Monday, January 21, 2013

A few words about the healthcare debate

Healthcare post

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to fellowship with my fellow patriots this morning with Kevin Miller on location for the healthcare debate at the Boise Convention Center.

We had a great turnout and on our side, those in opposition to the state exchange were in true form, well informed and hammered those in support, nice job to wayne hoffman, Steve Ackerman and Loel Fenwick.

The debate went on for hours and rather than boring you with the trivialities, ill post a few of the topics that concerned me about those in support of the exchange.

Those in support say Supreme court has "ruled" and so we must submit to their authority. Are the people to believe that the supreme court determine our rights? If so, how is this different from King George except we have traded one tyrant for nine?

Those in support, including the governors spokesman previously said they picked the best of three choices made by the feds? Are the people to believe that the people must submit to government authority and submit to choices made my the federal government when it is clearly out of their jurisdiction?

Those in support say that they are for a private exchange, When has that happened and that once we have accepted the exchange will we be able to move into a private exchange? Are we the people to believe that government will ever relinquish its power it has taken from the people or the states? And can anyone give an answer to when they have?

Those in support of the exchange say we have a better chance of control? Where is the constitutional provision that allows the feds to control the states or its people?

Those in support of the exchange admit the feds are overreaching and inefficient but also numerous times admitted we are a socialist system. How are the people to justify its implementation and support this exchange when by their own admission the constitutionality of it proves supreme court is not constitutional because it has authorized a socialist healthcare system?

This exchange is developed by healthcare corporations, and is corporate fascism. the creation of this beast benefits those that created it with funding from the feds collection of tax dollars as well as the cozy relationship the healthcare industry has with our government.

Those in support say we get to choose three options mandated by the government? How are mandates constitutional in that the government has the authority for the people to be forced to buy something they dont want?

How much do healthcare industries get from the people by force and secured by our govt?

They say there are Federal fees? More fees? Are the people to believe that the federal government has no limitations on its taxing authority on the states or its people? Cost is not the issue, as much as it is principal!

Those in support say taking care of yourself will be encouraged and beneficial? Are the people to believe that the government is interested in the well being of the people while the feds poison our food, water, and air and blood?

Fda approves drugs to make us sick, corporations with government control healthcare rising its costs to increase profits meanwhile government takes our tax dollars and incomes poisoning us and making money through the care given by a system it controls?

Those in support of the exchange keep saying they know the choices ate oppressive and bad, that there are many unknowns, that the system is a socialist pig but support the Feds telling us what to do while they say they support the mandate with the least control like its the only options we have? Were forced to abide by federal deadline? What constitutional provision allows the feds to place mandate deadlines on the people or the states with regards to healthcare?

Why are the people given options /restrictions by government when the duty of government to protect our right to choose without mandates? Fees and unknown provisions in a bill they refused to disclose?

Those in support acknowledge there are penalties for failure to sign up? Penalties? Are we the people to believe that the federal government is acting in its limited authority as it utilizes coercion in an effort to force submission by the people and he states? What constitution does the federal government adhere to? What constitution does the supreme court use when it ushers obvious unconstitutional mandates?

Those that support it acknowledge that healthcare pays for all that are here. are we the people to believe we save money funding illegal mexicans and their kids while our president opens the flood gates lessening care for those tht fund it?!

Those in support of this exchange acknowledge our personal information to be mandated into a federal database? Are we the people to believe that mandates are necessary by a government to protect the freedom of its people?

Those in support say Free market will have to conform? What part of free markets involves requirements set by the feds with imposed penalties and taxes?

Those in support say that we would have to sue the feds?Are we the people to believe we need sue against the feds when it forces the people to pay twice to have their rights protected which should have been done he first time?

We the people understand that through history governments use deception to cooers people to submit then force interpretations of law to expand their powers. Once laws like this are in place and the people have been rendered powerless, the truth finally comes out and its never efficient nor a benefit to the people. Governments have always ended up "enslaving its people for their own good"

Those in support say we must stay with the black letter meaning of the law? So what is this law that trumps the protection of our rights by a written constitution?

The problem is that we the people have denied the church its proper role and instead, chosen to be controlled by the state instead of supporting the churches which were the charity arm of the state which is why they were tax exempt to begin with.

Those in support urge submission to the IRS "or else?"
Are we the people standing in a room with neutered "experts" in support of the exchange that do not even question the authority of the IRS? If they wont ask, allow me to. Where is the power of the IRS derived from? Where is the constitutional provision that allows them to forcefully collect taxes threatening the loss of liberty and property? If there is no constitutional provision, where is the congressional mandate to allow them to collect or utilize force? Are these not ex lost facto or bills of attainder or perhaps a denial of every provision and intent by the creation of government though a constitution? Does the IRS when it collects taxes pay down the national debt? If so, why does the debt continue to grow and if not where does the money go, to the crown of England, the IMF? The global elite bankers?

We the people have a choice! We are the inherent power in a constitutional republic Were not under the authority of a king, a tyrant dictator or in our case nine judges! if governments were created by the people, to protect their rights, not to interpret them, how then has the master become servant and the servant the master?

This debate was clear to me like all other mandates that this is not about caring for the people but to subject them to slavery to a system that will destroy not only the individual wealth but the wealth of the states and the nation! Measures like these are done on purpose to destroy a nation, its freedom and bringing our nation to what the president said in 2008, "that no one nation should be above another"

Does more really need to be said?


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