyranny of an english king and his decrees for nine in black robes?

Is it consistent that the people in their fight for freedom , that left the security of one nation, would just a few decades later submit to a supreme authority and have that authority be the final arbiter of mans rights?

This is completely inconsistent with not only the history of this nation but it defies the understanding and purpose of the creation if government and misplaces the inherent power and authority from the people to its government!

Anyway, to make a long story short, we communicated for about an hour and what i was left with was that according to an ex law enforcement officer thats job is to oversee them to protect the people, nothing had violated our rights or their administrative policy so they decided to close the case withiut even telling me.

Logically, how can a government entity, hire an ex law enforcement officer as the head if the oversight committee for law enforcement that exists to protect its people when you know the allegiance would be to protect his own over that of the people that pay his salary and retirement? No conflict if interest?

Anyway, if your worried about your rights, forget em, you don't have any! Do you know why? Because the supreme court and each government entity regardless of their ability to make law has the final say on those that pay their salary, retirement and benefits and your knowledge of law and your ability to hold them accountable was a pipe dream because when it all comes down to having government answer to one of its people, they can say that their policy prevents it not to mention them saying "we cant give legal advice!"

The one ray of hope i saw was when he told me that he knows every day that he has to deal with his hypocrisy and struggles to stand where he does and where he believes he should. Please pray for this man, and pray that he was not only convicted by our conversation but that he will begin to stand where he knows he needs to not where others tell him to because of a paycheck!

Will men stand as men on principle or sell themselves, their freedom, their children and that authority entrusted to them to protect that freedom for a paycheck paid for by those expecting that protection?

Welcome to our enslavement and welcome to the new AmeriKa, the land of the enslaved that think they are free!

If you would like to know more about my interview, would like a copy of the audio or can help urge or force accountability in government, please contact me at or 208-861-6405.

I am not interested in hostile takeovers or violent subversion of government, but instead to engage any and all government agencies to have them answer to their people because their failure to do so will result in a catastrophic train wreck from hell that we all see coming.

The time is now, if time still hasn't expired to make a difference for our kids. If we love our kids is not freedom more valuable than a public school education?

Tom munds

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