Thursday, August 6, 2009

flagged the whitehouse

The last few posts were written regarding Obama's eagerness to silence the opposition. I had mentioned previously that it would be great for those whom disagree with his snitch site to turn themselves in, to do our part and save the incurred expenses of our taxpayer dollars that would be used to find those in opposition. I decided to post my letter here to indicate my willingness to follow through. The below letter I sent to

To whom that reads,
I am a Christian American patriot. I love God, this country and my fellow Americans. I pay my taxes, obey laws and work to do my part to help America prosper. I resent your administration for making me appear as a criminal ( right wing extremist, angry mobster) for believing what I have grown up to believe-The constitution, bill of rights, the 10 commandments, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I disagree with your Marxist agenda and your continued willingness to violate the Constitution, the spending,the lies, the oppression you desire to control your “subjects”, your lack of transparency and the similarities that I see between you and other dictators in other countries and those throughout history just to name a few. One can only wonder if when meeting with them (those in opposition to the direction our country-IRONIC!) you aren’t taking their advice, you certainly won't take ours!

I was confused at first by your light hearted sentiments because I had a feeling about who you were and what you are doing when I first saw your smug, arrogant attitude pierce through our TV with those vindictive eyes and couldn't understand it but I feel do now. I feel that you hate America, American citizens and what we stand for as a nation and you feel it is your job to destroy us. You have duped so many Americans to believing that you are some omnipotent celestial being that has come to save us that I can only wonder if you were sent here by some spiritual being other than God.

Congratulations Mr. Obama, you are well on your way to our countries demise in record time. Please tell us what else we can look forward to in the next 200 days…famine, drought, economic collapse, civil war, concentration camps, euthanasia, new world globalization? This is all your for the taking, the world is now your oyster and we are the grains of sand.

My earnest prayer is that you will awaken and open your eyes to what you are doing and realize that this is not good for America and its citizens or for the future generations of this country.

Please stop the madness, be humble before your people and God whom you have vowed to serve and do the will God and of the people (within the confines of our constitution) and not the will of yourself and those in congress. You seem like such a good guy, great smile, sense of humor and I am so confused because your policies seem to contradict your goodness that seems apparent at first glance.

Until you successfully silence your opposition, I will not be silent and I am not afraid,
Sincerely and respectfully,

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