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History repeats? Bank holiday like 1930's

Today is the second day I have received emails in regards to a "bank holiday" that is supposed to apparently occur around August 25 or 28 but sources say that this may be for alot longer than what you and I would consider temporary.

What is a bank holiday? states :

Temporary closing of a bank by government officials. The most famous "bank holiday" is the one-week nationwide closing in 1933, ordered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to control a wave of bank failures and restore confidence in the banking system.

wikipedia states:

In the United States, banks are generally closed on all federal holidays, but the term bank holiday refers specifically to emergency bank closures mandated by executive order or act of Congress to remedy financial crises, for example the Emergency Banking Act of 1933.[5]

Why do they have bank holidays?

I found a great explanation here, for those who like it in laymans terms.

Bank holidays are as far as I know have occured when our financial system is in the midst of a collapse. Like the 1930's, there was a run on the banks as people tried to get their money out so they closed them, the closure I guess was temporary but I believe at that point was when the government began threatening people with fines and long jail terms if they didn't give up there gold and precious metals. Will this happen again?

I believe there is an excellent cahnce of it happening again becaus ethe owers that be have all of the necessary ducks in a row to make it happen. I believe we are in a way worse situation now than we were then for a multitude of reasons, many are plain to see by watching the news or the newspaper and the internet.

The purpose of this post is to warn readers of the possibility of a Bank holiday here in America apparently around August 25 or so. This has not been confirmed although we know that common sense tells us we cannot spend our way out of a financial crisis, it isn't necessarily a matter of if they have the bank holiday but when.

If you haven't made preparations, please consider doing it quickly, if it doesnt happen on the date suggested you will be ready for when it does.
Remember it isn't a matter of if but when.

None of these sources have been confirmed.
Info obtained so far:

So here we go. Last night on Tim Turner's Alumni group meeting Tim announced his baker friends in very high places that FDIC is now 2 Billion in the hole. The 25th the qtrly report comes out.

There was as I understand it a nationwide meeting stating make sure you have 1 years worth of swiss francs for each county and state entity. The ratio is to be 8.25% for the conversion to the Amero. or basically 1 FRN for 12 Amero's. Is this confirmed? I have no reason at this point to doubt Tim and this is either a false flag operation to see how we react or it is going to happen.

What would this mean your money would not be returned if the banks close you will lose your safe deposit boxes as well. Hard assets gold and silver will be very valuable. a 12:1 ratio puts silver at about 156.00 an ounce. do the math for gold. Make your preps post haste. this is not a warning this is the passing of information to you. Let's get this viral maybe we can get them to fix this quickly maybe not but lets try. Stick together Pray and do not be afraid let's face this together in strength vigilance and courage!!!

Another source:

Bank Holiday Possible from August 26th Through October 2009 Will Be No Picnic But an Illuminati Feast of Flesh and MarrowAugust 18, 2009Hawk

In this age of a $quadrillion in derivatives, so called insurance policies, but better likened to a Las Vegas poker game, the American Dream is built of nothing much it seems but a house of cards and endless Debt buttressed by phony economic statistics, cooked books, and continued loss of jobs, homes, businesses, net worth, and liberty.

Plunge Protection Team pump jobs on the stocks, Dollar collapse fears, manipulated hold downs on the Precious Metals Futures, and TARP-TALF-FED extraordinary thievery of close to $24.7 Trillion without transparency going to Foreign Banks owned by Illuminati luciferian GLOBALISTS who are the Receivers of the Bankruptcy of 1933 of the corporate entity UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and probably the current one of 2008 which has not been officially declared.

Although no definite evidence of the exact date for a Bank Holiday or shutdown, where perhaps a new devalued currency would be put into place in the U.S. exists, there has been plenty of warning from some stellar Financial Newsletters like Harry Schultz' and Bob Chapman's International Forecaster that there is high likelihood that one might occur somewhere between 8/26/09 and the end of October 2009.

The warning from Mr. Schultz indicates to watch for the FDIC 2nd Quarter Report to come out 8/25 and that because of the implications of the real condition of the Banks to be ready for possible closure of the Banks from 8/26 onward. These warnings in and of themselves by these two top prognosticators of financial and economic trends are dire, but they also have been followed by a great deal of ancillary information and evidence that has come to the Q-files from a myriad of Banking, Bank IT personnel, Intel sources, and even a Tennessee State website for their Financial Institutions Department.

Thus, with a preponderance of corroboration of these sources of information, the weight must err on the side of sounding a Watchman's Warning to the people to prepare for such an event.


Last week 2 letters in draft format allegedly from a large Midwestern Bank with branches in several states were made available to the Q-files by an alleged Executive level employee of that Bank. Their contents, which were to be offered for correction and suggestions to be returned no later than 8/21/09, contained the statement that they had been prepared at the behest of the Federal Reserve and that an Executive Order (though # not stated) was specifically going to be cited in the finished product that would go to all Bank account holders and employees sometime after that 8/21/09 though no exact date was listed.

The content of these two letters was :

1.All account access was to be limited by the Bank and that any withdrawls, checks, debit cards, or access of credit lines, and IRA's could total no more than $500.00 per one or a combination of accounts every 7 business days until these limitations were lifted by Federal Authorities.

2. All lock boxes were to be sealed and access to contents disallowed by regulations imposed by Executive Order, the IRS, FDIC, and the Federal Reserve Bank until further notice.These type restrictions have been seen before during Bank Holidays of the 1930's where contents of lock boxes (particularly gold and cash) were in fact confiscated and also in more recent IMF/WORLD BANK imposed scenarios in South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil in the early 2000's, 90's, and 80's.

The implications for the American people here are ominous once again. When one looks at a potential limit on withdrawls of only $2000 per 28 business days .......and then calculates that many households budgets are much greater than that especially if the Mortgage Payment is included, it is no wonder that Northcom Troops, Foreign Troops, and Mercenaries are being quartered inside the U.S. and are practicing for Martial Law to quell massive civil uprisings.

Additional ancillary information received includes numerous reports from Bank or Financial Institution computer system personnel describing actual planned system shutdowns or work from home drills starting as early as 8/22/09 and with many citing dates in mid September 2009. One large West Coast Bank reportedly had informed a customer that a "major systems upgrade" would restrict all access to their accounts from 9/11/09 for a period of approximately 2 full days.

A European banking contact of an alleged CIA agent posted in Europe has informed a Q-files friend of the possibility of some sort of rolling regional Bank Holiday shutdowns in the U.S. to begin as early as late August 2009 through the month of September 2009. The State of Tennessee Financial Institutions authorities have posted an August 9, 2009 memo on their website which describes their policies of Bank Closures and regulations with specific regard to the DHS declared MEDICAL STATE OF EMERGENCY and the Flu also hints at other possible STATES OF EMERGENCY that are contained in Executive Orders and Presidential Decision Directives (PDD'S) which could necessitate closure of Banks in that State.

This brings up an excellent point of the high probability of the Flu Pandemic coinciding with or following or perhaps precipitating these Bank Holidays or Closures.Currently, the WHO has declared a Level 6 Pandemic condition and already the U.S. is preparing for massive vaccinations of the populace and under the Medical Emergency Powers Act can in fact use Troops or Police to force vaccinations or send anyone refusing to a Quarantine Camp or Facility for an indefinite time period.

Refusal of vaccine is being described as a crime now and already reports of Dr.s, Nurses, and other hospital and dental workers being fired or threatened with firing for refusal of the H1N1 or combination of Flu vaccines being given already around the country are coming into the Q-Files.

Once again Northcom Troops are on record as going to be used in these mass vaccination programs and any resulting refusals will be handled by them and State, County, and Local Law Enforcement Officers operating under the new Interoperability Federal Command. The State of Massachusetts is currently in the process of Deputizing all Dr.s, Nurses, Dentists, and other Hospital an Clinic personnel for the purposes of these Mass vaccination programs.

So, in the climate where perhaps according to the State of Tennessee that 50% or more of Bank employees might be infected with what is expected by many Virologists to be a much more severe and even killer Flu where deaths % are likely to zoom to much higher rates than normal one can easily see that if the U.S. and world financial systems hadn't already necessitated a Bank Holiday due to collapse of the Dollar or insolvency problems, then this already declared Flu Pandemic will likely cause it all by itself.

The illuminati banksters might even declare that in order to stop the Killer Flu Pandemic that all paper currency and coinage must be surrendered so that it will not be a vector for spreading the virus and that immediately an Electronic Money System will be instituted to form the Cashless Society.

Of course, a National ID/Proof of Shots Record card or permanent wrist band would be the basis of this system or if they are feeling really bold the actual use of RFID chips could be mandated by the Military and Medical Governors in conjunction with the Federal Reserve and the UN to be needed by anyone in the U.S. to transact any business, access Bank accounts, obtain medicine or food, or actually to be ........THE MARK WHICH WILL BE REQUIRED TO BUY AND SELL. (Note: the Medical Shot Record Card sample has been held actually in the hand of a deep background source and the Metal Wrist Band device has been confirmed as in existence by another source Greg Evenson who has written about it in an alert of his own.)

The Illuminati luciferian Global Masters by their own writings and speeches that have been cited in previous Hawk TALONS are planning to reduce the population of this planet down to 500 order to gain the control of populaces to due this, I submit that a combination of Bank Holiday/Currency Devaluation and Deadly Killer Flu Pandemic with all the ramifications and the activation of the already declared Emergencies, Martial Law in America would potentially give them just those control mechanisms here.

However it will also provoke the 2nd Revolution in these united States and a resulting civil war could be expected as soon as this fall 2009 or by 2010 for certain.At this point we recommend that all prudent Americans take this warning to prayer and then if lead by the Lord, to take the necessary steps to protect your family, yourself, your home, and your wealth against evil plans of luciferian Illuminati Globalists and their puppet Politicians and their storm trooper minions.

Clearly purchasing Gold, Silver, Platinum, food, ammunition, and other commodities which will hold value in a state where ORDO AB CHAO reigns and the fabric of life, the American Dream, has been destroyed by evil, greedy, and blood thirsty power brokers would be indicated.

What you do with your money is your business but having traditional items that have always been REAL MONEY (note: read the definition of a Dollar in the Constitution as being a certain amount of Silver) and plenty of food to eat and ammo for target practice would never be wasted money, now would it?

2Chronicles 7:14

I read this to myself and understand why people think this stuff couldn't possibly be real, This is America, he Land of the FREE and the Home of the brave, this can't happen, no way...Can it?

I wake up everyday hoping that it is all a bad dream.

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