Sunday, November 18, 2012

Toms speech to Boise city council

It took several days to create and finish just my speech to the city council, but it is finally done and can be viewed here:

The reason i posted just my speech first was that i received several email and calls that stated the media made it look like i was in support of this ridiculous ordinance, i am here to say there is no way i support any such thing!

This video is to help explain why. In order to prevent more confusion, i must be clear to state that just because i oppose this sexual preference does not mean that i tolerate or support crimes being committed against another person no matter what they believe, i do not!

We live in a country where we were to have equal protection under the law and more laws that are written to elevate the rights of a few, granting government authority that is outside of its limitation is severely detrimental to those that are ignorant if the fact, i am here to help clear up misunderstandings between those that know law and those that do not. Although i am no expert, i know enough to know when the rights of the people are violated and governments are passing these laws saying they are ok because others have done it! Shall we legalize other atrocities because other countries perform them?

The full length video will be available on my website ad soon as i get it done, for what its worth '

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