Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama's children off limits or else?

This article states that it is off limits to involve Obama's children in his political issues."No if ands or buts it says... "

Really? I find that the liberal progressive often accuse the conservatives of what they are guilty of and somehow seem to get away with it without as much as a fight.

I know that memory is failing for most regarding politics,history, science etc. but what I am referring to is way less than eight years ago so it should be relatively fresh in the minds.

What I am referring to is the slanderous, despicable, disrespectful, outrageous attempted destruction AND CHARACTER ASSASINATION of Sarah Palin's political and family life. The questions regarding her clothes, her husband, her lifestyle and ...wait, what else...HER CHILDREN!!!!

I guess the only one's who's children are off limits are those of the president, huh? Am I to understand that no one should speak anything about his children? I certainly wouldn't because I have more respect for his own children than I do their parents.

So, Mr. Obama if I am not allowed to speak against your children are you not allowed to speak against mine? Do I get the same control over what my children are taught the public school system as well or am I to subject them to the immoral cesspool that you promote as a healthy educational environment, I somehow tthink you feel that it isn't healthy enough for your family? It's kind of like your healthcare bill that you want to force on the American people but somehow think that it isn't good enough for you and your family...this is more than the beginning of a dictatorship, it is more like a continuation of such.

Keep up the great work Mr. Obama, she's almost gone, the way she was, in a few more days she'll be unrecognizable, just tell us when to replace the American flag with the one of your face like the one of Mao tse Tung.

White House Objects to Poster That Invokes Obama Children

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