Friday, August 14, 2009

Through my eyes...

Letter to a friend whom still suppots Obama:

I have read much about Apologetics the last few years. I studied the four largest and most popular worldviews- Marxism/Lenninism, secular and cosmic humanism and Christianity. I have also spent time reading about communism and the importnace and the continuity Marx and Engels played in Communism.

I feel I have read enough about Communism to understand that this is America's direction. I do not understand is how some still do not see it making excuses for one reason or another none of which give answers to why they don't and downplaying it's possiblity against all opposition.

What makes me make this claim?

The 1848 Karl Marxs' 10 planks of the communist manifesto are already in place in this country for starters.

Obama is silencing free speech of those in opposition, fairness doctrine, snitch email address on the WH home page, internet warnings stating that the government will have authority to track your pc, HR45 seems to be back on the table, food modernization act, just to mention a few,and the list is endless, there is talk about martial law ( HR 645), concentration camps ( internment camp applications on the National guard and Army websites and foreign troops on our soil to help with the unrest. There is a czar and a special committee for everything.

My question...Why would we need to spend 180M/yr to build more camps when we are near bankrupt now? Why foreign troops? Why does Obama want the military to join forces with law enforement? Why does FEMA and homeland security and the executive orders as well as the UN have to be involved? Must be serious if these are happening.

Why is it so important that Obama pass this bill before anyone reads it? Congress said they wouldnt read it and they would pass it anyway. Aren't you the least bit concerned that they may just "shoot from the hip" and make it up as they go along? Scary to me. Why does the swine flu vaccine have the possiblity of being forced on the American people? What is in it? Why do people associate these vaccinations with the same strain that killed 2/3rds off the population in the 1920's. Why should the government be able to dictate when we should live or die and when? Death counseling?

Why all of the apologies to foreign countries that dislike America and the vast promotion of Islam and the condecension of the American people? Why are patriotic Americans and those who fought for our country now terrorists, right wing extremists and "angry mobsters? Why do people not see the connection Obama is making that "Being American is now un-American?
Is this within his constitutional right as president? Do you even know?

Why is there news that this vaccine is considered to have been made for bioterrorism as a weapon?That it is man made and that they actuully have an anecdote? Marxism believes in population control. Whos' job is it to control the population...the government? No? They are being given control of everything else. Do you think that the government has the right to deny you medical care when you need it when you are old?

Can they tell you you cant have the care even if you can pay for it? Should the American taxpayers pay for this healthcare for the illegals while they get it all for free? Why are we getting warnings from other countries telling us not to do it but we ignore their warning. Have you read the bill? I have outlined the issues with page numbers if you would like to review will effect you before it does me.

My prediction? If this bill passes and I believe it will, A revolution in the next 200 days if the present direction continues, food shortages, violence civil unrest and the continual increase of power to the president. Our congress is arrogant and have forgotten who we are and will become slaves for our coming dictator and his enterage. Why else would their be so much hoopla on the net about martial law and troops performing drills, harmful vaccines and bills that are put in place to give the government more and more control? This is the key indicator of why I feel it will pass, that and the continual arrogance of our politicains.

I do not write to offend only to give you what I see on the near horizon. I have grown to love you, I respect you and appreciate the friendship we have, I care and I feel deep inside I must warn others regardless of how nuts I look.

No one believed Noah either, Everyone thought he was crazy too. I pray I do not bring the news he spoke that everyone ignored.

All I ask is that people consider the sources and possiblities. All of the proof and links to videos and articles are located on my blog if you become curious. If you go there it doesnt even tell me that you were there.

I understand that people like their sources to obtain information and find it difficult to stray to other sources but if there is something this serious going on in this country don't you think it is worth the research.

If I am wrong, I may look like an idiot but have not harmed anyone in the process, what if you are? Are you willing to look in the eye of your friends and neighbors after something happens knowing you could have done something about it?

Our government is corrupt, the people are blind, not from stupidity but from ignorance...from not being educated on the issues others speak of, it isn't a crime, nor something to take offense to, most have better things to do with their day than spend it reading such depressing news articles. As you read the listed items above do you honestly not see something wrong with the direction America is headed? Is this the America you remember as a child and is this the America you want for our future children?

One last thing of importance-I do not care how good a bill sounds or how bad it is, if it is not Constitutional it can't( shouldn't) be implemented!

According to the Declaration of Independence:

"Every state has the guaranteed right to enjoy a republican form of government"

Socialism is not that form of government!

Please consider the sources. It is your life and the future generations that follow.


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