Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The charriot without a horse

All of the czars with new government programs with the goal to increase transparency and accountability but who holds them accountable?

The federal reserve is neither of which it claims and has no one holding them accountable.
In this unbelieveable video below, you will see the future of what a government controlled entity looks like, why is it that their are still some Americans that still want the government involvement?

A friend sent me this short video, it documents the fact that the Federal Reserve & White House political puppets have purposely engineered America's economic crisis.

FACT; HE WHO CONTROLS THE GOLD RULES......Decades of allowing Corporate Lobbyists to serve as Public Servants has terminated Citizen's access to a Representative Government.

WAR ROOM REPORT; America's 2nd Revolution is raging between Barak Obama's Democrat Socialist Regime & Republican Corporate Regime, both sides are battling for total control of America's assets & Citizens.

Americans, Sheeple or People ??

At some point American Citizens will decide if they want to continue being treated like Pork Bellies in the Stock Market.

Ousting treasonous Tyrants is key to Americans re-claiming their pride, Country & restoring themselves a true Representative Government.

America's Founding Fathers created the Oath of Office as an 'enforcement' tool to remove corrupt Politicians. Voting Records provides indisputable evidence of Oath compliance or betrayal.

The person asking the questions is former prosecutor, House Democrat Alan Grayson; she is Elizabeth Coleman, Inspector General of the Federal Reserve.

The issue is oversight pertaining to the ever-expanding im-balance sheet of the Fed.

Here is the video:


Accountability? We don't need no stickin' accountability!

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