Friday, December 21, 2012

"Ignorance is no excuse?"

Today was interesting that i recieved a call out of no where from a guy that found me while searching for corruption in Gem county, i cant wait to hear his story ad it comes on the heels of many others the last few years. The rest of the day was researching idaho govt ethics and going through title 49 if the idaho statutes! What is interesting is that the entire volume of codes is completely contradictory! For example, title 49-654-2 states clearly that the speed lit on the interstate is 75mph but the interstate is marked at 65, why? Evidently the legislative branch, the only lawful authority to make laws thinks it has given authority to ITD the power to change speed limits without legislative approval and ITD has acted upon this authority. What is interesting to note is that i have on record a magistrate that confirmed that ITD does not possess that power!

In thinking deeper on the subject we find that the legislature has apparently given every political subdivision the authority to make law including Idaho public utility commission, ITD, board of education , law enforcement and on and on!

I am left with many questions but one stands out above the rest...
What the hell is going on in a state and country where people pledge allegiance to a flag thankful for freedom they no longer possess?

How can any political subdivision administratively create ordinances and policies and apply them to the people? If people oppose these policies what then is their redress?
There isn't one because it isn't legislatively created and therefore not subject to scrutiny by the judicial branch?!!!

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