Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BPD- discouraged and disappointed in Boise

Disappointed in Bpd visit this morning

I have been frequenting a particular area in Boise for the last few months and have noticed for several hours a day, several days a week, a Boise city officer parks closely to a railroad track, behind a building and appears to be hiding in order to write citations.

After several weeks of watching this guy, this morning i decided to go pay him a visit and strike up a conversation.

In my attempt to pull up next to him, i realized i couldn't because he was too close to the tracks on one side and the building on the other.

Why is he hiding? Why is he endangering himself parked so close to the railroad tracks? What if the vehicle wouldn't start amidst an oncoming train? Wouldn't he get hurt? Would the tax payers then be held liable for his medical bills as well as a new vehicle? If he can pArk there, can the people should we decide to? And if its too dangerous for the people, does this officer have super powers that he would somehow not be just as endangered as a private person?

Questions like this run through my veins as i drive up in front of him as he gets out to meet me on the passenger side of my vehicle.

When he reaches my vehicle, he was obviously not happy, not cordial and cold when he asked what i wanted. I smiled at first and asked him why he was there. The officer stated he was there to look at the stop sign. When i asked him again and suggested he may be there to write tickets he again stated he was there to watch the stop sign, to which i responded, " i dont think the stop sign is going to do much" maybe i could get him to laugh, nope!

After establishing why he was there, i told him that i was concerned about the increasingly widening communication gap between law enforcement and its people and that i travel daily attempting to communicate with law enforcement in an effort to reduce the apparent animosity and to narrow this gap.

He still was not happy, was not welcoming and looked like i was torchering him.

When i moved into asking about government limitations and excessive force and topics related to such, he got uncomfortable and stated this is not a good time to discuss this and that he had to go back to work.

I asked him why he felt it was so important to go back to work when the stop sign hadnt moved, there was nobody violating the law, he had no calls and that he was by himself with no one to answer to?

It was obvious by his demeanor either he is having a bad day, as we all do for a multitude of reasons, he does not like the public or does like to be questioned or interrupted as he sits behind a building wasting tax dollars to generate revenue for the city by those he swore to protect but instead criminalizing us at our expense!

To be clear, i have tremendous respect for law and law enforcement but anything beyond the scope of rights protection that elevates their authority over the people to force submission to laws that restrict every move we make i find intolerable and worth challenging...

... At least greet me with a smile and show some gratitude for the fact that we still pay you for treating us the way you do!

Incidences like this are more and more common. I have decided that until more of us do this, our treatment will continue to get worse and i will now due to the disgust i feel continue to visit with my law enforcement in an effort to still reduce the communication gap.

Should someone challenge me on the reality if this post, i welcome it!

In the meantime i have also decided to make more frequent calls to the ombudsman or the chief if he takes my calls to express my concern asking the question i find myself asking quite frequently:

What the hell is happening in this county?

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