Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear friends, patriots and government agencies

Dear Fellow Americans and government agencies,

There are many of us that have watched this country decline for decades, there are more that have awakened more recently, in the last few years like me and hopefully there are those that are waking daily to the horrors that we face in this once free country. As this country faces mounting uncertainty, the government does what it can to re-assure the people we are in recovery; I assure you we are not!

I have made the decision years ago, as many that know me will attest to, that I will be as increasingly vocal as the oppression increases. I have drawn my line in the sand, am willing to take the ridicule and the scrutiny in my most sincere effort to help do my part to save this country, or save Idaho from what many people cannot yet see or die trying. I do not view myself as special, elevated in authority or self-serving but rather someone that just cares enough to put my money where my mouth is to ask what no one else seems to be asking: “Just what the hell is happening to America?” and stand alone, if necessary in doing so!

For those that do not know me, I do speak aggressively and may, at times, am abrasive but I assure you I mean no malicious intent nor do I have any ill-will toward any person or agency on the contrary, because I understand that many of us, including myself, have been brilliantly bamboozled. Due to this fact I have given the state the benefit of the doubt that these state agencies are not aware of the endgame as they work to protect their people. The simple fact of the matter is, there are people in our government entrusted to protect our rights, that do not have the best interests of the people at heart and it is time to make sure that people understand this.

The purpose of this email is to share a message from my heart as well as to share a video that I believe is important. In my opinion, this video is worth watching because it is a compilation of media sources and stories over time that when brought together; show that the direction our federal government is taking. Our federal government has been propagandizing and among other things, giving money to the states to gain incremental control and when clearly seen through this video, will reveal the dangerous intent while they continue to cleverly do it under the guise of “in the name of safety.” for which there are no longer any limitations on any government agency or political subdivision.

Please take the time to watch this video and consider the fact that if you discredit this email and what I am saying has any validity, understand the blood of the people and the destruction of this country for future generations may be on your hands.

What I am asking each of you to do, if you support what I am saying, is to:

1. Forward this email to others you know.
2. To speak to people you know at work or at play to find out if there are people willing to stand against the destruction of your freedom;
3. To contact your local law enforcement, your mayor, your county commissioners, police both city and state,
4. To write letters and make calls or to meet with our officials in person to express your concerns;
5. And to ask them point blank, what they plan on doing about this continual encroachment not only on the people but the attempt by the federal government to diminish the local control and power of the cities, counties and states and to force total submission to a federal or perhaps global government.

If you have information or need assistance or have any questions of my motives, I challenge anyone to call me and discuss the issue/s. This is not an attempt to subvert our intended form of government but to prevent it! I love my country, I love my military and law enforcement but when the founders intended form of self-government, or limited government has been overcome by tyrants with unrestricted, unlimited power, its time to stand and say enough is enough.

Americas dying hand is in the hands of its people. Will we rise as Americans to save this great country from its peril or will we, submit in fear, allowing it to slip away subjecting our kids and ourselves to bondage? The choice is ours, the path is unclear, the road will be rough and undefined and danger could be a distinct possibility. Are you up to the call?

As i recall, christ was the only one that could perform miracles alone.

Tom Munds:

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